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i play bad teemo, but that's okay. Teemo is teemo
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made in abyss hanezeve caradhina
Haikyuu!! - Chemical Reaction (Extended)
Sand Dream
My Hero Academia OST - You Say Run (1)
Pokemon Season 1 Music Pokemon Leage Official Cap (2)
Cautious Hero Original Soundtrack 1 - 03 Easygoing
01 Watamote soundtrack 12 - Natsu Matsuri
Naruto Shippuden OST 3 -The Road Continues (2016)
Naruto Shippuden OST 1 - Track 02 - Douten ( Heaven Shaking Event ) (1)
One Of Best Anime Ost Ever Owari No Seraph Battle Theme
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Tetsukazu no Kanjou
Naruto Shippuden OST 1 - Track 26 - Keisei Gyakuten ( Reverse Situation ) (1)
Mirai Nikki - Sad Emotional OST


  • Pc? Don't need it as long as pianta uploads and doesn't quits HRdown

  • Finally found where that intro is from. Made In abyss

  • Making a sandwick brb

  • they say to this day trundle hasnt died due to his heals

  • Wait, does the PC have grass in it?

  • bro you are so hilarious literally cant stop laughing at your content. so glad i found you

  • God when trundle says "top diff" while he got his ass babied by his team so hard early.

  • I think you forgot to mention that it has grass in it

  • Pianta:He heals so fast! Me playing garen:200+HP every second

  • “F”

  • Why mortal reminder and noy morelonomicon

  • im too late for the pc giveaway. awesome grass tho.

  • Can I eat it?

  • What's the song at 4:55?

  • The bonk sound effects killed me

  • That Trundle slappin' ya'll

  • Teemo got BONKED

  • is anyone else glad that trundle won considering he's playing teemo

  • Tenmoplyr and the fizz literally cancelled their recall frame perfectly

  • Nice made in abyss, in the start

  • Where can i buy the pc

  • Het boi there is two New teemo skins Will Come out one of them is a prestige teemo costume and the another isnt i forgot The name but i hope your happy about this comment keep the Good work love your videos bye


  • Damn, that ost from Made in Abyss brings tear to my eye every time

  • Who won the computer?

  • How do we know who won the giveaway

  • If i cant put my hamater inside the pc i dont want i mean he would eat the grass and i didnt have lags anymore... Ok im taking it

  • May I ask where will you announce the winner?

  • Ok i didnt win the pc it was worth it

  • the sound effects of this video are epic btw :D

  • 18 hours left for the givaway. I need a pc with grass in it T.T

  • When robbery is happening inside your house, the first thing you think is throw your pc outside and the rober be like “ wait, did that pc just vanished?” Me “ yea it came from tenmo.” Rober “ who is tenmo?” Me “a youtuber who does play teemo who can become invi” rober “ oh sh*t so that pc just received the character trait and became invi” me “ye pretty sure”

  • Love u

  • Tenmo PC 草

  • So... Someone who have just started to play LoL here, can someone explain me what the f happen with that trundle please?

  • This is my 5 video in a row about this serie and now i can be secure that you like made in abyss

  • My birthday is at the same day as the giveaway, imagine that, I'd be stoked, fingers cross lads

  • 2:05 This scene was so accurate Naruto beats the living shit out of Sasuke but still loses, like Fizz did.

  • River shen

  • why tf is there grass in the pc lmfao

  • Ah yes a grass pc perfect for my plant filled room! My frogs will thrive in it.

  • worldwide delivery on the pc ?

  • What’s the name of the song at 0:08

  • omg

  • i need the pc ngl it has grass in it

  • 0:20 haikyuu background music? I recognize it :)

  • Who else was crying at the end?

  • When you deal so few dmg you're actually healing him lmao

  • I would say give it to me I'm broke and need a new one or no more teemo for me...

  • if i get this pc il become teemo irl and start eating grass

  • R.I.P airflow...

  • River Shen

  • Too far to get a free pc:((( ‘)

  • Ok but does the PC have grass in it??

  • Oh tenmo player you must play your old combo Auto + Auto + Flash + Ignite + Mastery

  • Trundle's Passive: INNATE: Whenever an enemy dies near Trundle, he heals for 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6% (based on level) of their maximum health.

  • I love the way you say teemo

  • All the alternative tenmo player accounts are just there to hide the fact that tenmo player got banned for being too *t o x i c*

  • Its been 4 to 5 years me playing league on 4 fps😢😢😢

  • Remember when pianta lost to a yuumi

  • How will the winner be announced

  • Yooooooooo pianta plssss tell me if u are enardo the rust roll playa

  • If you play teemo you have no life

  • it is a dream come true for anyone who wins that computer

  • Can I eat the grass

  • Btw when u won will i need to say where i live?

  • greatest anime fight in nba history

  • music from 2:38? (diving trundle) i mean trying to stop recall

  • Every video in t3nm0plyr is 10 mins long. Dedication 👏👏

  • i did all the ways pls i beg you

  • plsplspls

  • pls i really want and need a pc

  • Should have buy morellonomicon and void staff for healing reduction on trundle

  • thats awesome

  • would you ever consider playing morgana?

  • Made in abyys

  • so sad


  • my pc doesnt has grass in it cause i dont have a pc

  • hey brian what screen recorder software are you using? I want to try and record my teemo plays on my teemo only account

  • Are u vietnamese?

  • Pianta my friend WHERE IS MY NEXT TENMO VIDEO SERIOUSLY DUDE IT'S BEEN 6 DAYS ALREADY you can't treat us like dat, have some decency...

  • i neeeeeedddd thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat pcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc


  • i need this pc to see shroom's explosion in more than 30 fps

  • It’s still crazy to think how you made it to master with Teemo

  • Why didnt u just get Morello lmfao

  • Houping tou win thise pc so i can play games i dont have computer and if i dont win i houpe sombody hu neads pc wins best of lack tou evreybody bdw love your videos

  • So... how do you make sure the grass doesnt die or overgrow if its real? It's a sick pc but if it's actually real grass it's gonna cause a lot of problems.

    • Also whenever I enter the giveaway with my twitter gleam logs into a whole different account and I cant unlinked my twitter from it, it wont let me

  • Is it bad i was cheering for the trundle?

  • U should make a acc if people know that Tenno knows t3nmoplyer make tenmofanboy account username or t3nm0

  • whats the intro anime doe?

  • Good Lunch, Have Fries! GG!

  • How often do you have to water and mow it? :-) Back to reality, this is one I would be ecstatic to win. :-)

  • it has grass in it

  • pfft youre so lame pianat you use same suprised teemo picture in thumbnail lol

  • Your videos are the funniest shit I have ever watched please upload more

  • I never realized how fun teemo is to be honest

  • What anime is that intro from??

  • May the tenmo gods grant me this pc