Datum objavljivanja: 20. Vel 2021.
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👁 ABOUT THIS VIDEO : The Ford GT is America's only Le Mans-winning supercar, and taking this pinnacle of Ford Performance even further for 2021, Ford is revealing two new enhancements today - the first-ever Heritage Edition inspired by the original model's first endurance win at the 1966 Daytona 24 Hour Continental race
Manny Khoshbin is the president and CEO of The Khoshbin Company, based in Orange County, California. Manny immigrated to the U.S. with his family in the 1980s at the age of 14. He got his real estate license in 1992 and has spent the last three decades building his real estate empire.
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  • *What do you guys think?!*

    • you forgot to say great success as always

    • I think you are luckiest person int the world. I tried to make money like you. It doesnt work that way always.

    • Amazing car Manny ! For sure the most umique and beautyful GT !

    • this thing is beautiful but unfortunately TAIWAN won't get any ford gt

    • Wow, great car! I feel happy for you:)

  • I feel like every video this guy posts is “Look how much money i have! And now you can make me richer with just a like and a comment”

  • The first thing you do with quite a good car is park it up???

  • bye selling those wheels you can buy my dream car! Great success!

  • This car really heave stearing when u want take a corner .. not like ferrari lambo or others ..

  • this channel sucks..you never drive anything, not even upon the receipt of a brand new supercar.

  • Not going to lie, all of yours cars are nice but... they are literally ALL the same damn thing over and over -- mid engine, supercar, $$$. Really boring collection if you ask me. Try to buy something new for Gods sake. How about a Vintage Aston Martin or, an OG A/C cobra. ANYTHING!

  • holy shi imagine the feeling walking in that garage and knowing you own all those cars

  • Love somach កម្ពុជា x cambodai

  • I wish I could work for this guy. Very inspiring.

  • Wonder if manny work neighbors gets excited when he gets a new car a good 30 min of just looking at that sexy beast

  • Manny make sure give Charity in the path of Allah, so your wealth becomes Halal. Path of Allah means, give to to charity for the Poor.

  • Manny the Iranian Muslim Businessman. His Mother Shia and Father is Sunni. You should show the mosque you have Built

  • Manny the IRANIAN MUSLIM , Mashallah.

  • What is the loudest car from your collection

  • They all sit in a room and never get driven


  • Ford Gt is the most beutiful car in the world !

  • When I get rich...I all because of his inspiration ❤️

  • Well only stradman has the courage to buy cars and using them in their true power

  • Manny. Realy you need a biger garage nice collection congratulation

  • What’s the point ? Wat happens when he dies ?

  • Just look at his pitch 2:14

  • come on manny go exercise bruhhh

  • are you going to use the ford gt in a track?

  • Congratulations Manny! It’s Absolutely Stunning! 👍😃😃😃

  • How can Someone so rich Be so nice?

  • 1:48 DAMAGE COST 10,000 dollar

  • gta6 looking sick!

  • Hay Manny please by a GMA T50 it was designed by the legendary Gordan Murry

  • Dude you have a nice collection.

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  • Go speed racer go speed racer gooooo !!!!!

  • my favorite thing is the new car but my second favorite thing is how the windows of the cars go down a bit when he closes the door, i love it. and he alwats looks top see up it go back up.

  • Ford GT a hypercar?? I've heard it all now😂😂 its a monster track focused supercar for sure.

  • You should buy an mclaren f1 or niki louda t50s

  • Ford GT is best looking car in the world. Congrats!

  • Nobody cares about you fucking cars.....

  • This man has a better garage then i have in gta

  • Ι λονε ιτ

  • In the intro, he's dressed like he's the wealthiest McDonalds store manger

  • Wait just how old in manny? He looks 40 but has been doing real estate for 30yrs?

  • 1:17 you slammed the door like it was from a cheap car 😅

  • You are my hero! So many cars and soo beautifull is like having 10 models as wife!I will be inspired!

  • Best spec Ive seen on a new Ford Gt Manny! Congratulations!

  • Good health to enjoy your new Ford GT...

  • I love how he calls getting a car an ordinary day

  • The way he slams the Pagani’s door is hilarious 😂💔

  • Expensive Mid life crisis

  • Love from the UK brov.......

  • 6:10 sounds like Borat

  • Good~~!

  • Hyper or super nothing beats the Ford GT! Boom!

  • HRdown is an undercover reality TV show full of lies.

  • You really do have some of the sickest cars in HRdown.

  • Pls buy buggati divo

  • Hello manny from miami🇺🇸 big fan of your channel what part of iran you from?

  • Just another out-of-touch rich guy I'm going to unfollow the channel.

  • 爱了.爱了😍😍😍🔥

  • 4:51 I'm a lowrider.

  • Love somach

  • Manny please buy a lafarreri

  • You need a bigger custom garage.

  • *needz vacation from moving exotic cars* Id pay money to do that

  • Where are Ford people??? Cmon at least one guy to say “hello here is the car congratulations” they had to send!! CMON FORD!!!

  • Nice to see you off the steroids 🤣🤣🤣 getting back to an original shape 👍👍👍 there is more logos on you clothes than on a Mexican boxer body 😁😁😁

  • congratulations sir

  • Nobody else Cringes at the way he slams the Car doors? It hurts my soul the way he closes each door 🥺

  • This dude is a clown, he acts like someone who should be collecting figurines. Definitely not cars. Plus he looks like hes maybe 5"3. He would look better in like a mini cooper.

  • This dude is bad ass

  • Congrats manny!

  • This has got to be one of the most fire 🔥 GT cars I have seen in recent history. Clap it out, Manny! 👏👏

  • Slam the Pagani door like a boss!

  • Really kind of disappointed you would post such a video buying your 97th car witch you don't even need with MILLIONS of people out of work and struggling to put food on the table. They are not having GREAT SUCCESS!!!!!!

  • 2:07 Zlaner outro music lol

  • Nerd alert: V stands for 5 in Roman numerals, and it was the protagonists cell number, and thus his name. It’s also for Guy Fawkes day, which is November 5th, when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up parliament but was stopped, so they have Guy Fawkes day every year in GB. The history of that event is the driving force for V for Vendetta in what I’m guessing you’re thinking is the movie.

  • The color combo is sweet. Need similar on the GT500.

  • Ford GT the best supercar

  • Does he give back to the community? Doubtful

  • Real estate is where it’s at

  • Show off

  • All his other cars are really jealous he’s bought a new wife

  • Go fuck yourself.

  • Good for showing off. High fuel consumption, low. speed limit, height of seating too low, insurance too high, practicality zero, space for shopping zero, space for kids is zero, visibility out of Windows is zero, high carbon footprint, travelling at 30mph like all other cars even though top speed is 250mph, service too expensive, park it but no where is safe,... looks good and impresses people... yes. Worth the money.. hell no. Costs the same money as a house just to prove something That door opening... need to improve that ... takes too much space. How many cars do you need ? Just remember, save the animals and greed is one of the seven sins. Share your wealth. Never understand someone that needs so many cars. Is it a poverty to riches thing? It just makes no sense, doesn’t matter how much money is in the bank it’s idiotic.

  • Why buy it just to park it? Congratulations btw

  • must be nice to be rich! enjoy!!

  • So awsome!

  • Haha buy a bigger showroom your cars are ridonkulus sometimes you cant belive how sick cars can be amazing machines

  • @Manny Khoshbin. Theirs a story that Scottie Pippins ex wife is selling here car collection and house two for the price of one. Since I now you like to collect cars. I thought I would let you know.


  • Manny: buys Gt Me: just saved up for a oil change on my civic

  • Manny's rich (obv right) but I genuinely wonder if he makes a decent net income from YT 😄 Net as in: there's probably a high cost to film etc, I doubt anyones going to do this free

  • I am low rider!!! O da le! Congratulations Manny you earned it bro!

  • 2:02 that E46 M3 looks sooooo gooood its my dreamcar

  • Damn the way he slammed them doors

  • Tbh when u shut the doors idk y but it hurts my soul cause the echo

  • i got my hurucan performante like 2 months ago and it looks pretty nice , not faster than a gt though .

  • V is velocity mode There's an article on Fords website I believe that tells you about it and it allows it to hit its top speed Please put it in v mode and floor it on the straight one day

  • Nice number 9️⃣8️⃣

  • The way he slammed the door of the Pagani 😢