TANK OLYMPICS 2020 with Vadim - War Thunder

Datum objavljivanja: 28. Ožu 2020.
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Game is free to download and play on PC, Xbox One and PS4.
Brought to you with the support from friends at Gaijin.
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Boris and Vadim play War Thunder. This time it's Tank Olympics 2020. Boris style!
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  • Boris Use da KV 1 and KV 2 dat is Russian style ;-;

  • boris boost is american machines fix this WE WANT STALINUIM!!!!

  • haha vadim shovel snow kurwa


  • 1:20 after you grind only the Russian tree for a year:D

  • 9:20 what is this map?

  • BORIS YOU LIED TO ME! MY LAPTOP FROM 2008 CANT RUN WAR THUNDER! I AM STUCK TO S.T.A.L.K.E.R. WORLD OF TANKS BLITS RED ORCHESTRA OSTFRONT!!!!! I AM BORED! IT HAS BEEN 7 MONTHS IN QUARANTENE AND I CANT PLAY WAR THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • U are blyatastic at this game.

  • what the hell, i am truly impressed with how Boris can make quality content on every fkn subject! i mean, cooking, gaming, coding, life skills, etc, respect comrade

  • this dude legit drill the wall?

  • 4:26 That's what tiger tank is for. My favourite tank! Even though I am Slovak

  • 10:09 haha

  • LifeOfVadim when?

  • It's day 10, but he hasn't seen the sun in three months??

  • has anyone made a compilation of every time he's ever said "Vadim blyat"?

  • I need boris boost on ps4

  • Vadim blyat making noise at the end! 😅it was true!

  • boris i added you as a friend in war thunder my user is xXSERGEIXx or something close please respond and maybe we play sometime cheeki breeki -ur slav fan

  • Angry drill noises

  • we all want to know is vadim r-

  • "prepare to shovel snow boris" *march 28, 2020*

  • Gonna be honest, until I saw this video, I didnt think Vadim actually existed, I thought he was a persona made up by Boris. Im so glad to be wrong.

  • I try to play war thunder but my internet connection is so shit it makes my Sherman dance like Michael Jackson, you've been struck by a smooth Sherman

  • It has been five months and quarantine is still up, someone send Boris more semechki

  • "Only five months of supply.." 😐

  • i can only guess vadim wants to challenge boris along with anatoli

  • Ey ey, ey Boris,Try to slav another car except The Mercedes and Volkswagen do lada

  • Rip vadim

  • Which button do i need to press to look a round in a plain or aircraft

  • those five months of semchki just ran out

  • 0:30 pls dont hunt me (because i am an army an squirrel

  • Eat boolet

  • G-5 best boat


  • Of course Boris win, Vadim can't penetrate

  • Keep it cheeki breeki boris

  • I'll Throw Alcohol Tru Vadim

  • LOL VADIM IS REAL?!?!?! hahahaha

  • Vasily Flight-zev at the end Sturmovick battle!

  • You know you could do this with 1/8 scale tanks a sandpit with some model sandbags etc and use real small gunpowder shells. Of course you would need safety glass or something but what fun it could be!

  • Ah yes, play AB for maximum RU server feeling

  • Comrade Boris! Prove your superior tank commanding! War Thunder Tank Biathlon event!

  • play world of tanks

  • Why Debil Vadim so good?

  • Add me war thunder nickname:Zaneisslav

  • Dear Boris: For some perticular reason, when i claim the Boris Boost it automatically installs the setup for War Thunder. And i said: "CO TO KURVA!? WHY DO I NEED SETUP!? I ALREADY INSTALLED THE GAME DAYS AGO!!" So i suggest that you should do something about it. Thank you. -CountryHuman Czechia


  • Борис ты знаеш Русский язык?

  • Hay Boris Can you play world of tanks? Its much like war thunder but more players to kill.

  • What song is at 5:50

  • so hard to get war thunder on mac book pro 🤬

  • Nice job Conrad

  • Wanna play with me?

  • The only reason this game play bothers me is that he’s not playing realistic...

  • But what he doesn’t know is he is a skezofrenic and vadim is a imaginary person Can’t spell

  • It's Vadim... It's Anatoli....

  • Quarantine log: Day ### Still home, I lost the count of days but this video's date is the same I went home, and stayed. Still I didn't even get 10 meters close to school.

  • love how the name Vadim means to blame fits very nicely with the strawman he plays for Life of Boris


  • @Life of Boris I have a question: *what is relationship with Vadim IRL?*

  • What the *BLYAT!!!!*

  • [cries in tier 7 grind]

  • i hope i could have the life of boris ushanka style but i already have an account

  • It’s not a free game every match you play cost a piece of you sanity

  • почему ты украл мой танк Т-34 Вадим?

  • brain/out gameplay

  • ok i understand now they use tanks for selfie sticks?

  • Boris you meet badger (therussianbadger) in warface

  • Why does Vadim wear western spy M40 gas mask? Why not glorious GP-5 or PMG?

  • Boris I killed vadim in war thunder once while playing the Germans I killed him twice tell him my worse remarks from bandit radio#770

  • Boris: for X-box PS4 Me: what about Nintendo (;-;)

  • Things are tough rn and I saw this wow does it help me take my mind of things! Thank you boris!

  • Tank olympics 2024 Anatoli vs Boris

  • Subtitle helped me

  • Boris you expert best in warthunder russian especially the boris sticker in tank do more vids boris of warthunder

  • Remember that time Vadim threw mayonaise on someone? Boris is here to bring justice to the GLORIOUS MOTHERLAND!!!


  • Try world of tanks blitz and world of tanks pc

  • Boris how do i get better fps in war thunder?


  • This video is fake u speak in english to vadim

  • 'Blyatiful' not a better word was ever uttered.

  • >tfw: Russian tank olympics are a real thing: v=O3DFG_g7908

  • Boris if you actually have aim and power off Stalin yo take YAK-9K it has 45mm cannon that is hard to aim

  • I think Vadim has blocked your friends. I cannot send message! Vadim BLYAT!!!

  • I destroyed Vadims plane 30 times for you Boris.

  • You should bring a KV-2 and I play only ussr tank in war thunder

  • Ey Boris, un from Spain and "Debil" is a shit you can say better "gilipollas" is much better than that shit

  • You get all that stuff because your a HRdown and you have all the vehicles in war thunder when I don’t get a chance to try high tier tank ☹️


  • Use code "Tanktastic" in WoT to get a free russian bias tank and free 7 days of premium!

  • Boris??? Have you seen russian movie titled T-34???

  • Backround music is instrumental Parking Lot which was published later LOL


  • The sound of angry drilling into the wall.

  • two days until Boris has to sweep again

  • I S B O R I S

  • WTF I got war thunder ad when watching this.

  • Plot Twist : Anatoli was playing as Vadim

  • How do your sea battles actually have waves!?!? All mune are perfectly flat, and i havent gotten any weather other than sunny...