TANKROBATICS - War Thunder animation

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Lis 2018.
Tank Acrobatics - War Thunder animation
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Animated version of last War Thunder Boris video.
Animated by:
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Intro music:
Gopnik McBlyat - Snakes in Tracksuits
Outro music:
Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem


  • Oho now this is something i really like! *approved by Professional Gopnik*

    • @Amal *AGREED*

    • T-50:size does not matter its how u use it

    • Чтобы он стал професиональным гопником он должен съездить в Россию 🇷🇺- For him to become a professional Gopnik he must go to Russia

    • I give this animation 10 cykas/10 blyats

    • Professional Gopnik iq

  • Yes


  • Does the tank run on vodka or any other magical Russian substance

  • Just had a tankasm

  • im thinking, boris +harry101uk = epicness 100%

  • Ahh Yes these Old days i used T-50 in war Thunder

  • 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Americans train thier men to be strong but Russians Train thier tanks to do Acrobatics.... And that is 420X more Badass

  • hahaha kako se pomjeri kuca

  • never under estimate the german ww2 war machine.

  • Ha you are no match for the boris t34 85 war machine

  • OOF

  • Panzer III is to T-50 Panzer IV is to T-34 Tiger II is to Boris driving a potato truck

  • T-34 is best tank in game.

  • Abuse on panzers are not okie doki

  • The simple days of war thunder ah yes

  • In soviet Russia tanks are your family

  • Well wut would u think if a barn was driving across a battlefield


  • Every girls und panzer episode be like:

  • Thank you. This made the day.

  • 1:40-holy blyat

  • t34 moviein a nutshell

  • I agree about the bomb XD Not once a bomb killed me in a T-34 in War Thunder XD

  • Boris pet it's tank

  • Tiger 1 vs T50 tiger would have won

  • Tiger 1: *shoots T34 and bounces* T34: *shoots Tiger 1 at FRONT HULL in single shot and knocked out the Tiger* ah yes, stalinium armor and shells made out of lenintal

  • Am i the only one who watches one of his vids and then it ends then i get really sad?

  • I got a World of Tanks Ad *Interesting*

  • Me: *doesn't pay my taxes in 4 years* The government: 0:49

  • loacher is waaay too fuken good blyat

  • The t 34 at the start is German! You can tell because of the entrance hatch

  • panzer IV go YEET

  • So so blyatiful you should become animator

  • Bro I really love your animations

  • Barn inquisition was fail

  • eyy it's tax collector

  • this may have been a good commercial for war thunder

  • Ok he’s Boris now

  • the landlord when you did'nt pay rent 0:49

  • Buff the Tiger

  • 0:55 do you mean OUR kill?

  • Let the bomb go he not hurtin anybody

  • Unrealistischer misst

  • un capo el que subtitulo esta obra de arte

  • A tank cant do a barrel roll its like 10 tones

  • Damn TİGER is better than T 34

  • War thunder,♥️♥️♥️

  • 2:04 *tank shoots at hardest part of tanks armor but instantly ammoracks tank anyway*...... GOPNIK SIENCE

  • 2:09 boris don,t care 😂😂

  • But Boris there is no tax collector in glorious ussr

  • I love that new Girls und Panzer episode

  • How is boris

  • Boris, if you play the War Thunder, can you play with T-14 Armata? I like it

  • Remember comrades stay cheeki breeki and always stay listening to hardbass BLYAT

  • 0:44 OPA

  • Hi

  • Hey! That shot was bull shit! *REMATCH!!!*

  • Lol the t-34 1941 model that steals kill is in an other video where this based off an m3 lee

  • Tiger 1 -hits T-34- and round bounces off T-34 - hits frontal armour of Tiger 1 and destroys it *HMMMMM*

  • Nice effect and animation BOIII

  • For the people that HAVE played War Thunder, these details about the Soviet tank being indestructible, it's TRUE. I warn you about charging head on against and Soviet tank.

  • Im not rurissin but lm from polland

  • actually T-50 rounds can’t destroy a Tiger I

  • two words combined: SUKA UROD

  • Shasklik king i want to challenge you to a tank duel realistic mode

  • W H Y Y O U R U N N I N G

  • Awesome and so cool

  • i really liked this animation, and specially this part 1:40

  • I love how he quietly confirms russian bias lol

  • Germany gangsta until Boris saves Russia from Operation Barboassa... Welp. Kinda.

  • Boris why don't you Set up your discord server?

  • 0:43 the best thing i have every seen is boris getting launched out of a tank by a bump

  • Are You Drunk Too Much Mr?

  • Its It's impossible for a t34 to withstand a front armor puch from the big cat

  • Russian bias in war thunder isnt real its just bad players being bad

  • Do more war thunder anamashon they’re really good Mabe planes next

  • Doing kick flips with my tank like

  • "You need to go Sneeky breeki" *later* "KNOCK KNOCK THIS IS TAX COLLECTOR"

  • 0:31 that entry😅

  • if sasha from resident evil damnation was a true slav, he'd probably yell something like 'WHY YOU RUNNING?!' as he chases a super tyrant with his tank XD

  • I dins steal your kill I've killed our enime

  • 1:38 That loader has ultimate russian bais level crew skill.

  • 1:30 Girls und Panzer intensifies

  • Boris: "You need to go sneeki breeki" Not even a second later: Boris: "KNOCK KNOCK IS TAX COLLECTOR!"

  • "Who stole my kill? It was you! You have done this mistreatment. You have betrayed motherland. WHy you running? You cannot escape the judgment." So funny


  • 2:03 how ?!

  • Boris puts a smile on my face whenever I feel down XD

  • Let the bomd live he isn't hurting anybody *blows up*

  • 1:40 I dont think how that is supposed to work but, according to capitalists, in Soviet Russia, physics obey you!

  • Nobody expected the barn inquisition.

  • Russian Bias in a nutshell

  • The last one got me so hard xD

  • o p a

  • Он русский или просто прекалывается?

  • While i'm all for russian bias, their is no way a T-34 85 shell could penetrate the frontal armour of a Tiger. AT AN ANGLE NO LESS

  • Blyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat cyka

  • Knock knock Is Tax Collector