Teleporting Tea - Slovakia country review

Datum objavljivanja: 28. Srp 2018.
Boris returns to Slovakia through the power of teleportation tea.
Bratislava bring many tourist attractions like.. A castle. Traffic. A man with a saw trying to get a bike from the street.
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  • he didnt censor the car register cards

  • Or Macedonia.

  • Montenegro.

  • Vadim blyar

  • 8:22 you're pretty good

  • lecho is like a hot salad from tomatoes a pepers with sausage

  • Soviet union helped us with geting out nazis from slovakia

    • I mean we dont get out Marian Kotleba

  • Im from slovakia

  • Slowakia: Country You can Steal Bike In front Of Castle Guard And Parliament

  • People just check the map then outisde *BUT TRUE SLAVS CHECK OUTSIDE THEN THE MAP*

  • wait is he barefoot whaaaaat

  • boris. this is genius

  • Putting Jesenka on bread is pain to watch.

  • “Bratislava a place for old cars” 😂 people who live in Bratislava probably know this but most of the cars in Bratislava are very expensive new luxury cars but also depends in which of Bratislava u live in

  • Go to Croatia 😃👍

  • 2:40 was that chimney burning XD

  • Did boris actually went to the store without flip-flops? What a gopnik man

  • Go to turkey you never did they have mayonez

  • As an american living in ukraine, this is correct.

  • 10:39 vysočina is czech salam

  • "mmm pool water" yummy water that's 40% water 30% piss 20%dead skin...... Yum...

  • yo Boris, in the Czech Republic/Slovakia, almost everything is labeled in both languages (though we understand the other country's language)

  • 3:39

  • 3:40 Refuge in Audacity- TV Tropes

  • I'm from Slovakia

  • This video is in Senec and i live there OMG🤪🤪 Boris si najlepší youtuber

  • I am from Slovakia Boris, well tatra Tea is HARD

  • Thank you to travel to slovakia

  • Pozsony (Bratislava) is beautiful. I just know it was the Hungarian capital city for a thausands year. Pls visit Budapest too .

  • vysočina is actually czech

  • Go to Africa: do a colab with @PPPETER from Slovakia. He is a nice dude and is quite funny.

  • I was hoping that he will taste borovička on video😂😂

  • ~ Own a fork in a hotel/apartment ~ Still use a knife, to put out szproty or hot paprika from jar. Good old Boris

  • 9:17 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Blyat

  • boris! 1.5 mill people have watched this!!! 15:00 you meantioned your sub count at 15 min btw lol

  • Som rad že sa ti zapačila naša vlasť

  • 13:35 that doesnt belong on bread 😂

  • Did he walk into a supermarket with no shoes on? lol :D

  • 13:54 On lid it says "Smetana ke šlehání", which means "Whipping cream". That's not Sour cream, that's for cooking! :D Next time look for "Zakysaná smetana". That's the one you want c:

  • Im from sk

  • Slovak people are crying now >_

  • swizerland would be nice

  • ахахах сметана суп ска... ))

  • Boris v Blave sajba

  • i almost think he is dutch sometimes.

  • Did he say "Boris is *BACK* " Does that mean............

  • ah yes im slovakian

  • WTF Vysočina in slovakia? Bljat ;-) Vysočina, eto cast' chexii ;-)

    • a poslednija kolbasa eto bljat Jánosova kalbasa :D :D

  • Boris: Is a good thing Babushka is not here right now. Babushka: FBI OPEN UP!!! 12:10

  • Super Cream, ingrediance: Super and Cream hahahaha i lost it xD

  • u should come to Baden-Baden in germany... Katharina II and Turgenev where here and now it´s u turn ;-)

  • Smetana is cream sour cream is zakysaná smetana

  • can you go to Ukraiane?

  • Boris, if you like chili come to Arizona, America. You may not like our mayonez, but you will love proper southwestern cooking

  • me: should make a blyat compilation.

  • That security guard with the bike stealer was as arogant as vadim blyat!

  • Im slovak


  • dude 52% tatra tea? next time buy the purple one

  • Heh, Bratislava as one of the five richest regions in the EU is depicted as a city full of old cars, bike thieves, and low quality groceries, where only tourists look colorful. Funny, stupid and prejudiced at the same time. A review done by some Belorussian previously living in zemlyanka :-). But yeah, one would do anything just to look interesting.

  • Kaufland in Bratislava?

  • 5:45 you can hear "everybody was kung fu fighting" and I was laughing so hard.

  • im pretty sure that wasnt his bike

  • most of my family is from Slovakia but I am born in sweden, can i still call myself slavic? My grandma always says that I am slovak lol

  • 1:17 he should of put the dark souls location font saying Bratislava

    • @Harpyboi48 "should of put" = pizdec "should have put" = mayonez

    • @Anvilshock ? I don't understand what you're saying

    • How braindead does one need to be to be still breathing but spell "would of" instead of "would have"?

  • the guy literally stealing a bike

  • Travel to germany

  • You should travel to the United States of America

  • 13:42 when u was on incognito for too long

  • 3:38 me: ......

  • Super

  • New york

  • Is Boris walking around without shoes on? Hahaha

  • WAIT,he has no shoes lol

  • 13:41- 13:42 I hope this helpful :)

  • Greetings from germany.

  • Ah my homeland

  • All you need is a dollar and eighty three cents to stay at a five star hotel in Bratislava.

  • 굉장히 아름다운 나라군요 저도 한번 가서 살아보고 싶네요 :)

  • I am frim slovakia

  • 4:29 dj blyatman--duga

  • you know... i really like that boris wanna try out the local stuff, most people would just buy shit that they know of from home country like the western spies they are

  • I love Bratoslava very beatifull city!!

  • “Babushkas jam shelf” buhahahahahahaha

  • go to czech

  • Opa... 💯

  • italy here

  • Makes me proud to be from Slovakia! Nech žie Slovakia!

  • Hungary*

  • I love tge background music

  • Petition for Boris to go to India so we can see his ass chased by random street doggos ps ples come to Bangalore

  • Boris feet are brighter than my future

  • Only 52% pffft *laughs in Tatra tea 72%*

  • Ah, Podhajska.

  • 12:29 South Korea: *Let me introduce myself*

  • I had a friend from Slovakia

  • 13:56 deer boris smetana is not a sour cream smetana is heavy cream :>

  • 8:23 Это что такое? У нас такие пепси вымерли ещё в прошлом десятилетии

  • Who live in slovakia but speak hungari?

    • Ja nerozprávam po maďarsky ale, otec rozpráva a ja niekedy po anglicky 🌼🤟🏻

  • im from slovakia