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Less than a month until the end of the ranked season. Tenmo player decays as he continues duoing normals with lux mains. Tenmos father is almost diamond but the studio's budget is running dry, could not afford a thumbnail this week. What is tenmo player planning? What is even going on anymore? You gotta find out... on the next episode
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  • 2 episodes until the 10th episode season finale, less than one month until end of ranked season, the studio's budget is running dry so we could not afford a thumbnail this week (sorry), next episode is going to change EVERYTHING even the voice actors couldnt believe it pelase like the video i hate teemo

    • Nobody,knew,kno Mach w zєzσ ĸυи

    • m8 play new annie skin with teemo R u have to DO IT

    • Dude make this a cartoon

    • tf you mean u cant afford a thumbnail? just google "satan" lmao (or hmu i do draw sometimes)

    • I hate Teemo also. But I Love Tenmo!!!!!

  • 0:43 song name?

  • 4:32 *sad graves noises*

  • 2:51 he played that so well too

  • Your girlfriend has beautiful laugh! Pianka, your videos are literally perfect. I watched them all just bcs your charisma

  • This is the best tenmo

  • 1:20 my son 70% off 🤣🤣🤣

  • Just rewatching this video, and then i suddenly realise? Am i tenmos father, i have the same icon, i only use Panda Tenmo skin and im in elo hell!!!!

  • 2:49 (inserts random laughing emojis)

  • I really need to know what happens next. Plz halp

  • Should’ve said “nice flash fizz”

  • 4:41 u r not pr0 taimo player, no shron on trap.

  • I fucking came here to see you play teemo and here i am trying to find the music in the intro. Fuck you mate.

  • Bruh that song at 1:04, Chester See! I haven't heard him in a while, good song man.

  • What video does pianta say welcome to my humble abode

  • Legit, please consider becoming a shoutcaster for League tournament. You talk so fast yet still clear (and funny af) 😁😆😆

  • “Fk off graves you’re not invited” So many gold moments in this video 😂

  • He's become an eboy before season ten

  • Does anyone know the name of the piano song at 1:05 when he's talking about his son?

  • i still cant put my finger but what's the myheroacademia sounding music in the outro? pls help

  • você é uma vergonha para o league of legends bro

  • Predator Garen


  • Music at 1:06?

  • what are your runes?

  • What's the outro song on this video? Where is it from? Sounds super familiar but can't quite place my finger on it

  • What runes tho :3 ?

  • cute voice you gots be bro

  • 1:21 that wasnt first blood lol


  • You are so funny haha. SUBSCRIBED!!

  • I'll make a River Shen Out Of You has 66k likes. Haven't been very Active on this Channel so maybe you have galler about it and a Third installment might not come or No One has reminded you. You Said 50k and it's at 66k and I need it

  • Brian try teemo on urf or use jhin

  • Because of you and your stupid teemo shit I ended up becoming a toxic one trick teemo

  • Is this your girlfriend?

  • best youtuber :)

  • Urf is back... Where is lawnmower garen?

  • the dream team: tenmo player toplane rivershen jungle e-girl lux main middle 4thhokage minato blitzcrank omeletflipper singed

  • runes?

  • 1:25 “are you sure about that”

  • Commenting on every video I see part 281

  • Captain pianta, I’ve brought news back from the outskirts of elo heaven. Urf is back and please let elevenmo out of the basement.

  • River Shen

  • I watched a whole bunch of these videos then trying playing the meta teemo. People just report me and I don't get any kills. Game is obviously rigged. Someone teach me how to teemo.

  • I hate 99lp xd

  • Because that's how mafia works

  • try undying rammus build:thornmail,hextech gunblade etc.

  • I have learned well from u just went 30/6/5 as teemo 😂

  • Little did you know Bryan sleeps with rtb

  • When you buy new costume: tEnMoS fAThER

  • 1:30-1:40 Irelia in a nutshell

  • 👍👍

  • You deserve the same fate as elevenmo.

  • "f*** off graves you're not invited" XD

  • I feel bad cause I'm a Lux main but I'm a boy and I still act just like your typical Lux main so I'm sorry. I'm just sorry.

  • Song name at end

  • That girl's voice is so lovely :)

  • I will make the thumbnail for you :)

  • Song at 5:00?

    • Dragon Ball super ost - KA KA KACHI DAZE

  • 1:18 *my son is 70% off* I lost it xD

  • Ending song?

    • Dragon Ball super ost - KA KA KACHI DAZE

  • River teeamo

  • Can you pls show your runes

  • We love Imogen!! Thanks for bringing her back :)

  • piçler

  • Gotta find me a lux main

  • Cowboy Bebop OST - Rush in the background, I like it

  • Tenmo's father should play river...He can't lose lane if he doesn't have a lane.

  • Im lux main but im male

  • Teemo is a shit faced rat.. I will never love him.

  • im so excited omg

  • I love your videos!

  • I'm frensh and i love this tenmo player :)

  • Damn that egirl laugh kek did she wanted soraka or lux skin ?

  • Now you can -Pick Annieversary skin -Get level 6 -Play as teeber for the duration -Wait for ult -Repeat

  • ever thought about streaming ?

  • so good

  • watching the ad when the video is over..only because i love u

  • 4:48 top 10 saddest anime deaths

  • What I learned from this video Yuumi=free kill

  • Um hello? Typo is thumbnail? 🤔

  • Y did u remove face cam

  • I literally died at that fizz play :V

  • But Tenmo Player is offline... Who is...no... *Could it be??*

  • What is this low effort copy of Dunkey lol

  • Holy shit, u listen to Scotty sire's Music?!?

  • When will u play EDGELORD Kayn Been waiting for soo long

  • smurfing

  • This is the most intense series out there

  • i love your accent and the way of speaking, it is so satisfying for my ears

  • that girl voice is so cute

  • So I was watching an old tenmo vid, when tenmo blinded lee sin, and im sure someone has asked this before but, how the fuck do you blind lee sin?

  • *imogen's egirl laugh intensifies*

  • Best anime ever

  • You're not in elohell. Elohell is when your lux midlane pushes fizz under his turret and flames the jgl for not ganking her

  • oogga booga regnomo

  • What about Temno's Mother?, aahhhhh soo existed for the season 3 end xD.

  • Can i play w u

  • 4:37 Scotty Sire appears with an apple huh?

  • Whats the ending music?