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  • the wait is over... new tenmo videos every week no cap also download Opera GX for free here: opr.as/Pianta2

  • Another day reminding pianta i liked every vid


  • I love the made in abyss soundtrack in the background

  • River shen

  • 2:34 Eren yeager's last words

  • im watching these videos on a spiritual level to become my journey of becoming a teemo main :D

  • Did u cut out all the irelia games xD

  • Teemo and undertale is all I need for my day to be better

  • i dont know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but you inspire my longing for league games

  • can u do a guide ? and how to counter hard match ups

  • Nöü

  • You are the best! ) Can we know why u dont want be in a Runterra academy by Yuuna?

  • What’s the song at 4:25?

  • whats the song name at 5:35

  • you best youtuber

  • Oh my god he used radiant historia music

  • Isn’t that jax hashinshin

  • What a cute tenmo

  • riftmaker better

  • Runes plz? Thanks

  • why watchin u play the game look ez to plat ;c

  • What’s the music at 7:44?

  • "River teemo"

  • 4:06 loll XD


  • Content: 4/10 Thumbnail: Majin buu/10

  • *sees no new upload today* me: because i'm not using Opera GX yet the browser takes so long to load that Pianta's new video hasn't shown up. so im here. watching the older latest one. hi again.

  • We need to find out the algorithm to good thumbnails.

  • Dunkey Clone

  • hi river shen

  • we need new tenmo noob series brian

  • Honeymoon? Aren't U a virgin? Uwu

  • play LOL WILD RIFT plss..

  • but can u play in euw or eune?

  • I just rewatched a video where u said u played volleyball, may we please see you play?

  • Pretty toxic


  • 5:25 pretty specific, but does anyone else automatically hear "doctahdoctahdoctahdoctahdoctahdoctahdoctahdoctahdoctahdoctahdoctahdoctahdoctahdoctahdoctahdoctahdoctahdoctahdoctahdoctahdoctah" when the tune starts?

  • Teemo

  • I'm currently experiencing something I hoped I'd never have to experience again.. a toxic relationship. I'll break up with my bf on Saturday, but I've been feeling horrible for too long now. Thanks for posting this, it helped me take my mind off for at least a few minutes:)❤️

  • can we get a teemo guide?

  • How come that one day you tell youtself: I will spam teemo ignite top and people are gonna love my videos?

  • Where did Pianta's samira clickbait video go?

  • tenmo player

  • hi

  • video starts at 0:51

  • Pianta and minishcap1 are the only streamers i watch and get to enjoy watching them enjoy playing the game

  • It's so calming watching this series

  • Other one

  • good wow, much lol ;)

  • just me that relized that since Tenmo player is not sponored by op.gg it seems like he cant figure out what runes to use..

  • You are noob at temo

  • Is Tenmo mom going to avenge Tenmo Father ?

  • Yes my 5 years of teemo training are paying off after those 3 years with an useless teemo

  • this teemo player is trash

  • pls dude stop swearing my mum is in the room

  • _damn you motivated to make a teemo only account, always was a main teemo but i named it "tenmosadoptedson"_

  • Hey guys welcome back to a teemo video where I only make a video when I have a sponsor

  • holy crap... Opera GX is king! @-@

  • Yuumi Gaming

  • @Pianta Thanks 2 u I got an idea for a story (I did Kayns lore)

  • Man... i don't play lol too often, but i really like your videos. You're a funny guy :D

  • btw im from brazil and i love your videos and i hope you dont stop making them and i also really like tenmo player and he is the thing that maked me subscribe to your chanell and tenmo player also maked me play teemo a lot. :)

  • when do u play with aery and when with press the attack?

  • Wait isn’t perma ban riven hashinshin lol?


  • I really like your videos. it's so enjoyable and soooo cool to watch. I wish I Will play with you someday

  • such a cute teemo in the intro ( UwU )

  • How did tenmo opened Brian's twitter?

  • these replays were strangely non toxic, it feels wrong...

  • Can you play Sett with full crit chance & navori quickblades as a challenge?

  • 7:15 that teemo laugh is spot on

  • this is not the same...

  • just unfollow lol

  • Why are you playing Oceania :O

  • 7:50 When you anticipated that Pianta will die even before he died

  • Do you know who pinged Nami?

  • is this tenmo fake again?

  • “noob”... places into plat 3... okay bro

  • i kill teemo cause he poisen my food, idc rlly if y'all call PETA on me. ima bhad boy also do a son lee guide pls

  • 5:15 Someone could tell me the name of the song that starts around here? I know it is some sort of Mario Kart/Galaxy music, but I can't really put my finger on which song it is...

    • @basil baby Thank you!!!

    • Its called Puzzle Plank Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2 :)

  • What days and time do you stream ?

  • what is your playlist?

  • is it normal when there is a new video, i watch back all the season of tenmo player

  • I hope we can revive tenmo's father and sing river shen 😂

  • google: i fear no browser, but that thing(opera GX), it scares me

  • Is that the SAO music I hear at the start lol

  • Lol tenmo looks chunky on that thumbnail

  • good video :)

  • There`s a special room for you in hell you know right?


  • Tenmo turned into majin boo from dragon ball z wtf

  • wait a minute.i always loved your channel but now .Addvertising evil compnies form the east that collect all your data... and again being a honorless bitch and playing ranged top. i guess i have to unsubscribe.

  • Ah finally, welcome back tenmo, so tired of that Brian guy. Such a noob, not even funny, always says bonk. Unlike you, a legendary, comedic genius, that says bonk. So glad we're rid of that guy

  • I dont even know this channel but I'm happy to stay :)

  • i hate that guy

  • 4:07 tf Brian you played Radiant Historia? good shit bro

  • thanks