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why did he let tenmo noob live????
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  • River shen


  • Whats the outro music heard it many times but forgot

  • 6:50 wait...is that?...no it coudlnt "bee"...illaoi? Shame...

  • i love you so much

  • Im stuck in plat 1 for like 3 months now... Hard

  • cho gath thic

  • That Janna was so good 😍 A pleasure to watch

  • Please more tenmo videos

  • Holy fuck that Cho gath at the start. This is gonna be a great video. Lol

  • I can't past bronze and you are complaining about being stuck in plat!

  • Remeber the Time....

  • pls.

  • What is that outrosong called?

  • Perhaps tenmo player is keeping tenmo noob in plat? No... thats isn't possible

  • need help step sis?

  • what's the outro from?

  • Pianta deserves more subscribers

  • Maybe flash on d will work!

  • he mastered the art of teemo

  • what is the background music at 1:55?

  • your the reason i play godmo

  • i always wanted to know, but is teemo actually your main on serious games?

  • I luv your tenmo series I was really happy it came back

  • are you gonna pull a keyori in 2 years and come out as a male lesbian ?

  • river shen

  • Salu

  • Sweaty cho from partnership video is here standing there as a god

  • Wilfred owen's war poems

  • What is the music mid video?

  • if someone ask about the song of the first minutes it comes from the ost of toystory 2 game from ps1

  • River Shen! River Shen! Pleaseeeeeee Love u

  • ciao ale ^^

  • What are you doing tenmo step bro ?!

  • Omori?

  • 4:16 i dont think that he knows what he said

  • Tenmo noob: Tenmo Step Bro HELP ME IM STUCK!!

  • wanna play nitro type? m bored

  • I also have a teemo only account but I cant manage to get myself to play more on that account. How do you manage? Im not stuck or anything I just get bored.

  • Do a compilation of Brain's screams, we don't include the Tenmo family because they're their own characters.

  • for real this is the only youtuber cure my sadness through out hard problems thank u so much

  • 5:45 When you launch Donkey Kong Country for the SNES.


  • I hate Teemo but love this content. What a vicious conundrum.

  • can someone please tell me the name of the song at 4:54 thanks

  • Hey Brian ! When will the merch be available ??

  • teeamo stinkycheese

  • Tenno if you read this you suck. Sike your so good I love your videos. Sike again your gay

  • They say the only one who can beat Wilfred Owen is Brandon Rogers D:f

  • Thank you tenmo noob ;-; you have filled in the gap created in my heart by tenmo player (ಥ﹏ಥ) don’t leave me like he did

  • he do be laughing like teemo tho

  • good video :)


  • Remember the time he lost to Yuumi?

  • Another day reminding pianta i liked every vid

  • is it just me hearing things or is piantas laugh slowly turning into teemos

    • tenmos laugh

  • Oce Plat is just like euw low bronze

  • Na Hecarim are the worst creature in this world

  • U made my daaaaayyy :)))

  • Hearing the toy story 2 videogame music made me happy lol

  • Is it just me or is noob brian's laugh even more annoying than teemo's ?

  • hello brain


  • End song?

  • BRUH I AM STUCK PLAT 4 people don't know how hard it is to solo que It's not even 10 min were already at 2 / 17 at the score board.

  • Pianta I just started playing ranked, I made it into bronze and won 6 games in a row but. Do you have any tips for keeping a good mental?

  • Ahh, love your music choices. This time especially the Steel Samurai theme! :D

  • When the villain turns out as the epic sensei that reveals to the hero his true value and how to use his full power. Yeah, nice plot. 8/10.

  • The Phoenix Wright music give me flashbacks :)

  • Wait, with is teemo laugh less cursed than your ? O_O WHAT HAPPENS BRIAN ?

  • THE MADE IN ABYSS MUSIC IS HERR AGAIN! Gotta fucking love it.

  • brian has such a cute laugh

  • I really enjoed your content but now I saw you have flash on F :( COME TO THE RIGHT SIDE FLASH BELONGS ON D

  • Can someone please tell me what the outro music is, I've been looking for it for years(not really years but it's been long enough)

  • Can someone please tell me what the outro music is, I've been looking for it for years(not really years but it's been long enough)

    • undertale shop theme

  • Nunu hit box when you try to avoid it: big Nunu hit box when you try to get hit by it: smol

  • More tenmo hahaha

  • You really like Made in abyss dont you ?

  • Ate you stuck stepteemo uwu?

  • Thank you for everything pianta u savemy life every week

  • you went teemo top, you suck at LoL n should delete the game. A disgrace to the top lane

  • Tenmo Noob's plot armor too THICC. The writers need to spice up next season of this anime.

  • Make how to play Katrina guide I want to play as her but she has hard combos

  • When he calls kaisa so fast while not triggering cloud soul by throwing a shroom 😔

    • I think the animation from throwing shroom wouldve slowed him down anyway.

  • U need help there step-teemo?

  • U need help there step-teemo?

  • what is that country themed song ? I remember it from somewhere but cannot remember! nostalgic

  • river shen


  • I will always like for more Tenmo.

  • Toy story 2 psx ost??????? This guy's a legend

  • Outdo song?

    • Outro***

  • And it was butifull to watch.

  • Lon Lon ranch music is so good

  • River tenmo

  • Tobias Player is next, its Tenmo except he duos with Tobias for Ranked and he never really knew why, but then, the big reveal is Tobias was using Tenmos cousin to assassinate Tenmo Player when he beat him in a 1v1, redeeming his pride. Will the assassination attempt work? Find out in 3 months on the next episode of Tobias Player!

  • watchout tenmo noob word bout you is getting out there maybe it even reached TENMO PLAYER!

  • Pianta seem depressed on this video hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • I feel this is a filler episode, remember we saw tenmo player at the end of last episode?

    • Tenmo player thinks he is not worth it, for he is only plat 1

  • Relatiable