Datum objavljivanja: 23. Lip 2019.
That hunk of a man, Tenmo Player, is an E-sports athlete? Unbelievable. He could be a Calvin Klein model. Or a pro footballer with a ripped physique like that. That is by far the hottest Cyber sportsman to ever grace the esports industry. I'd let him tenmo his way through my player any day.
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Ending song - EDBOI Girl do you know


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    • I cant visit the shop pepehands

    • Can you get the merch in the UK?

    • I only invest in nightblu3 dude

    • @Kirie Motoba let s duo 😂

    • On what server does he play

  • Ja sam zed main i zed one trick

  • U got coronavirus

  • Who’s Midbeast?

  • What song is that?

  • If I start playing teemo and are bad at it for abit will i get banned?

  • who is midbeast ? TENMO PLAYER

  • 3:24 what is this song xDD

  • Anyone know the link of the bad flute cover of secret base at the end of the video?

  • what is that upbeat song in the middle?

  • Anyone else appreciating the fall out boy music he likes to use?

  • remember when tenmo player killed midbeast

  • Is nobody talking about how the 14,000,605 possibilities is a reference to infinity war?

  • Oh wait pianta does not have a million subscribers?? That’s unexpected ;-;

  • Legends say that he was the first victim of the Coronavirus

  • Pianta started corona this video is evidence

  • when corona hits u early

  • You finally sound like a 15% of man

  • He has the corona


  • What's the song on 3:00?

  • Whats the music give me the fucking name pls 6:01

  • Me watching this video now: C o r o n a

  • Holy shit is is some high quality stuff

  • When he said Kobe I felt that

  • 6:01 which song??

    • Its girl you know

  • Whats that song at 3:26?

  • The Kobe joke did not age well R i.p Legend

  • Song on 3:33 ?

  • 1:04 the "KOBE" feels different man

    • Chloe bryant*

    • Marcel Sirajo Kobe Brian 😳

  • Who's watching this 2020 and when Brian yells "KOBE" it hits like a truck. RIP Kobe 2020

  • 1:03 :'(

  • rip kobe...

  • Song at 3:27 please uwu

  • 1:04 RIP

  • when he said “kobe!” i felt that

  • RIP kobe

  • Rip kobe

  • 1:04 hearing "kobe" hit me with the feels man.

  • 1:05 that Kobe moment

  • 1:04 RIP KOBE

  • The dude predicted his death

  • I am teemo main its fun for me hell for enemy :-D teemo jungle support top mid adc :-D

  • What's the jaunty music thingy that kicks in at the beggining

  • Hey i dont Think this is how you spell teemo?

  • WP

  • When the thumbnail looks genuinely good

  • GG

  • Min 5 - u're not wrong tho lol he's hella hot

  • Wiat is tuebmusic

  • 0:15 Monte?

  • Iksde

  • Don't try to copy videogamedunkey man, find your own style instead

  • Are you from Australia

  • What song is that at 5:25?

  • Your Tenmo is cleeeean boi


  • Tenmo

  • WTF kill la kill sound track?

  • 1:00 950 gold. 1:06 750 gold WTFFFFF

  • When i was lvl 57 my honor was purple..., rn I’m 1 away from gold and I’m lvl 68/69

  • Merch down!

  • Fuck Yt fuck THAT ! jesus please stream live and ill be ur slave. Lul


  • Yo sounds like pewdiepie playing amnesia.

  • 2:57 XDXD

  • never heard of him

  • First: i loooove your videos!! Watched like 10 of them and they are really good and second: i loooove these old damage colors :( purple is so much better than light blue haha

  • this Xpeke pantheon ...

  • predictions are the best (1:00)

  • Why were you writing Tenmo in a word document. Smh, you were writing your Tenmo 👁fan👅fics👁 again weren’t you.

  • 4:15 a scene from life of a tenmo player

  • I love how you put the song midbeast waz listenning to in the outro :D Beautiful

  • u sounded like gramma playing league 2:04

  • river tenmo

  • 5:17 what is name of song

  • Tenmo bitches in my room

  • 3:42 saving private Tenmo gg

  • Whats the song at 23 sec

  • What's the soundtrack that plays when he goes for a solo kill on Midbeast?

  • Tenmo

  • midbeast ended up rage quitting u know

  • so ive been watching all the tenmo videos and now i cant stop saying "hey guys and welcome back to tenmo player the series where i only play teemo for god knows why"

  • Songs?

  • Whats the music that starts at 3:00?

  • Needs more rivershen

  • WAAAAAIIIIT WAS 1:13 A INFINITY WAR REFERENCE? 14000605 posibilitys xDDD

  • Lol gitgud midbeast

  • Merch!!!!!!!!!

  • I'd like to just say that one of the songs that he used was "It's not like I like you" but the lyrics were removed...

  • Now we know that Pianta is from UK

  • Am i hearing Carole & Tuesday

  • 0:25 song? pls ive heard it on tiktok n stuff and imma cry at this point T-T

    • If you're still wondering, it's Another Day of Sun from the La La Land soundtrack

  • Wish teemo was removed :((((((((((( it hurts my eyes

  • the ost at 3:00 anyone ? ;-;

  • Pianta please put the names of the osts you use in your videos ;-;

  • Whats the piano song? Name pls.

  • Pianta is like a poor man's dunkey

  • "hey guys welcome ba....uhehete"

  • 4:05 what song is it?