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tenmos father reunited with his son... but finds out he is resented. How will tenmos father recover from this? Where did tenmo player go off to again? Find out on the next episode
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  • how is this diamond elo? its like eu gold

  • anyone know the background music at the start?

  • 1:27 elise chat

  • the chat: i can be a tank rat pianta: i can be a rank tak 3:39

  • 4:20 tenko dog wtf

  • I actually watch this for this story, no jokes...keep making more tenmo content

  • Hey guys whats the name of the song at the start??

  • With captions whenever he says "tenmo" it types "10 my"

  • Wtf the music of db super is so good in every scene

  • He was playing with Rat IRL damnn

  • 2:54 This is why i doge when i play temo. He runs so fast when he is so f-ing low.

  • 3:40 Tenmo Father: Rank Tat

  • lol he actually played a game with RatIRL xd minute 4

  • this guy could literally make 5 accounts and make them all D5's while i can't even climb to plat :(

  • NA gold-challenger is the equivallent of iron 1 in EU

  • River Shen

  • 2:34 wut music is this?

  • Tenmo god

  • I would be fucking surprised if that's the real rat irl who just had a mental break

  • the intro was so .. warcraft 3

  • Build a Gunblade

  • 1:29 an angle is called sharp when its under 90° :vvv

  • *R A N K T A T*


  • Tenmo's father: You son of a bitch. Tenmo: You have fallen to one of the most classic blunders!

  • 3:41 Rank tat 😂

  • Song at 2:35 is acousitc version of StaticP's its not like i like you or anything song i think


  • I just realized this is the origin of tenko dog

  • I found the legendary tank rat

  • 0:20

  • That elise created the tenko dog universe

  • Iksde

  • wait... if tenmo confirmed he has a brother (elevenmo) and killed him, why isn't tenmo's father also looking for elevenmo? Does he know he's dead? Does he even know that elevenmo is his son? I'm way too confused, man this lore sucks.

  • hi its been a week time for next ep of tenmo

  • how long do you grind with temmo to get to plat? jesus

  • No game no life ost Nice

  • I press like every video of you nice and funny video 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • And her mom named Tenmo's Mother who was in master beat tenmo and then his father become diamond and became master together and beat his evil mother

  • USE ANNIE-Versary skin for tenmo father

  • Rito has hear the temmo calls : hrdown.info/block/video/w2Slpq2FocqWa6c

  • Top ten sadest anime moments

  • Ap ashe brother please rise up finally ashe ult can control(if you know the references)

  • Lame man u fingerless pce of tenmo

  • i wonder if anyone noticed he used a high school musical reference

  • What servers do you play on tenmo?

  • Wtf was that intro xD

  • I love your video's they never fail to make me laugh and brighten my day.

  • what do u think about the changes and new games from riot games and the league changes.

  • r u hJune? HUHAUHAU

  • Whats the intro song ?

  • Perhaps soon enough we will see Yuumi bring back Lawnmower Garen

  • yo how does he ALWAYS survive with like 15 HP left??

  • ive had ennough im legit turning into a teemo one trick at this very moment

  • This is the best series i ever watch:))

  • This whole new arc reminds me of kung fu panda 3 where po met his father...

  • pls can you make more videos with rat irl like if u agree

  • goron music

  • how can this shit have 417k subs...

  • mans made an alt acc, and made up a story all to get out of saying that he couldnt make it to masters

  • Cursed

  • ninemo

  • you've gained my approval.... Father.

  • TheLolHounds 2.0 is that you?

  • beginning is better than twilight

  • since you love rosè so much use one of blackpinks song in next vid

  • Land of Piantas 3 when?

  • Boi the person who called tenko dog is brother LOL

  • also the amount of butt clenching 1 hp moments here dam

  • I cannot believe how absorbed i am by this father son story

  • Yes

  • When can we get a full tenmo lore video

  • Good job with the no game no life soundtrack

  • Milking viws

  • how'd this sires get so emotional, it's starting to hit me in the feels you know?

  • Om what Server do you play on?

  • 0:22 That scene is legendary

  • XD

  • Your videos are amazing but I wish they were either longer or more frequent

  • Yo pianta you think we wouldnt notice and acknowledge the kill la kill soundtrack in the background

  • “Hi guys and welcome to back to tenmo player, the series where I smurf playing as only teemo and make lower level players question their existence”

  • Wtf is this script

  • Tenmos father knows only one guy (friend) : Tenmo Player 0:44

  • Damn you, love your vids, binge watching like they Bob's burgers on netflix

  • You are great bro! i hope tenmos father will find his son

  • I dont know how much u mean to others ur subcribers. But i Just love watching you, u always made my Day i'm from Poland and u are my first Favorite English ytuber i hope u will get what ever u want and any ur wish gonna come True ❤️🤗 THANK U FOR MAKING THIS VIDEOS I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT U❤️

  • Beautiful, best movie of the year

  • These videos are so entertaining

  • "I can be a rank tat"

  • What runes do you use on tenmo? And do u have a build?

  • Omagawd I knew I heard an Australian accents somewhere then I chk ur ig turns out ur from Sydney?!?!! 😤👏🏼

  • I'll be waiting for the next episode UwU

  • Some old Dunkey's vibe in this video. Very nice

  • Does anyone know the song in the beginning?

  • When you were fighting nautilus you became 0 health then healed up

  • Gnar Jungle.

  • Elise: **** youtuber Oh! That's A YIKES!!

  • Will Tenko dog return from his journey? Will Tenko dog save tenmo player and tenmos father? Is tenmo mother sleeping with River Shen?? Find out next time on The Tenmo bunch. Dear Riot bring back one for all so tenmos family can finally be together again

  • Is that the real rat irl or nah?

  • Why aery.