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teemo player tries out support and own some noobs. And then whips out his blue juice to stop enemy in their tracks. Teemo
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  • We need to talk about your language

  • Another day reminding pianta i liked every vid

  • River shen

  • What’s the outro song it’s sounds sooooo familiar but I really can’t remember

  • i love everfrost, every mage i use i build it, even if it isnt the meta build , i still build it xD

  • Why is this in Tenmo Player Season 5 twice?

  • anyone know the name of the outro song? its from undertale but which one

  • 5:00... MY EARS

  • Lol this music is from deus ex the conspiracy

  • Song at the begining? (Also i love your videos)

  • yo yo yo can anyone tell me the outro song name lmao i hear it everywhere ^^

  • tenmos white juice

  • For that 5:19 laugh u deserve my sub!

  • What's the song at 4:22?

  • The way he says spray at 1:37 makes me live longer.

  • What server are you playing, oce?

  • make a kog video plzzzzzz:)

  • What is the ending music

  • Hollow Knight OST POG

  • River tenmo coming soon

  • bonky wukong vid pls


  • More tenmo content, now!! >:^(

  • What are his runes ?

  • When a new tenko dog video?

  • Oh wait i didn't realize before but he has music from hollow knight in this i think so has he played hollow knight?

  • I just saw a tenmo username in wild rift xd

  • awesome:

  • youre trash

  • One question, why is he a noob? (sry for the long comment)

  • Begging you to start putting the music you use in the description Because whatever the song is that’s after the Hollow Knight piece just screams Made in Abyss but I’m not familiar enough with the ost to know for sure

  • Holy shit that ending wtf I'm literally shaking Tenmo Player season 5 is gonna be hype af

  • What happend to pianta pirates ? :0

  • 3:09 elevenmo confirmed

  • why do you have two games as illaoi in ranked?? LIAR

  • Man this Eternal return black survival update sure looks good

  • Apparently you can build Everfrost on Evelynn. That's crazy XD

  • why tenmo?

  • iv been here since you were 50+ subs, and we played on live stream on PBE ,URF :D u were kassadin full warmongs i was shyvana

  • 3:34 What the fuck is the Hollow Knight music doing there man?

  • Fucc the gameplay vibe to The hollow knight music

  • can someone tell me what is the accent which pianta using. is it british?? Or american?? I have searched for his accent but I couldnt find it plz,someone tell me what accent pianta using is

  • i love super mario galaxy music in backgroud this mans editor is a god

  • ❤❤


  • so the diff between euw and nordic is this huge, damn

  • What's the name of the song in the first few clips? It's so nostalgic and I can't remember where it's from ;-;

  • 5:47 river tenmo teaser?? :00

  • that music from hollow knight

  • The female fertile verse cellularly peck because office excitingly exist a a annoyed susan. unaccountable, youthful bangle

  • I liked hearing that hollow knight song :)


  • 3:31 I love that you picked music of hornet, because you are a bee! Do you play hollow knight?

  • RIver Teemo?

  • That title, is weird I know what other people are thinking




  • 2:25 He asked if u are a girl in Chinese

  • Wait one day later and i got the notif of the vid i already saw? Hello youtube?

  • *Pianta using Hollow Knight sound track as battle music* Ahh a man of culture as well

  • why u make league so easy and fun.

  • Hell yeah, brother.

  • I saw you using a lot of different runes, which ones are the best for which situations?

  • Hiliarious :D!

  • OMG Tenmo player behind u !!!!

  • Pianta never noticed me =( I think I will unsubscribe and change my name in league from piantabeast to piantanoob At least heart this comment If u want me to not do these things

  • river shen

  • Only u make me wanna play tenmo support lmao

  • a documentary about killing people while being cute bee?? im hooked!

  • I like u man.. I hate teemo tho...

  • Am awaiting the time when you will get challenger


  • River Teemo

  • I love TENMOOOO!

  • The hollow knight sound track makes me feel happy

  • Try to play teemo in mobile

  • 3:32 song please Brian

  • 3:31 GIT GOOD

  • i love tenmo keep sharing tenmo

  • Even his laugh is turning into a teemo laugh

  • Hes the reason why are people still hating teemo

  • 3:30 SHAW!

  • more


  • Tenmo noob must be the brother of Noobmaster69

  • respect for the made in abyss ost

  • did you see they added new bee skins? I think teemo got one!

  • He asks if you're a lady

  • You are literally the reason why people hate Teemo. Excuse me. Tenmo

  • I love how the majority of comments are about hollow knight. Such a good game

  • Bruh what a noob doesn't even build tiamat on temno 🚶‍♂️💨🤤

  • If you use Hollow Knight music in your videos you get respect

  • Is that a hollow knight reference

  • has his voice changed?


  • 2:11 Wow I didn't expect a music from Deus Ex here

  • 3:31 hollow Knight music *-*

  • Did you play illaoi to get to plat 1?