Datum objavljivanja: 4. Lis 2019.
teemo is pretty buff now. Will tenmo's father finally meet tenmo player?? Hold on, who even is tenmo's father?? Find out on the next episode..
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  • Usually when I steal my jg's buff with 4 damage poison they go on a temper tantrum and procede to one sidedly carry the enemy team

  • Oh ... son!

  • those games are rare but MAN are they good

  • its fun to see someone having actual fun with league, i havent felt that in years

  • Tenmo father: son? Tenmo: i shall stop your rampage father you have come TOO FAR

  • I'm still wondering whether the last word of the video is son of a b****...

  • Illegal cliffhanger, instant dislike Jk it was a great vid 👍

  • Pianta: Plays teemo support Me:Plays teemo ADC

  • My only enemy in rankeds is autofill ;)

  • 5:38 what's the song name?

  • 5:24 what's that backround music?

  • 1:52 song?:(

  • 1:36 music pls


  • being killed by jinx ult twice is very funny hahahahaha. nice vid btw

  • "he's a piece of shit but he's MY piece of shit"

  • It’s crazy how strong their mental is.

  • I think Tenmo player needs a 1v1 with magikarpusedfly's friend joulean teemo jungle.. Or at least, I need something like that


  • if you listen to 1:56 on 1.5x it sounds like the best cry ever guy.

  • my hero academia 1:53

  • TBH your thumbnails are far more funnier than the whole video...

  • Where is my *S O N*

  • Ah.. The Dream Team

  • litelary anime end

  • I watched this just now and remembered I got placed bronze 2 so I just played teemo. 87% wr in around 32 games

  • You continously make me laugh. You sir deserve my like and sub :)

  • if only my ranked teammates were like that :(

  • He makes ranked look so easy...

  • 5:59 "No support items" Has a Frost Queen's Claim

  • Hidden hack of league : friend request your worst teammate and maybe they get good

  • lol

  • Do I hear flying?

  • I am a teemo player. Whenever i play him the enemy team usually surrenders in the first 20 mins. (my enemy laner ends up changing his lanes...after dying like 3 times by me. I feel guilty for giving them this misery).

  • River Shen

  • what's your runes?

  • 2:36 "COWing away in fear" LMAO cringe

  • 1:35 put in 0.25 you wont regret it

  • 1:05 hahaha

  • The egg and I? Cowboy bebop??

  • SON ~~GOKU

  • Hey, I dont play LoL but I have very little knowledge about the game since im interested. So my question is he Teemo or Tenmo? Im confused af

  • Pianta you speak Italian?

  • how do you flame someone for going 7/1/?

  • Pianta: picks teemo supp, starts dorans, steels red. Piantas Teammates: we are fine with that Me: doing Pentakill in tf with Zyra My adc: "nice Supp" rq the game -_-

  • Best thumbnail ever

  • Never doubt the power of friendship

  • When don’t stop running started playing I started dying and I weebed out a bit 😂😂😂

  • THIS IS WILD 😂😂😂

  • Just found your channel and im glad. You're hilarious man earned a sub

  • I got literal chills when the enemy picked teemo.

  • Unexpected final

  • I like Mundo :(

  • Yr vids I lke

  • Is 5:30 from DBS or not, cause if it's not someone please tell me the name of it!

  • Thats awesome dude my 54% Winrate is sion and mord currently gold IV ill try that teemo

  • 1:16 when you blind a blind person

  • 2:15 Assassination of John.F.Kennedy *colorised*

  • Officially my new fav youtuber ❤️ dont worry I didn’t forget to subscribe

  • whats that song at the end ma dudes

  • You are fkn hilarious mate 😆 “he came back with a fking horse” 😆

  • That moment when you're so used to the top tier shitty community of the game...And end up with the chillest players ever. That was hilariously fun to watch xD

  • literally got gold watching your vids and getting inspired by you playing teemo 🤩 thx boo

  • Why you gotta to and make ranking up so easy

  • He makes it look so easy to climb

    • Meanwhile, I'm struggle in plat!

  • Why u always use this rune? Can u explain?

    • @Den Kalenichenko I don't remember, its something like if he auto then flash + auto then the enermy is dead. Lol

    • @9 words ok, month, two months ago?

    • He explains it plenty of times already, I just don't remember which video.

  • Predator Garen

  • Iksde

  • Runes?

  • That match was just too wholesome and hearty. Imagine if all players were like that.

  • This is one of the best anime episode ive watched in a while

  • Wait good natured people? Naaaaahhhhh impossible

  • "He's a piece of shit, but he's my piece of shit"

  • Whats the ending music? I can't remember

  • That 1 game was like a 1 in 44 quadrillion chance of getting 4 nice people in rank XD. Altough it wouldnt be as satisfying to get one of these if every game was like that

  • Ty now my teammates trash talk me

  • 133000 blue essence x) 0:11

  • Which Dragon Ball Super OST is that at 5:24

  • what

  • Damn u to play Teemo..

  • 1:54 Song?

  • rito needs to delete teemmo

  • that ligma heca killed it :D

  • What is that ending song? It's hype af

  • 1:35 what is he doing? He is beginning to belive

  • What ? Son ?! A good vidéo, really funny xD

  • Reminds me of Dunkey

  • Dude! I was Kai'Sa

  • Ka ka ka ka kachi daze Gun gun gun gun gun o muki Jan jan byan byan kyuukyoku no batoru Imi wa nai sa tatakau dake

  • You earned yourself a sub for using that chill Baccano music!

  • This is genuinely the most enjoyable video I've seen in so long. You've earned yourself a subscriber, friend. Thank you... just... thank you

  • Anyone else think Pianta deserves way more subs?

  • Yeah yeah..... just get carried with your Teemo.


  • Best channel of all time

  • so funny :D

  • hilarious. great video pianta.

  • Why did YT promote this channel its shit

  • first time watching your videos, already suscribed

  • this is cringe