Datum objavljivanja: 29. Svi 2019.
after 3 gruesome weeks, tenmo has grown past the guilt of elevenmo's demise. He finally looks forward to the path ahead
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  • Fug

  • Only if Manco1 was there to defend him from those jungle autofills...


  • song name: Why cant we be friends - bridge of terabithia version

  • 0:21 look thats like me in league of legends the one flying

  • Just play support teemo it's not TERRIBLE

  • Whats the song at 2:40 ?

  • btw if u are ever getting spam autofilled just pick some stupid shit and don't connect, your team will remake and you will be autofill protected.

  • I play teemo mid

  • song at 1:20

  • A

  • What version of why can't we be friends is that

  • I tried Kurtzpel and sadly it's not openworld... at least not as I have seen it

  • Make river shenmo player

  • 4:25 what song ?

  • Teamo what a oof

  • Im waiting for the challenger

  • i'm sad bc i wanted to play teemo but someone banned him )':

  • NOW!!!!!!

  • More tenmo videos

  • Ninemo Player will avenge elevenmo player

  • I love ya content, but I will never feel sorry for a Teemo player.

  • Xd

  • He dodged so bad that it took weeks to find a game

  • Guys what is this song 2:20???

  • river teemo

  • i love kurtzpel

  • Nice Grand Chase music

  • Anyone knows where to find the "fuck shit pussy ass" song?

  • Song at 3:22 ?

  • song?

  • Soo Elise countes tenmo player? Good to know

  • that gaikoz boss theme doe. d o p e asf

  • Delete autofill Doesn't make sense

  • How to win a promo game if ur team goes 2-12 in first 5 mins of the game ..

  • Anime DansGame

  • Does anyone know the music Brian normally uses for his death montages??

  • Now I realized... > do 4fun series in bronze with teemo > achieve diamond 1 with champ that you was making fun with at beginning > have chance to be challanger with it xDDDDD

  • what is the ending song?



  • infinty edge garen

  • Can someone id the Why can't we be friends' song?

  • pianta i made a Tenmo cult for you *coughs* *coughs* Religion discord.gg/6rrGjj3

  • river teemo

  • That Sejuani clip at the end Was hilarious

  • I'm happy beacuse you used the Why Can't We be Friends Bridge to Terabithia version

  • 1:32 whats the song?

  • 1:16 in any case you're wondering, 7 Turret Hits

  • Well Well my wishes came true.

  • what are the songs names in the video?

  • I finally found game to adict instead of lol thanks

  • Tenmo is riots last attempt to get a teemo into masters, RIP Onemo, twomo, threemo, fourmo, fivemo, sixmo, sevenmo, eightmo and ninemo.... they tried once again with elevenmo, but tenmo is just too strong

  • good luck on this one hope u reach challenger :D

  • Pianta, i dont know if you are going to read this, but. Please if you can use the song e-dubble let me ohh. Its a cool song and id love it if u used it for a montage song

  • I don't like to play teemo... I have to.... Our senpai's legacy must live on.

  • Take Dark Havest and go teemo Support , Carry game , no Autofilled ....

  • And people say that Riots matchmaking system isn't rigged.

  • why i can't download kurtzpel

  • You can do it

  • Watching your videos makes me happy as well

  • Do you stream on Twitch? I wish I could watch you all day and night and day and night and day and night - I would never sleep. And neither would you ❤

  • best sejuani ever

  • Fck. The weeaboos are taking over. Frank was right the whole time

  • Please. Make. The. Videos. Longer. I need more-.....

  • And i cant download it lol, it just refresh the page lmao

  • Because of you i've decided to make an account solely dedicated so Xin Zhao lmao

  • Cant even download that dang game...

  • it says that i havent got any points but i have gotten points but it doesnt register? on ikon.

  • Your optimism is healing

  • Why aren't you playing with Imogen2711 anymore :(

  • Roses are red Grass is greener I got a like but why is it blue?

  • what's the name of the song in 2:30?

  • You killed elevenmo? So you're Tenmo player!!!

  • That sejuani though

  • Enjoyed the end of the video, watching that obvious Teemo main playing Sejuani.

  • Now the real question is... What happened to Onemo, twomo, threemo, fourmo, fivemo, sixmo, sevenmo, eightmo and ninemo? Were those forgotten to time?


  • Didn’t expect the flex ad on this channel

  • Dude, if your feeling burnt out from League you can take a break or play a diffrent game, I'll watch u no matter what uwu

  • Hey Brian i cant install the game from some reasons, do you know what may be the problem? I mean the link is ok, but the install just dont start lol

  • I hello pianta I am a player of the Brazilian rankings and after starting playing teemo because of you I finally leave the platinum and now I am in the silver. thanks

  • I want more

  • Why didn't you just play tenmo in every role??

  • The moment I saw that Kurtzpel was made by KoG.. Yeah you're gonna be disappointed by what happens lmao.

  • I love ur video man. Its so funny

  • 2:25 Yo some one give me a link for this song🤣🤣

    • hrdown.info/block/video/mJhwf82Lh8xsiJI starts at 4:08 dont @ me


  • Let's go to Diamon' V

  • Hey Pianta :) I m watching you from France and I really like your videos! Continue like that !Teemo's god gonna help you

  • kurtzpel isnt available for EU people yet right ?

  • Back at it again I see

  • 2:30 i need dat song

  • Oceania Masters is like Silver EUW

  • River shen

  • wtf?🙂💔

  • That fma brotherhood music gave me chills

  • I love anime. Thank you Pianta.

  • I knew Kurtzpel before you promoted it

  • i love you pianta