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yeah i just finished this kdrama so what??? love is the moment
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  • Still a better love story then twilight

  • higbort iron 4

  • battlepig 12 yr old bronze 3 cause i was carried to that rank

  • Blaze -Silver XD

  • Word "girl" is way more than enough to stop watching this video at 0:01. No offense to it's creator.

  • waitless rank g1 hell yea

  • Pokesefasaa, bronze 3 ;-;

  • d0o0mish bronze

  • Kutugliding unranked level 17

  • Me: hi Her: hi Me: She's the one :0

  • I'm a girl and only play with bad boys. Because I'm Iron 4

  • I AM A GIRL😲

  • ralzchan bronze

  • Dakakada Bronze V

  • i should play more games with your videos in background, your positive energy is contagious

  • i prefer champions that doesn't need the q too much in battle because my fingers hurt so that's why i play trynd a lot haha

  • is that a problem that i dont play ranked bcs its too toxic for me?

  • "I just used you" "Yet I still love you" Me: I never been this broken before

  • xXxTeemoplayer420xXx rank: iron

  • Bro this was sad :c


  • 4 minutes vid 30 seconds raid shit legends

  • imaging being pianta's friend who pretended to be a girl

  • Name:Bighead109 Rank:Gold Likes: E-Girls

  • brbsuper unranked

  • Name:Secroz Rank: i do not play ranked much....................i have played it 2 times............i am a lowly bronze 1.....................i play volibear.............yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Level:44

  • That thumbnail is cursed

  • hello ladies am bilgamesh and level twundy

  • Eune Bronze Tenmo YaSuO.... oh i mean- smurf from EUW im actually challenger c_c

  • I’m not girl but..... good video

  • are u familliar with Xchinin? the legendary Tankmo player

  • I play for fun and suck:/

  • Hi my name is Moe also known as Yassuo😂😂😂

  • How did league just became a love story. lmao

  • OMG, I saw the drama where the guy kicks the other one into the pool. But I think I didn't finish it because it was boring... I don't even remember the name nor the main protagonist characteristic. I think it was a cinderella plot (minus the exciting shoe scene). Ok, now I want to watch a drama. See you soon after I get bored/annoyed.

  • Well this video is useless to me...... Because I'm asexual.

  • Uhh UhnileJabko Iron 2 placements?

  • theres a higher chance you get a boyfriend from your viewr base then girlfriend just saying

  • that song is just making me laugh so fuckin hard

  • faustodemambo g1 euw

  • pavlegaminng EUNE male gold 4 xd

  • Minigad96 eune bronze 1 ;) I'm waiting

  • Chadmo in my recommendations

  • He can’t control laughing when doing the raid sponsor

  • MantisShrimp Bronze III

  • Aizawa? Omg he or she is now my bsf 😂😂😂 but also imagine aizawa as a vsco or a full glam, nails and all girl

  • that sponsored tho xDDD

  • Eonwoo silver

  • Brockleewaffle2 unranked

  • Estrussur Challenger

  • Urmomg@y iron IV

  • aka the male+fe

  • []_[]

  • leothe destroyer bronze 1

  • cursed girl

  • The most sexist piantas video

  • If you support Raid: Shadow Legends in any way at all, you're an utter moron. Disliked

  • Ohhh boy this is aged well

  • James rankless

  • Yasuo player, iron 1

  • dude ur videos made my day bro

  • 4740 Challenger

  • 1:14 guess pianta is a girl

  • Notice how he made nami a girl running at the shore... when she’s a mermaid 🙂🙂🙂


  • WTF i just watch !! XDDDD


  • I love how angry lee sin is in the background

  • Lmao riven's "karma" made me laugh so much XDD

  • hi lee

  • UwUsexyegirl69 and i am butter 21

  • wubzey1 Bronze

  • this is amazing

  • Hey gals,i just got autofilled support.

    • My condolences.

  • I’m Iron 4 Dm me

  • tavomamasliapa f2cking iron

  • Choke Me Hinata plat4

  • Noobwas2bad unranked

  • Ngl female Teemo kinda hot doe 😳😳😳

  • MandelMario bronze IV i think im to late for that :( (german)

  • Sup' girls, my name is Michael and I'm iron tw- umm I mean ugh fuck, challenger, I'm challenger okay?

  • EUW | IGN: Axvwy, Azir Challenger smurfing in iron 1 to help any iron 1 girl rank up.

  • WTF this is still the same game? where my lovely toxic community :(

  • That nami sucks lmao i just searched her up, she is right now in iron 4 big sads

  • youknowsimon Iron 2

  • Am sexe

  • I’m cringing real bad at nami

  • I found a gay guy, does that count?

  • Honestly, from a girl, its rank and how tall you are

  • Zareven challenger

  • Tenmo fanboy gold rank

  • tenzing d2

  • MasterPopUpV2 Silver 2

  • Plot twist: that Nami was Brian’s uncle

  • xXepicgamerXx iron iv hit me up

  • well put together video i loved it lol

  • useless shit bag

  • osxka challenger (actually unranked xD)

  • im challenger, but no girl likes me. WELP

  • Everybody gangsta till she revealed she have a *dick*