Tenmo: The Multiverse

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Stu 2019.
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  • season 3 is over thank u for the support! - download Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order here: pixly.go2cloud.org/SH1Rc - make sure to use my creator code "pianta" ! uwu

    • Pianta what if elevenmo had a son who have been training to kill tenmo

    • Can you make some Garen video please?

    • will u do season 4?

    • U should do Tenmotherfucker as Tenmo's rival.

    • "you just need them to outplay themselves" by zwag

  • You can blind lee sin with teemo's q :v

  • The backgroudn music got me xD

  • Things the yt over lords dont like talking about politics disasters the p3d0 state epstein not unaliving himself and by far the most dastardly teemo mains

  • Stop doging

  • this series has a better storyline than my life does

  • That Promised Neverland music really added to the whole Tenmo storyline lol

  • You put the song from neverland XDD LMFAO

  • Lost a whole rift heard

  • I actually liked this anime

  • Tenko dog is just smurf tenmo player

  • Was that a Postman Pat remix?

  • It hurts my soul that he didn’t lay herald

  • Brian by the way you are udapted becose 🐕 is your real father

  • this is more entertaining then online school

  • I need an scene where Tenmo meets his lost dog, the dog dies, reincarnates in another dog and that dog is adopted by Tenmo

  • Dog arc?

  • Love the Lalaland music

  • 5:34 predator becomes the prey R.I.P demons

  • why watch spider man when you have the original right here

  • 02:35 what is the name of the music

  • they actually buffed jungle teemo do it

  • Wheres season 4???

  • Lol postman pat

  • tenko dog is a better ending than season 8 of game of thrones

  • They made teemo a better jg and we still havnt seen tenko dog play yet

  • When tenmo ranks up temko dog was suppressed but now he needs to be apart of the tenmo

  • Took 3 seasons of Tenmo, but you've gained a new subscriber 😂

  • who's a dangerous dog? yes you are

  • Elise Bamed him "Tenko Dog" The more you know

  • The music at the start is from chuunibyou isnt it? Ya just wanted to share my knowledge

  • its kinda sad im dog and i know all these anime songs ;/

  • Yall know that Manco guy who plays teemo jgl challenger hrdown.info/least/u7PdAn3NJipub5wJIz983w

  • U god

  • w8 if tenmo has mangakyo y use poison instead of amaterasu

  • no...

  • Being in promo's, you shouldn't be able to get autofilled. Holy shit..

    • Also, obviously tenko dog should do what a dog does best. Jungle.. obviously

  • why is ther epostman pat in the background 4:00

  • How can teemo blind Lee??

  • BY3 lmao

  • Song at 5:38?

  • Pianta is basically a hardstuck gamer with the multipersonality syndrome who keeps on making smurfs trying to get to high elo

  • Bring back tenko dog

  • When are you going to make a tenmo one trick guide??!

  • new series: garne player

  • At this point this anime is gonna have more fillers than bleach

  • oh my god this isabelle lullaby

  • I was right I heard the name "tenko dog" in your last video. Its in S3 ep8. The Elise jungler who got rekted

  • Is that river shen

  • Commenting on every video I see part 811

  • Teemo jungle? XD I don't know why you do this to yourself but I love you for it!

  • Hi Tenmo. Your videos are rly funny and you're really good with Teemo. Can you plz briefly tell what runes and general build/strategy/runes you tend to use? (I got inspired to try learn Teemo top frm watching your videos) thnx 🐰

  • no

  • Postman pat theme for tenko dog 😂

  • what's the song? 5:47

  • 5:34 what is that music called? It's so beautiful :,(

    • My Name Isabella's lullaby, if you havent found already

  • You should advertise RTB before his channel is un-undead :O

  • Please stop

  • Lol cant believe i came up with that name

  • Brian I love your bideos but Dont do this to yourself. Jg teemo is a nightmare

  • I want elevenmo come back

  • We want Tenmo Player :(

  • Is this the movie you were talking about at your "DARK MAGICIAN LUCIAN"?

  • Revive your father!

  • its ya boiii tenko daaaaaaawg

  • Me: How many teemo one-tric smurfs you gonna create? Pianta: YES

  • From 0:49 secs you talk like spider Man intro spider verse



  • Tenmos father has beer ressurected by singed

  • Well... since you asked us to "like if we want more jungle Teemo"... I disliked >_> does that mean that I will prevent you from ruining other peoples lives as Teemo in jungle? Cuz I hate that little rat...

  • You do realize you need to make ten seasons right?

  • what is this opera pls

  • what the title of the last song?

  • Im a fucking D O G xD (not god)

  • Teemo jungle is broken

  • Nightblue3 : CY@ tenko dog : BY3

  • can u play ivern?

  • teeto looks juicy in the dog costume

  • 2:43 Music name? Please 🙏

  • 6:30 song?

  • Eventually we’re gonna see the whole tenmo multiverse on the same team when One for All comes back

  • "suck my woof woof" lol.,

  • 24k likes say jungle teemo it is.

  • no teno dog stop :v

  • Yes

  • More Riwer Shwen movie

  • mad trinimmortal vibes

  • I wanna see Omnimo the any lane Teemo

  • I was watching an horror movie on my pc and this video was chilling on another yt tab, i was on jumpscare moment on the movie and your video started randomly on the background- demon jumps to the screen and i hear "WELCOME BACK TO TENMO PLAY" i am broken ajdsfjsdafkljsd

  • The real question is: Why would you dodge when you could have played Tenmo ADC? You want to spread your mushrooms as far and wide as possible, no?

  • Next time do tenmo's NA version when hardstuck. GOOD IDEA.

  • you should do a series where you play Amumu with the Little Knight Skin and call yourself Sir Hugsalot whose quests is to get hugs and not feel so lonely anymore

  • I m pretty sure u just watched spider man xd

  • Woof woof

  • You use curse words no matter what. You're truly brave.

  • no please dont play teemo jungle , dont int games for unsuspecting players

  • U should totally keep going with da dog

  • Multeemoverse

  • Keep tenko dog alive, he gud boi