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  • Another day reminding pianta i liked every vid

  • What happened to tenmo noob

  • I got 56% win rate on teemo but im in Silver. How is he with 52% wr land in Diamond? He die & lose a lot too

  • I like how he played against the same guy 2 games in a row and I would not have noticed it's two different games if I didn't realize he had different runes.

  • River shen

  • Wait is he Australian or American I can’t tell 😭

  • I love these videos! They make me laugh so much.

  • is oceania a good server? I mean 4 example comparing it to EUW players (mechanics, game knowledge etc.)

    • I mean I still love u pianta but I just... wunder (u get the joke, huh?)

  • Is the series over now?

  • great video, what was the last song? thanks!

  • where's the weekly tenmo noob videos

  • this is driving me crazy - but can anyone tell me what song was playing in the BG at 1:48 ?

  • wait if its unironically plat/dia elo then I understand now wtf is all about OCE server XDDDD


  • 3:43 Ah yes, the classic "monkeys that don't look at the scoreboard just their own kda and then forfeit a perfectly winnable game" maneouvre

  • What's sonng at the end?

  • Dear Pianta... Where did the samira video go

  • I hear cancer music 3:55

  • Why pianta is no longer funny? :/

  • I fully thought he was talking about diamond handing gme to the moon lmao

  • 1:34 lool enemies have four red lenses

  • The HRdown algo decided this was related to GME stonks. Wp Tenmo, wp.

  • i dont say anythin but you are too stuck to do secxond video in this week :P

  • Can you play more yasuo plz

  • more teemo vids pls

  • What happened to Tenmo's pentakill Samira video?

  • Im new here and first seing your videos i already know youll reach 1million subs in 2022.

  • Tenmo to the moon Put a shroom between the stars Tenmo go to heaven and drop straight down to hell What kind of helllllll???? Elo helllllll Oooooooooo In other words He's stuck there.

  • Piantaaa😍

  • when i see tenmo and pianta that means i will go to paradise

  • great song choice

  • Pianta plese stop inting as teemo your killing my brothers but please do go to the moon.

  • was that the same wukong for two games

  • Playing ranked in gold for when you give up and start a new account. I'll be waiting

  • Painta plays in 2 years a professional Teenmo against faker

  • Never did I think Pianta would combine stonks with bonk with tonikawa over the moon for you

  • "The tutorial taught me" Time to do a video on ONLY what the tutorial taught you.

  • whats the song

  • This can't possibly be.....a filler episode !!! I thought tenmo noob was better than this, but it turns out he's just following the path of tenmo player someone save him from the darkeness that lies at the end of this path.

  • pianta's voice so attractive though 🥵

  • what if he actually got to challenger with teemo

  • hola

  • May I ask what runes are you using on Teemo? I'm on Aery and actually I suck xd

  • Still waiting for the "weekly upload" on brian_music... Its been 1 month...

  • Xin zhao ap

  • Renekton more like Red-Neckton

  • Nice GME reference. ;)

  • song choice immaculate


  • Didnt expect to hear Jump up super high in this video. Nice.

  • Thank you for being the one we’re too afraid to be

  • A hat in time music

  • where's the links of those musics D:

    • @Keyser Söze WE'LL TAKE THE CROWN D:


  • A Teemo In Time

  • Just noticed that Imogen vanished

  • Waiting for teenmonoob to hit challenger

  • remember when rtb lost to a yuumi?....oops wrong channel

  • I loved watching the streams that became these vids. Thanks for the content!

  • I was there when the chat spammed "I was here" when he reached diamond

  • Mario odessy music :O

  • It's a me super tenmo plumber

  • Mario kart music makes this video better

  • If pianta can make it to diamond I should as well

  • 1:50 I would love to.

  • What's the title of the song at 4:47

  • Lost my 90% plat winrate to a teemo, I dislike you.

  • AGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGA (this is true)

  • Outro song?

  • I love every single one for his videos because it's good content and feels like its only a minute by the end

  • wonder if ill see tenno in diamond

  • Do ap garen, you won’t

    • he did it actually

  • Soooo, what is the background song?👀

  • fly me to the moon but it's tenmo

  • He's no longer tenmo noob

  • Remember when Brian lost to a Yuumi?

  • I’m a simple man. I see Pianta has uploaded, I click.

  • just tenmo...

  • Ay

  • Gos i hate teemo.If tou genuenrly main or frequently play teemo im sorry for you

  • These games are so nostalgic... I remember them all from the stream last week SO EMOTIONAL

  • I will beat you in typeracer someday

  • 5 minutes only......

  • The odyssey soundtrack was fitting

  • Is that 8-bit big band, or is that the original and I'm just uncultured?


  • EU's bronze is NA's diamond confirmed

  • I would really like a video explaining the rune choices of pianta

  • shoutout to me in the thumbnail I guess

  • How about a Garen Comeback?

  • saw part of this live at twitch.tv/piantalol LETS GOOOO

  • What's the music at 2:42?

  • You didnt show our intense mental tic tac toe

  • 4 episodes in and he's almost masters already

    • his 5th video be like: is this game winnable?

  • This is so cute. This reminds me that we can reach high elos even with Teemo

  • Benmo skin is sus

  • Hi Brian tenmo

  • tenmo playa play valorant for us please :3

  • I watch your stream everytime i can, you're awesome!!!!

  • I was just vibing with the mario odissey song

  • US people gon b like wtf is maccas