The 2021 Audi RS7 Is a $120,000 Luxury Monster

Datum objavljivanja: 19. Stu 2020.
The 2021 Audi RS7 is a fantastic luxury car -- and a monstrous sporty car, too. Today I'm reviewing the 2021 Audi RS7 to show you all the quirks and features of Audi's latest RS car. I'm also going to drive the RS7 to show you what it's like on the road.
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  • original rs7 perf. has 605hp

  • What a beautiful car.

  • Believe or not in my country this boy $ 480.000


  • hehehe 69

  • I wish it was $120,000 and not $550,000 in Singapore.

  • This car is meant to be driven at night. I could only imagine the ambient lighting. Audi always impresses with its lighting designs both interior and exterior. Doug should do some of his car reviews at night so we could see the ambient lighting.

  • I"m the type of person that watches 18 minutes of the review and never watches the Doug Score.

  • you can turn off the haptic feed back in the car settings

  • Audi do look good with the big wheels and all.. but Porsche benz bmw has sedans that’s faster.. M8 GT63 Taycan run around this Rs7 i’m disappointed.

  • AMG does have a special key

  • what the hell is all that gloss piano glass plastic? ruins the whole interioer

  • Does Doug own any pants ? Because he’s always wearing shorts 😉

  • He really did say stonks

  • It looks like a Kia. And at least when you buy the Kia, you get a 10 year warranty.

    • Hey Doug, the AMG key fob that has AFFALTERBACH on it.

  • Doug, get your actual height checked. Which is it, 6'-3" or 6'-4"? Tired of hearing your height range. Or just say 6'-3 1/2"😆

    • Looove what Audis been doing recently. Rs6 been my dream car for a while and when they brought it to the states in 2020 I got sooooo excited

  • Nah I’ll pass, I can buy a house and two maybe one car with that money.

  • i’m surprised Doug missed the quirky feature of the headlight cleaners

  • Tttthhhiiisss Is The Maxima Reloaded by audi

  • Disagreeing again. The lines on the previous RS-7 were WAAAY better. Gave the car a classy, sophisticated, and sporty look, all at once. This model looks like a nice car, but lacks the character, and looks far less sporty. It basically took what was an enthusiast 5 door, and made it look like a soccer moms sedan...

    • Vous êtes incroyables les gars ! Cette vidéo était énorme, un gros bravo !

  • The touch screen requiring an extra push for it to accept commands, is good, not bad. It prevents a stray hand from changing settings accidentally. The touch must be pressed, showing the touch to be intentional. It's actually really smart.

  • coolest audi

  • The wheels are ok... I'll give u a pass on that bc style is clearly not your strong point Doug.

  • Tell us 1 more time us rather the rs6

  • Keep tapping its gonna be in service with a problem in no time facts

  • Wow the s7 isn't fugly anymore 🙏

  • Doug: This is the BEST CAR ON THE PLANET. Also Doug: And that's why I give it a 7.3 out of 10.

  • No exhaust sound? No real test drive? What a fail :(

  • Looove what Audis been doing recently. Rs6 been my dream car for a while and when they brought it to the states in 2020 I got sooooo excited

  • Hey Doug, the AMG key fob that has AFFALTERBACH on it.

  • "it's lighted" IT'S LIT

  • Haptic feedback and touch is a setting

  • We got it Doug! You’re a wagon person! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • That's a bad bih. 😎

  • 5:00...those "very cool" lit seat-belt clips were also present in my Volvo...that is, my 1987(!) Volvo 740 Turbo. Quite a cool, new, 30+ year old feature...😝

  • It looks like a Honda Accord

  • tesla > rs7

  • Welp, can't wait to buy this for half price next year.

  • 10:15 I felt a tap - Alistair Overeem

  • I really thought it was the new Honda accord from the side before reading the title.

  • Don't all RS models come with the flat bottom steering wheel? I've never seen an RS car with the round one before.

  • I'm a ZL1 owner but I love the RS7! Beautiful car and a great daily driver.

  • Wonderful beautiful car, but another white exterior with bland monochromatic interior... Where have all the colors & contrasts gone?

  • Quem é esse babaca para dar nota 7 para o estilo da Mercedes?

  • i have one of these and i love it

  • Doug is the type of guy to sing his cars to sleep

  • one of the best looking cars on the market

  • Go to Fig and Gage at 2 am in Los Angeles You'll see many Audi at the gas station. Why ? Well , they are driven by pimps that are there just waiting for their gurls.

  • I find those wheels... regrettable.

  • Obviously different target audiences, but if I'm looking for a fast sedan in this kind of price range, I would give serious consideration to a Charger Hellcat Redeye

  • swich from park to drive and accidendly tap screen with out notice suddendly your ass in flames at 30c outside :D

    • this is why you have to press down to not register accidental clicks

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  • Don't know how I feel about a cigarette lighter between the cup holders 😉

  • Slow but very nice!

  • This is real luxury in india...cause it costs more than $270000 in here...😁

  • No offense to anyone but wagons are soooo ugly

  • Didn't most of you reviewers criticize the Acura TLX for having two screens? Many called it old fashioned. Now Audi is coming out with two screens? Really?


  • rs7 performance gen before this looks SOOOO MUCH better lmao.

  • I'm amused Doug also loves Audis.

  • I disagree, it looks gigantic.

  • i think this is PPL

  • 100 stimulus checks could buy this easy

  • Side looks like Honda accord

  • Needs to be lower and idk the wheels seem to big

  • Live ya but you’re totally wrong / AMG keys are different and branded as such

  • i saw it in the shop. it is insane.

  • 2021AWD S Pacifica you are missing the boat Doug

  • your getting a bit wide yourself doug .. lol

  • The horrendous amount of adds have ruined this channel,, good luck,, I'm not coming back

  • What do you mean it is an audi RS6 Avant? Isn't the A7 series supposed to be based on the A8 series?

  • Hoi Doug, the option you can choose in the settings is haptic feedback. You can enable and change the intensity or turn it completely off. I have just received my audi e tron sportback and had this option assuming the new rs7 has the same...

  • @Sam Johnson - Nineteen

  • Soft limiter in US ?

  • Haptic Touch is actually the best thing not the drawback, so you don’t touch accidentally anything, smart on Audi part

  • European cars are full of ambient lighting

  • This dude loves his lighting hahaha

  • All that power means nothing because it's an Audi. It's like driving a vacuum cleaner.

  • Yes, I also do hate it when I accidentally drive onto a racetrack good to have rs mode.

  • No joke, this might be the nicest car ever made.

  • Wow! This is gorgeous 😍

  • why am i watching this? I have a 2009 A4

  • "lighted" > "lit"

  • Great review but the car is overall boring 😴. I dozed off and woke up at the end. Looks like the older models. Actually, the older models have more of a command presence. Too boring. Whats next?

  • 🌌thrrriissss🌌

  • looks grotesque - I see why its buyers tend to be a certain type of person.

  • Insane 💨

  • $120,000 and you get a piano black centre console that's already smudged to shit? Absolutely not

  • So theres this 2021 rs7 and kyles thats it

  • Beautiful car...flashiest Audi ever?

  • Looks like a stinger from the side profile

  • Lighted? How about illuminated 🤨🙄😁😂

  • PLEASE REVIEW A >>> ford merkur xr4ti

  • Ever since driving a Phaeton, every high end car that doesn't hide it's climate vents behind wooden paneling just feels like it's missing a key feature. Haha!

  • What a complete waste of hard earned $$$😅

  • This is the first video of yours where I did not see you floor it. That was disappointing.

  • 2:02

  • If you spend 120,000 on this instead of any other car for the same amount you have a brain deformity

  • Not gonna lie, I was hoping for a comparison between the engines in the other cars vs the tuning on the engine in this one lol

  • I have a 2016 RS7, it's an amazing car, whatever u choose from it to deliver it will deliver, if wanna drive family style from point A to point B or chasing supercars it will get u covered. I just didnt make up my mind yet wheter I will replace it by a new RS7 or by a RS6 Avant... that station wagon is beyond sexy...