The 96KB Game

Datum objavljivanja: 4. Pro 2018.
The 96KB Game
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The game is called .kkrieger. It is a PC game from 2004.
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.kkrieger is a first-person shooter video game created by German demogroup .theprodukkt. The game won first place in the 96k game competition at Breakpoint in April 2004. .kkrieger makes extensive use of procedural generation methods.
Music in video:
uamee - OCTOBER
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  • I couldn't stand this lad talking for 10 seconds, how can someone stand 4 minutes and 25 seconds? Or even subscribing to him and watching many videos of him.

  • oi boris i have shitternet , it took 2 minutes to download the game hahahahah

  • Не пойму, а что, это русский блогер?

  • If they remove a little more than half of the Game then this can fit on the smallest Cassette Tap I ever saw

  • I have a box of unused floppy disks on my desk i dont know why

  • Drinking game: Take a shot every time he says "This is a 96 kilobyte game" and you are on Russian vodka diet

  • Так по русски говорит по английски)

  • imagine taking print screen of this game and the photo is bigger than the game

  • dont start

  • _When you realize the disk in the thumbnail is probably bigger than the game_

  • you could put this on a calculator i think ima do that actually

  • .kkrieger nomansky Has viruses: ✔ ❌

    • @LOL lol no. .kkrieger has no viruses. I tried it myself and nothing happend

    • for real tho? 0_0

  • _when you realize this game is smaller than MOST mobile games_

  • Boris serikten selamlar

  • This is a 96KB game

  • my pc does not have enough space to run that beast of a game

  • i love this russian guy


  • This game literally uses like 4GB of RAM

  • Funny thing is my storage is so full I wouldn’t even be able to download this

  • Is the resolution still good I dont wanna play a game with shit resolution

  • You forgot to say that this game takes up just 96 kb

  • 96kb for a game? Respect

  • Take a shot of 72% tatra tea for everytime he says 96kb game

  • The blin moment you realise that 97 letters are bigger than this game

  • i like how boris doesnt say no man's sky but he says номански

  • Try understanding him with your eyes closed.

  • many kilobytes are in this game?

  • 2:48 "It expands at 300MBs in RAM" Chrome: Pathetic

  • Nomnsky

  • Instructions unclear. How many kilobytes of game is this?


    • A QR code can only hold 3 kilobytes :(

  • In Poland Pegasus cartridge

  • 10k precious MB dude ARC is like 60gb my brain started hurting

  • .kkrieger is actually 97.2kb large, which means you can only fit it in 7201.64609053 times in a CD

  • And I thought Boris was going to teach us how to make a 96 KB game. Not disappointed though

  • Russian voice

  • DA screenshot is larger than the game. Impresive.

  • You can literally put this on a Nintendo game disc (probably a few hundred in one disc)

  • This is ninety-sick kb game

  • Да, играл в нее давно, отличная игра и размер оооочень маленький, вегда думал как ее сделали, потрясаюше конечно

  • my memes in my phon mour biger

  • Video: *slav music playing* Skittle: *spinning on floor like crazy*

  • a 10 second voice message on watsap is 100 kb, this game is 96kb, wow

  • 96 kb game ironic

  • Ah man, been waiting for someone big to cover this kind of stuff. Everyone here is shitting bricks, but I've been aware of this stuff for ages (not that it isn't impressive, because it absolutely is). The demoscene shall never die!

  • This is epic accent

  • ты внатуре русскмй или косишь?

  • but how it works?

  • Are you russian


  • Smaller than my brain and I don’t even have one lol

  • **western Czech laugh** We all know that Dendy was an overpriced legal right stealing scam **western Czech wheeze**

  • It's so crazy to see how far we have gotten tech wise, too the point where you can fit snake on a qr code.

  • I was enjoying the nerdy explanations but you stopped :(

  • It would still take me 3 hours to download.

  • itu yg ngasi cc indonesia sumpah gabut amat tpi nice nice

  • Nomenski

  • Can you fit it in a qr code tho?

    • @Vin EuroDiesel awwwh thats sad

    • Nope, a qr code can hold 3kb max


  • This guy’s accent is the best.

  • 0:50 he said No man sky takes up ~11 GB at most. Bro there are 4000 GB SSD that cost like 50$

    • Link to this magical $50 "4000 GB SSD"?

  • 0:28 "Maybe only rich kid" Rich kid? In communism. *angry gulag noises*

  • I only play games in 1MB *(Yes, I play in my head, so true, 1MB game)*

  • every time i open the game it crashes

  • Quantum PC from year 3000 is very hard to find, *but never impossible*

  • Oy Mama it's VADIM

  • my hello_world script is heavier..

  • Thanks I wanted to play on my grandpa's PC

  • Boris: nobody uses discs Blyad PlayStation and Xbox: wdym?

  • this game is seriously good

  • what the hell i thought the was speaking english at first

  • Nomanzki cyka

  • btw if anyone needs a quantum pc I can hook u up my pc runs no man's sky just fine

  • This guy clearly don't speak english!

  • Halfway into the video and he is still not done with the intro

  • Does it stay sharp forever?

  • Talk about Minecraft4k which is made for a java competition where you made a game for 4kb. This is an official version of minecraft

  • 99kb blyat

  • I completed the game before i even watched this video halfway through.. Thanks comrade.

  • I found this video by searching "nomansky" lmao

  • Graphics are beuatiful,and engine is probably from doom

  • My first Boris video

  • A screenshot from the game is already more than the game itself

  • Doesn’t work

  • It’s 100kb also it won’t let me talk

  • It’s 100kb

  • This is 100kb!

  • my pc prob cant run it and for some reason, my pc can run a 19 gb game lol, so high graphics for a 96kb game

  • it says pno0001 has stopped working, why?

  • how to make laptop wodka cooling

  • I started it , and NOT getting an error blin , it is a blyat 96 kb game , i have finished it about 47 times

  • try playin AMIGA Starflight with dosbox. You will get surprised

  • What boris didnt say was that 129.5 hrs of that nomansky play time was loading XD


  • Imagine if every video game around the world became less than a 2000kb each. We probably could download millions of them within an hour.

  • A screenshot of this game weight 940 KB, while the game weight only 96 KB.

  • He said 96 KB 10 times

  • Did you know a single sperm cell can store 37.5mb of data (Correct me if wrong) and am ejaculation contains MILLIONS of sperms cells so it can store that game millions maybe billions or trillions of that game there (I GOT THIS INFO FROM REDDIT)

  • *So you're saying I can play this on my Samsung smart fridge?*