THE BAY LEAF! - cooking basics part 2

Datum objavljivanja: 16. Srp 2020.
How to use the bay leaf. Explained by professional Boris.
Cutting boards, spatulas and cards here:
Basics part 1:
0:00 Intro
0:31 The bay leaf
1:40 Egg boiling and peeling
5:39 Frying egg
7:39 Adding mayonez
8:41 Dill form heavens
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  • Btw whatever happened to that phone

  • The cold water method for eggs is meant to cool them down faster to peel them faster. If you grab a freshly boiled egg and immediately try to peel it, then you'll have issues.

  • You dont really need to put eggs in boiling water put in cold and turn the stove on when its starts boiling wait 6 minutes and eggs will be cooked

  • @Live of Boris I love you

  • few, if any, other capitalistic youtubers have found the balance of humor and info that comrade Boris has.

  • Will you be selling the special kitchen playing cards ?

  • The soft boiled eggs or raw eggs are pretty popular in East Asian cultures (Japan, Korea,etc.) and a lot of western peoples may think its a one way ticket to salmonella, but the eggs in these countries are specially checked to make sure they are safe to eat raw! of course, raw/runny eggs isn't for everybody but as long as its safe who cares.

  • boris you forgot to put bay leaf in the boiling water where you boiled the eggs

  • You're knives are amazing

  • Here on mexico we use that leaf for soup too :D

  • Gordon ramsey has nothing on king borris

  • In mother Russia there is no i Slav Only we slav .com

  • Bay leaves taste like the smell of forest in the early fall.

  • i agree with boris you cook eggs until the yolk is HARD you salmonella infested freaks of nature

  • Ok so u say that if u put it in cold water it doesnt make it peel off easier and that its just propaganda, but in making Russian potato salad video at (time stamp ) 2:05 u say the opposite. Boris are u spy?

  • I finally got the bay leaf

  • still waiting for the weight loss vid here Mr.Boris

  • we call it laurel in the Philippines

  • I made a egg sandwich it was good Idk I just wanted to share that

  • How to make food taste better: grass and leaf

  • Instruction unclear: made bay leaf cookies.

  • The "Cold water" trick is for the people who like having shiny boiled egg interior. You can't overboil an egg. At least not literally, you just go past a person's favourite consistency or past a threshold a person would consider eating. I like boiled eggs to have a yolk that's runny only in the center, basically the first egg on screen in the video, but I prefer poached eggs to boiled Update: Me seeing an "Over-hard fried egg": *Gag* Well past the threshold for me

  • i wanna be abile to do the same

  • 3:52 Boris: No ice required Me: *NOICE* required

  • Boris discovers that mayonise has raw eggs inside. Oh Bylat.

  • I suscribe to this channel about 5 years ago , and i really think our dear gopnik Boris is not russian , i think he is ukranian or maybe albanian , but , i think its something we will never know , and if he decide to tell us one day , i think we are not going to be prepare for that glorious moment too :3

  • Boris, you said that using cold water on boiled egg to remove shell is fake. But in the russian potato salad video you made with Anatoli you actually said the opposite. How come you changed your mind?

  • As a kid, finding the bay leaf in the pea soup was like considered good luck or something. Like seeing a shooting star.

  • Boris: tries eating bay leaf Me: davai bratan

  • you said in potato salad video to give boiled egg cold water shock but in this video you say it is false news??? confused

  • 1:54 gonna copy this shit for my pupils for force and friction and stuff. Thanks buddy

  • that's a lot of bay leaves

  • The b a y l e a f . Or maybe 50!

  • why does your salt container look like a toilet

  • Why do your pelmeni look like vareniki? I'm feeling western spy vibes -_-

  • HowToBoris

  • I made thise for the fam Its been 3 hours I have used all the flour and im almost out of Nutella

  • Whoa! I also use the layer system lol

  • *proceeds to put bay leaf in brownie*

  • me: is far into NNN also me: this is going really fine also me at 2:25: *i was wrong blyat*

  • Name a more iconic duo: The bay leaf, or maybe two!

  • Your farts must be more dangerous than mustard gas 😂

  • If you are crazy Slav like me, then you have actually had a raw egg before. Crazy, I know, get them in Japan.

  • The mayonez was invented by spanishs. You need to thank them for making this goddess condiment

  • what if i use bay leaf in boiling egg

  • Basix with Bodis; just add mayonez!

  • 2:35 then something is wrong with my stove, I boil an egg for 5 min and u play tennis with it

  • Da bay leaf. Or maybe two

  • I've used the bay leaf in ramen noodles before

  • Wait, has Boris been a chef IRL all this time?!?

  • No way, youre playing durak is it really from eastern europe?

  • In my country we use at least 5 tejpata/তেজপাতা/ Bay leaves in every kind of food And now I know it's a slav thing


  • So I know that this is kind of, dumb, in Legend master cheif man boris, But I take the bay leafs, Compact them, freeze them together, then shred them, You eat them, and its just kind of, good.

  • basics with boris

  • I can no longer use a bay leaf without saying it the way he does. It just doesn't seem right otherwise.

  • 6:25 I died 😂

  • when I was young I ate a lasagna with a bay leaf inside it I tasted it then I swore I will never go near bay leaves again but then I tasted a soup with a bay leaf then I realized I made a mistake

  • The point of putting an egg into cold water is to stop it from becoming hard boiled. Hard boiling is criminal.

  • Man Boris becareful with your mayonaise dose

  • "Just do boris blin 360, Its actually 180 but we dont speak of that"- Boris 2020. EX- NKVD/KGB member he was fired for putting mayonez with the plutonium and accidentaly made Chernobyl

  • I personally like the bay leaf taste

  • Instructions unclear: Made pelmeni with bayleaf and 6 minute egg plus dill as topping.

  • me : "But Boris how much mayonez do you add ?" Boris : "Yes"

  • people who enjoy hardboiled eggs are just masochists that enjoy the experience of chewing the sahara desert.

  • 3:29 где взять эти карты блять???

  • your cooking borsch and somethings missing yh the FUCKING BEETROOT

  • Filipinos call it "laurel"

  • As far as I know, shocking boiled eggs with cold water help even more naturally harder eggs to peel easily. This also helps out tons if you need to make none hardboiled eggs, a slight difference in how easy it is to peel makes a world if for some reason you need to full peel a soft boiled egg. Also good method in general to make your egg to your edible temperature quicker. Like, you can have an egg just out of boiling water and then 1min or 2 in cold water, egg fine to peel and eat without cooked finger. Cold water not exactly a myth. Also the colder water the better, ice water is best but if you don't live near the ocean or winter is not available and you lazy, it is definitely not required just normal tap water would do. Also if available (if not go cry to babushka) put in a little vinegar or lime/lemon juice, helps soften up the egg shell. Also, if you add acidic components, when eggs crack because they really just do that sometimes, as long as your water isn't as angry as German mustache Man your egg will not spew out everything(at least much less if barely any) and you can save a perfectly good egg. Reason is acid will also destroy the protein structure causing it to cramp and get hard. If you have the energy you can go try to put strong acid(like sulfuric acid) on raw egg to see a much quicker effect. Note: don't put strong acid in your egg boiling when you want to actually eat the egg. If you want to poison Vadim then use flourid acid, it will eat his bones out, just don't touch anything that came in contact with it ever. In this case a small amount will just help prevent leaking because small cracks gets filled up and if the crack grows larger it will continually help patching it up together with the heat which is normally not fast enough.

    • @Adam Xue lol

    • I am a Pear, also I live rather close to y'all comrades... Yes, right under those white snows up in the north... *Mosinagan intensifies*

    • thank you comrade... Pear? Apple? I dont know what kind of western fruit you are. in soviet russia, there is 2 fruit. The magical Kalashnikov tree and the babushka bush

  • Rules of the bay leaf 1. If it lacks something, its probably a bayleaf 2. Or maybe 2

  • wonder who tried to make deep fried bay leaf

  • WESLAV CUTTING BOARD?!?!?!? yes pls

  • Huh I never reuse bay leaf... interesting

  • Not a true Russian of u don’t have fire stove

    • its a fire stove, just a slavic fire stove. western fire stove has fancy buttons and dials. True slavic stove is made of a barrel and 5 gopniks making shashlik in a litteral dumpsterfire.

  • What's the music? Pls I need to know it comrades.

  • I read "bay leaf" as baby leaf by accident and was wondering if that's a new sort of bay leaf.

  • Usually I admire Boris' ability to turn simple things into an amazing meal but as an Englishman I'm almost genuinely offended that you can suggest an egg should be cooked for any more than four minutes. My record is 6 minutes from rear of chicken to eggcup.


  • howtobasic: *insert michael no please god no meme*

  • Runny fried egg on a medium rare bacon cheeseburger like western spy

  • Soft boil your eggs, wrap them in pork sausage, bread and fry

  • Just realized Russian food uses a lot of bay leaves like Puerto Rican food and most Spanish foods 😂

  • We want new part;

  • I'm sitting in my dorm room pretty hungry, haven't had an actual meal all day. I have rice, leftover egg rolls, sriracha, jalapeno chips, and of course, raman. I know what to do.

  • How to make a Slav nut: *B A Y L E A F*

  • Here's a completely original rename idea for the series "Basics with Boris"

  • I'm twenty years old and finally I know how to cook eggs.

  • Hey Boris what is better Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?

  • Thanks for the cooking ideas for breakfast! Now i know how to add mayonez on my boiled egg and bay leaf

  • I like my маыонез extra slavic too, I put it on my burgers to make it russian, sausages to make it russian, everything for good taste and to make it russian, also the bay leaf too!

  • Make a kapsalon boris

  • In my family the one who gets the bay leaf does the dishes!

  • 8 min egg only for ramen

  • Any addicts first excuse: Im in total control of the amount of Mayonaise ^^

  • 3:23 but what about of deck od slav

  • or maybe two

  • in sovient russia you dont control mayonez.... mayonez controlls you

  • Boris, make Slavic tea

  • "Next Cooking Egg with Vodka"

  • i once boiled a egg for 5 goddam minutes, it fell apart in my hand