The funniest game nobody is playing (Intruder)

Datum objavljivanja: 6. Tra 2021.
Intruder is a game
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  • Ok but what the fuck is this game about

  • Carl sings redbone 👌

  • 2:10 prediction MASTAH

  • 2:51 hit me like I am stuck step bro lmao 😂

  • Lol 0:13

  • You should listen to Carl Wheezers soundcloud its actual flames. No ironic shit, dead serious, Carl Wheezer has a soundcloud and it slaps

  • We need more of this, this is great!

  • 2:55 “step bro is that you?”


  • This games ight but can get boring after playing it for a bit

  • Rainbow 6 really went downhill.

  • Ok tbh the photos were absolutely funny

  • Bro this man fuckin funny

  • this game is amazing, criken and his friends play it all the time

  • Something tells me that when you play this game online, it's super easy to tell who's new. xD

  • 0:00-1:21 is why i always come back

    • and then 1:22-15:51 is why i always stay subscribed

  • 2:53 what are you doing step bro?

  • The open accordion moberly jail because crow histologically beg besides a quixotic minute. pushy, exultant poet

  • I don’t care if u won’t but more carl

  • cool game

  • What happened to PURGE smp?

  • 13:30 why does he sound exactly like soup

  • Kaif played it


  • 9:52 uhhh whats ur favorite tv show guys? :) - carl wheezer

  • You should play Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Arguably the funniest battle royale in existence

  • Jesus, I remember when this game was popping. Forgot about it. Glad its back to some extent, though!

  • Pls do more of this this is the fucking best


  • If I am correct everyone is gonna start playing this game because of this video and Carl!!

  • Ragdoll is always better with smii7y

  • Idubbz played this once

  • I need a video of these 'awesome' whale beats 😂😂😂

  • yo play with me, we make some funny B)

  • My sleep paralysis demon looking at dis vid and looking at me in the same time

  • The rag doll physics instantly bumps this game up in fun factor by 5 times

  • Hello smii7y

  • More plz

  • so i had my speakers on and i was not expecting the bass.....lets just say things didnt go well

  • Can Carl Wheezer be a returning character please? I think we all need a bit of Carl in our lives.

  • I'm dying XD

  • i want more of this. this is now my favorit video of all youtube no matter what

  • I can't stop fucking laughing!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Uh cricken played this game

  • More of this Gem is required 😂

  • nobody: literally nobody: smii7y description: Intruder is a game

  • 6:10 fuck you what😳

  • Wait I liked but now what do I do..? The subscribe button already says Subscribed. hmmmmm

  • Wow rainbow six new update looks weird....

  • 8:05 me when someone asks me how are you

  • carl was the real mvp

  • 5:22 Youve been hit by *snap* *snap* you've been hit by *snap* a smooth criminal

  • You know what the ragdolling reminds me of ? Skate 3, Hall Of Meat

  • My headset died at 2:11 and i was expecting the party sounds and got nothing, and seeing just the confetti with no sound just made it that much more funnier.

  • Petition to bring carl wheezer into the next video

  • I bought this game a month back and had never played on mouse and keyboard before, still had great fun cos of how fucking stupid it is hehe

  • I am SOOO glad someone's made a video on this. first learned of it ages ago from idubbbz, it's tactical pro plays plus a mix of goofy silly shit. it's fuckin great

  • I used to play this game.

  • Why when I clicked this video all I heard killer whales sounds

  • Will Ferrell in the background with the cowbell🤣

  • *Cranking up the volume of text* MOAR!

  • I keep seeing this game and I really want it but it costs money


  • i fucking died when Eli slipped on a nonexistent banana

  • SMii7Y I regret to inform you that a HRdown add on this video Rick Rolled me

  • 0:14 LETS GO

  • That beat was kinda good though. Was it from a song at all by chance?? Sounded peaceful as hell, before the wind chime lmao

  • You guys are able take something so stupid & make it so funny. I genuinely laugh so hard sometimes watching you guys, that I'm afraid I'm gunna wake someone in my house

  • I haven't laughed this hard at any HRdown video I'm so long.

  • I haven’t laughed this hard in a long ass time 😂😂

  • lmfao i need more!!

  • mooooore please

  • Smii7y: stuck in window Also smii7y: "step bro I'm stuck"

  • Carl Wheezer is the hero we deserve.

  • This was the best holy shit laughed so hard

  • This is the most chaotic evil intro I’ve ever seen

  • More youtubers need to play this

  • I wanna see more of this game 😭 I genuinely enjoyed this haha

  • Tie fighter whale

  • criken is playing it

  • Please play more of this :D

  • Why did the intro sound like sonar lol

  • 00:10 The whales got some drip.

  • RIP Carlwheezer

  • I was eating during the intro and almost threw up

  • smii7y laugh plus this game I can't stop laughing

  • We need John to produce a whole album now

  • “The game no one is playing” Didn’t Wildcat and Nogla play this a couple months ago?

    • And Kaif/SR?

  • You say no one's playing but I think GS got to this before you, still funny tho

  • Best video intro ever

  • We need more carl wheezer, and Intruders Or atleast I do

  • could you play Brain Off? Its like an unfinished Witch It.

  • Somebody better upload that to SoundCloud

  • Y'all ever go in a gorilla tag lobby and meet 6 Carl Wheezers

  • I want to see more of this.

  • Whole bunch of tea kettles

  • Literally saw the SR Group (Kaif) playing this game in the middle (18th I think) of March. Its boring tbh

  • Can you play more uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuno

  • Banana peel comedy, can't get enough of it

  • My ribs hurt