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I have invented it... Illaoi adc
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1. Wii Sport Theme
2. Rainbow Road - Mario Kart
3. Seiken Tsukai No World Break OST. - Dragon Heart (World Break - Main Theme)
4. Dr Kawashima's Brain Training
5. Sword Art Online Everyday Life
6. Maple Treeway - Mario Kart
7. Hollow Knight OST - Hornet
8. Yakuza 0 OST - We're Long Hua Expedition
9. H.O.T.D OST- 18 Miracle Brain
10. Beni Kuchi Nawa
11. 04 The Grimm Troupe (Hollow Knight Gods & Nightmares)




    • oh no

    • @o0j how is that being slow

    • Did you get a gay answer tho

    • @o0j He literally is names "Snail"

  • Another day reminding pianta i liked every vid

  • That moment when he has Hollowknight music playing in the background

  • River shen

  • ohh loove this guy

  • best tumbnails

  • Illaoi is probaly The best top laner

  • naol may kaduo

  • IDK HOW TO MAKE YT VIDS HERES HOW U PLAY PYKE JG s11 watch my 30/4 game

  • Wait senna gets souls from the Spirits? Thats insane xD

  • Why is she called like a Greek City?

  • So gonna try illaoi jungle next

  • Bruh I started playing Lol In um mobile and I started watching ur videos and I started getting better in the game keep this up man love ur videos From a new Subscriber :).

  • Ur much funnier when u dont force the screams

  • just the fact that he has illaoi on mastery 7 disgusts me

  • River Shen

  • River Shen

  • River Shen

  • River Shen

  • River Shen

  • River Shen

  • River Shen

  • River Shen

  • River Shen

  • Teemo got buffed so you know what that means.

  • I see pianta also like bug boss soundtrack from the game about bugs killing others bugs to cure a bug infection from a bug god that makes bugs dumb

  • Brian please play Talon :D

  • adc illaoi= fasting senna xd

  • Thanks to your videos im finally Iron IV, rly appreciated pianta 👌

  • Fun fact: you got this Recommended Or is it just me?

  • fingiré que hablo ingles asi que yes yes claro q yes uwu

  • 5:01 YOU ARE DOING WHAT!!??

  • Ehm... let's talk used socks....

  • Chug Jug - Brian Full Song when?

  • please, make is this winnable a series day 7, been a long time

  • River Teemo

  • Ey what's an adc

  • i like me some illaoi x senna too, *insert lenny face*

  • 05:00 Okey Larissa, its good to know that.I'm happy for you.

  • Im not even joking when i say that i had more success with Illaoi Sup than Adc.

  • Finally no unnecessary bonks.

  • i want to see that nautilus in a video of yours

  • That Hornet fight music 😍


  • I'm hearing Hollow Knight Soundtrack >~> This video just became 20 times better

  • I’m Ilaoi supp main... understimated a lot

  • Why the fucc you dont max the e xd

  • Imagine the intro being a commercial makes me so sad, while i loved all ur video's i am disliking this one

  • Really appreciate the thumbnail

  • 1st game i went into after watching this, there was an illaoi senna botlane

  • ofa plz

  • Dungeon Fighter Online 6th Anniversary? I remember playing that A LOT more than 6 years ago.

  • i already play Dfo lol

  • Larissa do be looking cute though

  • 5:00

  • i actually play ADC illaoi in ranked like meta with my duo pyke, easy, he goes dark harvest, he harvest all the souls of my E, he haves a powerspike of 10000 damage for harvesting soul, and he feeds me with his R...and then we carry

  • that illaoi adc would lowkey work lol

  • Used to be good in s10 but now its shit.

  • darkk mane ripoff

  • Gold 3 i see

  • Nice.

  • I got banned from dungeon fighter online before even getting into the game because I downloaded it while I went to work.

  • just give the man his socks

  • 0:31 U welcome

  • Next challenge warwick full crit mid

  • Damn this TENMO adc is insane

  • Honestly, You right, senna and Illoi, Lucian and Braum

  • Always remember to watch a Pianta video with -200 on the volume

  • Are u from poland? In some of ur videos u have poland video name

  • More hollow knight music...

  • Try lethality. Trust me c:

  • wtf brian why did u take my content and put it into ur own video u took my voive and redid wit haon ly 2 1 men u took my voice ah and my gameplays mr mennnnnnn ymrer men mr memer

  • im not seeing you go crit though

  • are you playing hollow knight recently ?All your songs are from there. POgger game

  • I stil play dfo til now

  • Brian:Pro players stay cool.

  • Respect the Gold 3 TFT

  • Oooooh those hollow knight OSTs.

  • Illawi ? Its illa oyy.

  • River tenmo

  • This is the End

  • Dia 1 pidiendo subtitulos en el spañol

  • I tested it multiple times an the only time I lost the game I had to lane alone because my sup went top to help my feeding top. I still have won my lane on a 1v2

  • Spamming E for that poke, maxes Q...

  • Is someone going to talk about this 5:01?

  • But ... Why no socks talk :')

  • This reminds me when me and my friend played cho adc and illaoi sup and still eon lane consistently:)

  • this anime styled game adds must be stoped

  • 1:29 what is this song

  • My friend did this strat and went 0/19. Thank you.

  • 3:02 words of encouragement “Shut up” - Larissa

  • Wow, quality of fingers on thumbnail really improved. Now it's not 2/10 it's about 16/10. Good job

  • "Oh god" Brian said calmly.

  • Who loves Illaoi enemy HAHHAHAHA

  • pls make a vid on wild rift espically the slight reword of teemo

  • Brian has to be one of the most frustrating ____ to deal with

  • 5:01 I mean okay Larissa chill

  • gbj drystreak: 0. wait... SHET wrong channel.

  • Dr. Kawashima’s brain training… Oh man

  • ok that was gud, now have u tried it with Kalista support? Kalista can provide an on command slow that doesn't miss since its attached to her AA, which might be even better than Senna's root since it can miss and has a delay. Sure Kalista lacks heals and shields...but have u seen their Ult combo tho?! Also give Yorick adc a try 2

    • Senna scales without CS though