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Ending song - EDBOI Girl do you know


  • tft in the good old days

  • Yes 420th comment weed number

  • I miss season 1 tft

  • I missed the old days when tft was this simple lol

  • Tft will never be the same as set1

  • Bruh You played AP Garen EVEN IN TFT!

  • i miss set 1 😭

  • I miss the times when tft was sooo much more simple

  • Damn I miss the old tft

  • he literally only beats his friend who is in second to last LOL

  • High risk no reward

  • Lol now there's the light comp

  • im gonna try it

  • river tenmo or u commit exhale

  • Wait... whos the mom?

  • I still can't find the outro song, I tried everything. Even looking in the description.

  • What is that song at the end of the vid when you show your merch

  • Demacia!

  • Ah yes the best skin

  • Is your game winnable?

  • are u thelolhounds?

  • Please make more tft videos!!!!

  • whats the name of the song being played at the end

  • Fck u man and your 3 min short videos.

  • Riven Sher

  • more garen tft videos pls :))))

  • Is that... the "Normal garen " ?

  • We need to see a video where you play Double Morellonomicon Garen top

  • You're the only youtuber that i don't use x2 speed cuz every second of your video is worthit

  • When is next video???????? BTW I only watch you from league content channels.

  • so all nobles? ok

  • Asking Brian to put osu gameplay on his channel day 1

  • I thought this was a mobile ad at first and started to skip ahead of it


  • what a cute family

  • Revive your discord


  • River shen on tft !!! Shojin , pd,warmog/titanic hydra !!!! Plzzz!!!!!!!!


  • You make everything look so funny and interesting.

  • Captain Brian: You thought I quit Garen, but it was me, DIO!

  • My Tenmo shirt came in the mail yesterday and I love it. I even wore it on a date

  • Riven yuumi

  • Best strat

  • Can anyone tell me the game's name?

  • I want to see longer vids its like u giving me blue balls everytime the vid ends

  • How did tenmo player got his icon? the anime one

  • hi (sorry for my bed england)

  • this is what i do every game

  • But I wanted to know how far you got...

  • Lust will always prevail, puberty will always prevail, *hormones will always prevail*


  • I did not know I wanted this.

  • Ending song? its so crisp

  • I lost my very first game of tft but after watching pianta’s video I got second place.

  • The truth is that Garen devoured his other brothers to become a true master of the spinning technique.


  • Iam from Brazil and i love tour channel

  • The best TFT vidoe on HRdown

  • anyone noticed the steins gate ost ?

  • For once , AP Garen is viable again !

  • Everyone: OMG Draven OP Brian: gArEN

  • Why 3mins this vid are sp dissatisfiying pls make a 10min vid atleast 4 times a month like im acctually dying from these short vids T^T I want more you cpt tenmo but i got no money to donate on patreon

  • Go stream

  • Outro song? anyone?

  • Plz make longer vids

  • first time i played i got garbage rolls. i think it was just adc's and they got shit on by a team full of garens. i also see that i was unable to move my team around, upgrade them, or put anything on them because it only popped up information every time i tried.

  • Hmmm where could I have seen this game mode before?

  • Hey pianta. Love u vids. But resently u vids have become shorter and Less edited especially this one, is there a reason 4 that?

  • GARENteed a nice video Sir Pianta

  • i knew garen will be back

  • Oh we need a continuetion of this and u know it

  • finally a good quality tft guide

  • More early vids pls i need motivating vids like this

  • Is this the 1st tft video that isn't an hour long? Amazing

  • "...what the fuck?" 3:02

  • best TFT guide so far xD

  • He protec He attacc but Most importantly: He AP staccc

  • Sasuga Tenmo-sama!

  • Best guide on TfT EVER made.

  • since dota auto chess was created, meh there are many copycats

  • 1:15 even in TFT Pianta cant help but build ap garen god damnit

  • *-Shen???-*

  • I'm a simple man, I hear Steins;Gate background music and I like

  • What's that outro song?

  • The first thing i notice is ap garen

  • play teemo support then go mid try nubrac's meta

  • song at the end credit?


  • I'm confused

  • One man army Or Garen Army

  • imagine getting 5 Golden Garens (Garen Stage 3), The Perfect Exodia!

    • @Dorian Iordache no problem :)

    • @Eh hehe oh i did not know that , thank You :)

    • There is 39 tier 1 26 tier 2 21 tier 3 13 tier 4 and 10 tier 5

    • @Dorian Iordache Because he is a tier 1 character

    • @Eh hehe how do You know there are 39 Garens?

  • It's a high risk, no reward team comp XD

  • what happened to the river shen rem commenter ? :c

  • Guys what is the outro song is EDBoi girl do you know

  • female garen

  • hey pianta doooooooo you ever stream :)

  • Boxbox planning to be rank 1 Pianta. Making a garen family

  • how many garens do i need to make to make a bigger garen?