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1. Wii Sport Theme
2. Animal Crossing New Horizons - Introduction
3. Dragon Ball Super Ultimate BattleUltra instinct Instrumental Epic Rock COVER
4. Welcome to my World Made in Abyss
5. Lets play again the light of the new world
6. Anville Town Remastered Pokémon Black & White
7. Here We Go dogomon


  • As a Kayle main this video tilted me.

  • Another day reminding pianta i liked every vid

  • riven is the new teemo

  • River shen

  • I unsubbed after he put 2 UNSKIPPABLE ads in the start of the video and also a sponsor.

  • Tội nghiệp huy :))

  • i hate you piniata unfunny

  • disgusting

  • Remember the time when RTB lost to a yuumi?

  • I swear this channel is wholesome

  • This is one of the first vids i have ever seen from u and i can already tell this is the best lol content i have ever seen.

  • Riven is useless

  • Kakakakakchidazweeew

  • Glad to see that you got sponsored by GRAVITY, bring me good ragnarok memories. Loved the video

  • Yo piñata drop some codes next vid

  • I'm gonna send this whenever someone says Riven need a buff.

  • So nobody is curious how did he clear his clash stats ? No ? Just me ? .. okay :/

  • Ok so how did u do that with karktus

  • Kayle is Vietnamese and the name is Đéo Phải Huy. It mean "I am not fuking Huy"




  • 1:43

  • Huy ơi là huy đánh ngu thế hả Huy ơi :))

  • yo the digimon music slapping

  • Karasuno??? ....haikyuuu?????????

  • 4:37 dbs flashbacks

  • ur bad

  • 4:15 Lee chaobla fans ?

  • Double ignite burn different 🥲

  • His art is getting better. Wut

  • riven shen?

  • you inspire me to do riven my friend (maybe)

  • Best ep in this year

  • Pianta do play top tenmo. He got buffs

  • nice content but.... you won vs kayle the worst champion in league and you happy?

  • riot buff kayle pls

  • You guys remember that one time whe

  • ahahahaahahhaahhaahahhaah

  • Life steal sett flashback

  • Who remembers when brian played kat

  • Make more podcast

  • 3:30 song?

  • You are the most lucky person that playing against the most polite vietnamese

  • river tenmo

  • What’s that instrumental at 3:12 sounds familiar

  • You are a katarina main?

  • I miss playing clash with my bois at 5am 😞

  • 8:02 that's the most perfect score yall ever 4/2/0 with 69 cs

  • you play better then riven mains in my platinum rankeds with 3m points

  • You killed that Vietnamese player alots The Deo Phai Huy

  • don't worry i have 13% wr on riven


  • hi

  • Dat Thumbnail tho

  • Nobody is talking about that amazing thumbnail

  • hey your riven isn't bad B)

  • Kinda want to upgrade to a 128 gig phone just so I can actually try these games out to boost creators I like. It feels like I like and comment on everything and that would prolly do more. Not like I have a life lol

  • 4:13 what's up

  • just 10 sec more so u can put some ad why dont u :0

  • ola pianta eu sou brasileiro e queria dizer que seu canal é muito bom é o meu canal preferido translate: hello pianta i'm brazilian and i wanted to say that your channel is very good is my favorite channel

  • Man, riven really is just auto win lane. No counters. Bullshit.

  • Who could've thought that our memer troll tenmo main actually is such a good player

  • amo tus videos

  • Remember that time when pianta won with yuumi

  • Last time I was this early it would have been early

  • Can you make is this game winnable a series? day 2

    • And then my jungler zed dies

  • Seriosly,Brian is better at Riven than me...

  • This vid makes me want to become a Riven otp and feed in ranked 😎


  • new zelda looks good

  • Am I the only one who thinks that he is dubbing dusty from Paradise PD 6:15

  • like a Riven Main y approve your Trials

  • Here I thought I was gonna see Pianta trolling with Riven, and GOD, HE'S ACTUALLY GOOD!! It only reminded me I'm bad at Riven ;-; Also, I wanna see Pianta's Riven VS. Boxbox's, may the better Riven win.

  • Layberinth....

  • Epic

  • Riven actually looks kinda cute

  • I challenge you to play talon

  • When i saw the preview I fought it was boxbox's vid

  • Me Trynd?

  • Bring bonk back

  • sponsered

  • River Shen

  • kayle is actually vietnamese, u can tell by his name

  • So now it gona be Rijven Player?

  • you are actually good at riven

  • did not expect for you to be so good at a mechanical champ wtf nice :)

  • More like they left cuz they were too scared of your riven

  • 0:32 I'm sorry but If you pronounce "Karasuno" like that we'll have problems

  • Tenmo river

  • When will Clash be in the Philippines?

  • Briam where is Larissa

  • 5:01 Wtf is this Shaco???

  • Brian how could you bully our Vietnamese comrade Kayle

  • 7:51 he´s actually 1hp, wish i was that lucky in clash

  • that 3 man knockup under tower though. pog?

  • Didnt you drop in subscribers? 🤔 Hope im mistaking

  • I like Brian as much as I like SovietWomble, idk there's just something about them that I can't quite put a finger on.


  • Can you try wild rift pls