Datum objavljivanja: 5. Sij 2021.
just a normal sion
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  • Another day reminding pianta i liked every vid

  • WHATS THE SONG CALLED someone tell plz, its calming'

  • 400th Comment

  • awsome

  • You used the ost from Made in Abyss? You got culture boy!

  • 3:39 I See...

  • Feeder.exe ;d

  • 3:17 bonk

  • 2:38 mario

  • River shen

  • Does this guy have 87 in real life friends playing league? Dang.

  • its gay to skip honoring

  • Does anyone know the music that starts at the beginning of the video?

  • More like the pathetic Sion...what? Can we not be real on HRdown no more?

  • Why not Prowler's Claw tho XD

  • What's that little tune at 1:23. Can anyone give me the name pls?

  • Pianta does not honor friends, disappointed 😤

  • I love your laugh Mr Pianta!

  • ._. OK


  • Are you going to play Wild Rift?

  • The power

  • siontama

  • After life sion > normal sion

  • River shen awaken...

  • sİoNn RePOrt feEd.

  • We want omlet fliper back

  • Maybe one day we will get a Mrs. Brian reveal

  • Why no one is talking about Pianta not honoring his teammates?

  • I’d be honoured to have Pianta deliver my pizza.

  • 3:54 Did you say " cố lên" :))


  • Lol you just domped on

  • This is the best thumbnail ever

  • Does piñata still have a discord

  • 2:37 Is that you Mario?

  • Can you do aphelios top but you actually win because of all the poke

  • Me (a sion player): why no glacial on lethality sion Realizes its pianta: Ah yes of course because he refuses to do logic

  • Hey Pianta when bee yuumi comes make video named bee atack where beemo and bee yuumi atacking the enemy team. 🐝🐝🐝

  • siontama

  • But can he beat goku tho?

  • its better if your supp plays ornn and you play with glacial full lethality jsut saying Edit: u need demolish as well

  • Song at 3:44?

  • imagine having fun playing league of legends

  • Pianta sion vs Baus sion. Who wins?

  • I think lol is dying , its not funny anymore

  • What is the song please in the end

  • This was the most funny game lmao xD

  • anyone one know what the first song at the start is

  • The pewdiepie sea voyage music when he drifted mid gave me massive nostalgia

  • Are you drunk in this vid

  • One Bonk Man

  • Remember when pianta was named ct/cppianta?

  • Inting = fun :) fed = fun :)

  • Also don't do resolve sion glacial augment is everything

  • Is this a tilterala stoled content.... Pretty sure it is

  • the thumbnail should have been used for rammus

  • Epic crossover lol

  • :v

  • what is the music at the end?

    • It's from the second made in abyss soundtrack I believe

  • music kind of loud

  • 2:01 just read the chat.

  • hah

  • you should try this with glacial

  • 0:13 after the 762th attempt he pushes it on kaisa does 10 damage YEA I DID IT

  • River Shen

  • damn kamikaze strat

  • 2:37 is that joker?

  • This but Orianna support😳

  • honestly the most amazing part is that you had 100 cs at 28 minutes. I havent seen that level of wood division in a long time. Well played good sir.

  • 3:06 yeah i see, you're a fan of Vsauce

  • Ok.

  • And it was butifull to watch.

  • We need an OCE Sion content creator. That was great stuff, Brian. I'm sure you TILTed the enemy team a lot.

  • I was genuine confused bc today isn’t Friday?

  • what is the music for the first sion ult?????!!!!

  • So yeah league's fun this year.

  • I thought this was imaqtpie but this is cool too

  • This should be renamed: Soccer With Sion

  • Hearing no female voices in this video tells me that larissa is actually done with your pianta stuff I dont mean it in a harsh way, ape strong together dont get me wrong, but she must feel disapointed or something

    • @Larissa you remind me of a friend of mine, her name is also larissa but she aint a gamer girl :(

    • man u guys are quick to jump to conclusions 💀

  • Made in abyss ost anyone????

  • you should go ap if u go e combo


  • Nice thumbnail lol

  • If you play Sion Zilean botlane, Sion should go full ap to destroy enemies with minions

  • this feels like football XD

  • Yess a new pianta video

  • Step 1 : beat tilterella Step 2 : become tilterella

  • i see brian is bringing back inting sion

  • Baus would be proud

  • i thought at first it was an add till i saw sion

  • dude brian, you played league for more than 2300 hours this season and thats just norms.... I ASPIRE TO BE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • seriously how did he make the comeback in the first clip

  • are you tilterella secretly?

  • Best Pianta video all time world NA

  • What the enemy sees: Firetrucking sion adc w/ zilean sup? That's troll What Brain and the gang sees: UBER EATS DELIVERYYYYYYYY

  • Best word "YAH"

  • "If anything its my fault, I have 20 deaths." Lol

  • wait... pianta is back with 2 vids a week? 2021 will be his year no cap

  • hehe Anime me liked the thumbnail UwU