The Terrorists Who Attacked Congress At The President's Direction Came Prepared To Kill

Datum objavljivanja: 11. Sij 2021.
Stephen didn't get a lot of sleep last weekend, as horrific scenes from last week's violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol played over and again in his head. It now appears clear that the armed mob, who were organized and cheered on by the president and his GOP backers in the House and Senate, came to the nation's capital prepared to commit acts of violence against members of Congress and Vice President Mike Pence.
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  • I know your reference to DEFCON 4 meant more chance of war. It doesn’t work that way. DEFCON 5 means at ease everyone. DEFCON 3 means open the missile silos and launch the bombers. DEFCON 1 means nuclear war.

  • Terrorist..... More rhetoric without evidence. Another American all geared up for division and obvious stupidity which is why Ya'll are polarised because of your political discourse. It's cheap and nasty. And its brought over the last 30 years an America that used to revered but now its just cheap and nasty.

  • This guy is another democrat communist party liar.

  • You're upset about the events from the last week?Entire world is terrified from how many powerfull and devastating weapons USA have and in fact how stupid you became after you "forgot" your principles!

  • The National Guard should be there permanently. During my military service in the Italian Air Force, pilots where always, at turn, ready for a simulated attack from Libia. God bless America and the N.A.T.O!

  • everyone on here knows it was the left that's been signing violence and rioting since 2016 and they are the exact same people responsible for the attack on the capital. it's their history.

  • More clearly stated: "We don't negotiate with terrorists - We ARE the terrorists."

  • Plenty of legal woes await him after Jan 20th. So he drums up his stupid base with lies. And these dumbasses really fell for it. What a bunch of idiots

  • Communist.

  • You are so right. This is the event of terorist attacks

    • the Pack left behind, we can see how silly that sounds.

  • Thank you for ripping off the band-aid so that we could see Scarring tissue of the democratic system in the white house. BLEED you Untamed flesh wound.

  • Am I alone in thinking that if you were working under cover for any Eastern bloc country for example the Служба внешней разведки Российской Федерации and you did not go into the government buildings and leave a few Easter eggs, then you shouldn't be working for your government in that capacity.

  • The FBI , CIA should be on him like white on rice. This is no joke. He has been going to Texas a lot lately and I just heard at another channel that Texas is a hotbed of White Supremacist and other wacky groups like them. Oh please don't think he won't try something so he does not look like a beaten man. The bank in Germany will no longer do business with him. They need to cut his money access. Find out who are the people that are thinking for him. The man does not have brain that can plan a military coup.

  • The ATF and the FBI have been warning us about armed militias for decades. This is what happens when we don't listen.

  • The 25th would taste even better with some freshly-grated's an appetite stimulant.

  • Republicans need to wake up, Trumpism is becoming deadly.

  • Who is terrorist? Antifas? They broke in congress long before trump supporters walked to the congress. Fake news channel

    • No, they were white supremacists disguised as antifa. Quit fake news channels

  • The situation that occurred on Jan. 6 was a cartoon event in real life. As a teenager in the Midwestern US I read an implausible tale of incitement to order detailed in the Marvel Comic presentation written by the late Stan Lee and the late Jack Kirby called "The Hate Monger." The situation detailed, in my mind, could never happen in my country. Now, in my middle age I have witness and event orchastrated by an orange-fleshed leader in the White House known as D______ T______, the 45th president of the USA. Watching this event unfolding in our social fabric over the past twenty years -- in some instance longer; live on TV filled my soul with rage. One individual had taken it upon himself to shred the norms and values of the country BE CAUSE HE COULD. This president took it upon himself to deny he lost an election to have a mob of WHITE PEOPLE - not the feared black and brown waves of 'rioters' we had all be programed to expect. Angry because of the lies of T-------, and the election in Georgia of a black man and a young Jew who shifted the power of the Congress occupied by elderly white men and younger scatterings of racist whites and those passing themselves off as white - because they lost an election that T------- attempted to halt when his numbers began to dwindle as the tabulations were counted from the voters who mailed their votes in. The election was 'stolen', according to him - it was this lie he continued to spread until he prepared to leave office. Washington is now an armed camp, a number of our state capitals are surrounded by troops. This is not the country I was raised - as racist as it is, it is my home. 9-11 was a shock to my system. This was a greater shock than the death of George Floyd and all the other black men and women before and since the passage of time. We have met the enemy, and its the white supremicists and the Republican party who are now being exposed to the same threats minorities had endured since the country was founded - on the blood of the Real Americans whose lands were taken from them, and the black who built this county. Yes, the 'Hate Monger' has had his day, but the stench of his actions remain. Break out the Lysol and bleach - and all the Ultraviolet lights we have to sterilize every inch of the People's House. Kick out some of his hangers on who gave tours of the capital to the rioters the day before. That's it, bring it on - I can take it. I am out. Peace.

  • Lies mister, uou are a good servant, your master is very proud with you

  • it was 6 people who WALKED INTO THE CAPITAL. Where was the outrage when antifa bombed a court house and held it for 2 weeks? where was the outrage when antifa held a entire block called CHOP ? Where was the outrage when BLM rioted across the nation for MONTHS burning businesses and MANY PEOPLE DIED? You are hypocrites big time. how did they even get into the capital? Stupid libs will pin the blame on Trump for ANYTHING that happens in the world. They spent the entire year blaming corona virus on trump when it came from CHINA.

  • If the terrorists were not idiots they would have killed all the Democrats and some Republicans and burned the Capitol to the ground just like they were ordered to do by Trump

  • Yeah, Stephen, "a coordinated act of terrorism". You know, we now have video of the Capitol police ALLOWING the 'terrorists' and 'insurrectionists' into the building, right? And these inhumane monsters--such as a former Air Force veteran and a school tberapist-- walking like dopes on a tour between velvet ropes as the police told them where to go. The lamest act of 'terrorism' in history. But I bet your audience isn't interested in these in inconvenient facts. Nope. Nothing to disturb their moral narcissism and unhinged delusions.


  • Tr*mp: intentionally supports violence and breaks twitter TOS multiple times Twitter: bans him Tr*mp and his fascist militia: surprised pikachu face

  • An Analogy of Current Events (with apologies to the genus Canis ) When he winked at the wolves and said, "Bite like hell or you won't have a Pack to defend," intent and semantics don't mitigate guilt when the flock meets a violent end. And sure he can say he was 'walking the dogs' and not 'releasing the hounds', but when we view the carnage the Pack left behind, we can see how silly that sounds.

  • A shout out to Status Coup


  • Holy crap, that overpass sign joke was killer. My goodness. It was too quick, I hardly had a chance to savor it.

  • You are possessed and confused. Some people did somethings omar on 911 stevie your delusional

  • Steven love you great show and I love how you bring the facts would love to be in the live audience of your show someday soon !! Keep up the great work love the show prison for Trump! Guiliani to!!

  • Love how you labeled them TERRORIST!

  • Three more days!! Then it's FREEDOM

  • Tyyytttytttttt.,, Bonjour

  • Trump did not direct the crap that happened at the capital! He told people to be calm and respect the law and to go home in peace. Unlike the dems who called for all the riots over the summer. Good grief

  • "Inserat joke here" 🤣🤣🤣

  • This guy will not be spewing lies much longer. Thank god.

  • Patriots stand tall shits gonna get real


  • Proud boys stand down. Military is taking the government over.

  • TRUMP had to let the fraudulent election come to completion.

  • Chinese bribes were flowing to flip the election

  • Nancy Pelosi set up ANTIFA BLM to take the senate.


  • Nancy Pelosi has a new pillow.

  • everybody trust me im white

  • Please tell me what you guys are gonna do with your lives when Trump leaves and you realize everything is just the same or worse?

  • THIS SOB COLBERT was not upset when BLM & ANTIFAS THUGS 🇨🇳 were ROOTING , LOOTING , BURNING & MURDERING , He was actually cheering them on !

  • 17 million guns were sold in the US during 2020. Tribalism and divide is on the rise, no thanks to one of the Elitist's horsemen, called Corporate media. Media helped fan the flames. Government made sure to allow it to happen and watched the useful tools go to town on each other, as they lost what ever tiny fragment was left of their democracy in the process. All politicians world wide, are mere puppets with major backers, living in a reality show. Talk shows are just another layer of disinformation, to mask the truth.

  • Chris Rock hol up... this show has everything

  • said that? Chills.😮

  • This man is inciting lies and is abhorrent.

  • It's always great to hear Stephen's take on things.

  • OmG! Donald JackASS Trump! What have you done!

  • American Civil War II Battle........Time................. Death Toll White House Coup.............November 18, 2020....0 Walmart Shooting in TN....December 23, 2020....0 Nashville,TN bombing.......Christmas 2020..........1 (the bomber) Capital Insurrection...........January 6, 2021..........4 (a police officer and 3 others)

  • im curious...... why do they keep blanking trumps' name out?

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the T word has now become an expleative! Truely a beautiful touch.

  • That was the best monologue that I have seen in a long time. Right on point!

  • You know your lies, will backfire. Enjoy Gitmo, perverts.

    • Weaksauce troll. No one's going to Gitmo, and Trump's leaving the White House. Biden is the next President of the USA and there's nothing you low-IQ mouth-breathing Trump supporters can do about it. Your coup failed.

  • We all need to lock and load just in case trumpusha's cult marches down our American streets with their unAmerican flags. Watch out for their pipe bombs. If you see something, say something.

  • Remember when Trump was cheering for the terrorists when he said he now had the tallest building in NYC after 9/11?

  • Thank God for Americans like Stephen Colbert.

  • Keep adding fuel

    • No worries, it all ends in 3 days when we drag Trump out of the White House (if he isn't smart enough to know his place and leave on his own with his tail between his legs).

  • Ay bruh

  • A New Alex DeLarge: It is important in the modern age to not simply enjoy media but instead be a skeptical and conceptual analyst. I do not blindly follow or enjoy everything. Psychological health is both expensive and ultra-refined. It's simply not an option for the majority. Psychological floss is rare in people and runs out after time without practice. Treatment, however, is not about psychological health. It's about eliminating the criminal instinct. It is a world filled with both manipulation and unaccepted dark psychology practices. It is one thing to watch the X-Files and read NWO or Project Beta but another thing to become like an episode. A line must be drawn in the psychological arena. What is appropriate to communicate the traditions and what is dangerous? 'No! No! Stop it! Stop it! It's a sin! It's a sin!' -Alex DeLarge Crying About Beethoven Associated With His Treatment, 'A Clockwork Orange' Note* People want the keys to why behavior manifests and it's simply because psychological health is an expensive daily exercise afforded by few. We can at least be hip to Jung, Hillman, Dark Psychology, and Social Neuroscience, Dark Persuasion, Trivium and Rhetoric. (Hint).

    • Remember when Trump was cheering for the terrorists when he said he now had the tallest building in NYC after 9/11?

  • Now deport the Murdoch! Don't concentrate on the dummies ie Trump and the insurrectionists! Go after the ventriloquist ie Rupert! This will go a long way to solve your problems

  • Blue lives only matter when black lives don’t.... that’s the mindset of these insurrectionaries and their sympathizers.

  • Never use Jihad Jihad is always used in positive sense in ISLAM no voidance is associated with it , It is only use for just cause.

  • Man, you folks are some sick puppies. No wonder we are such a great nation. How in the world can you be so wrong so often. Where did you become so good that you can be such sorry examples of umanity

  • Are you kidding me? For 8 months cities burned, stores looted, people attacked and killed, and was there anything done? Dems hurrayed them and were cited as saying they are peaceful protesters, they have a suck Cobare!

  • The way you see the Republicans who back this, is how people see the US in the rest of the world. When our elected leader are assassinated, terrorized, and sanctioned. When they capitulate to unreasonable demands because the alternative is a coup. When a bunch of terrorists are riled up to shoot down the parliament and a few years later are dropping people out of helicopters.

  • Media has become our truest terror producers, puppets of evil and pawns of the destroyers of my country.

    • Nope that would be Trump, the GOP, and all those MAGA pigs and terrorists.

  • this comment section is a echo chamber of delusions. detox from the internet and delete your social media and anything else related to the fortune 500 companies for running a coup on the government. Reality is being manufactured and its brought to you for free though this video with extremely high production costs in Hollywood.

  • Babyjuicer Colbert.

  • The National Guard should be there immediately.

    • They are; 20,000 of them in the Capitol already. They're sleeping there.

  • Does Don jr. really talk like that? It sounds like there’s something stuck in his throat... it sounds weird

  • I'm sorry that this is off topic. Where is your blue sweater from? My dad wants one for his birthday. Thank you! We always enjoy watching you.

  • I thought the Late Show was a comedy show like it was under Dave. Must have been mistaken.

  • how can any one believe in such a crazy man

  • John Earle Sullivan and Daniel Baker have been arrested (different situations) one is a BLM activist the other is a Trump hater...any word on that Colbert?

    • @Obsidikiss Necrozine yeah...did you have your Frappuccino today? And which of the victim categories do you fall under the Democratic enterprise? Bullied? LGBTQ? BLM? Moms that can't get on demand abortion? Discriminated atheists? Puro Segundo Barrio y Viva Trump!

    • The dude with his feet on Pelosi's desk, the dude with Pelosi's lectern, and 97 others have all been arrested; confirmed MAGA terrorists every last one of them. Any word on that, MAGA pig?

  • Lol how long have they been censoring T****'s name? I love it and you know he absolutely hates it

  • will Taiwan houses be demolish once china takes over ?

  • Why is 'Trump' '*'-out?

  • Post~immunity may yet prove to be the better moment to bring charges.

  • I am not against much you ever say , Stephen, but please hide away the entire faces, when you call kids Adolf and Benito. They've got nothing to do with this... They're innocent and should be protected no matter who their parents are. Thank you. To be sure - it's the kids I talk about... :p







  • Blunt overlooks Trump's overwhelming inability to learn

    • You know who also is naive to believe Trump would ever learn anything instead of becoming a repeat offender? Republican senator Susan Collins of Maine. That was literally her legal argument against Trump's FIRST impeachment, 2 years ago.

  • How do you explain to Pence that “he’s just not that into you?”

  • Colbert, polish fot commie

  • At this point, any republican apologist talking about "moving forward", "division", and "learning lessons" are hypocritical traitors who are complicit, and they're doing nothing except gas-lighting an entire nation with virtue-signal hypocritical double-speak. Double-standards, gas-lighting, and hypocrisy are the only tools left for the co-conspirators & traitors in the Republican Party. It's made worse by the fact that some of the traitors are part of the MAGA terrorist group, which includes GOP congresswoman Marjorie-Taylor Greene, who literally CAME from Q-Anon!

    • @yuitr loing So, at this point, ANY damage control Trump attempts is completely meaningless, even with messages too little, too late, and too insincere to ever convince the MAGA cult from just not being idiots out to commit terror crimes against public officials, especially with just only several days left of his presidency. Trump is a repeat offender, and so will his MAGA cultists be if there's no accountability. Only naive idiots would ever believe anything Trump, NewsMax, or Fox ever says. He should've said that and meant that from the START of the presidency, INSTEAD of telling the Proud Boys to "stand back & stand by", or actively defending the Nazis of Charlottesville.

    • @yuitr loing It was also worsened by the fact that Trump was already recorded and reported for intimidating, coercing, and extorting state officials into tampering with election results, like Brad Raffensberger, and other election officials in Georgia recorded phone calls! Someone literally soliciting fraud & interference does not get a free pass with a "peaceful protest" quote after damage has already been caused.

    • @yuitr loing Only because he didn't want to deal with liability that completely debased his own republican party, and he wanted to avoid legal ramifications/accountability, such as industries/businesses canceling contracts with Trump. Just a day before that, he literally justified the hate speech when he spoke to the Press at a visit in Los Alamos, Texas, doubling down on his original comments. He's trying to close the barn doors after the horses have already left...and after he set fire to the barn with his incendiary rhetoric. And previously, he only begrudgingly "condemned" the violence, because his aides & staffers sat him down in front of a teleprompter. And he has been inciting violence as the basis of his ENTIRE PRESIDENCY! If Trump was actually serious about advocating for peace, then he would not have used his entire presidency for racist dog-whistling or perpetuating conspiracy theories, let alone, 2 entire months of it.

    • He literally said and I quote lets have a peaceful protest

  • That's why instead of just labeling it as an insurrection, we should really label it as an active millitant terrorist insurgency! What's worse is that not only right-wing republicans are doing it, but even Fox News conservatives like Brian Killmeade made an actual argument literally calling for America to negotiate with terrorists! First, Lindsey Graham asking to "be merciful to Trump", and Killmeade wanting to "drop impeachment or people will be violent." Republicans & Fox News were in on the seditious insurgent conspiracy. Voltaire: "Those who can make you believe absurdities, can also lead you to commit atrocities." Lindsey Graham: "If we nominate Trump, then we will be destroyed...and we will deserve it." "We don't need to impeach the president, because he's learned his lesson." A dangerous mistake that Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins made with the FIRST impeachment by ALSO believing that Trump has "learned his lesson" about not committing impeachable crimes.

  • I'm watching this 4 days late, so my comments are after the fact - but this is the *best* I've seen from Stephen to date. Dry, punishing sarcasm doesn't always work, but BOY - this time, it's spot on. Stephen, keep this standard up - the delivery was superb, driven by a cold, righteous anger that is perfectly judged. Whatever happens in the next few days, I am convinced it is a new beginning. To think otherwise is pointless. Stay Safe - from Dorset, UK (where we are dying)

  • There is no logic behind the "punishment will divide us further" idea. It is the opposite of logic. Our country is being torn apart because Trump made the white supremist believe they could do anything without consequence. If Trump is Not removed before the 20th then they will think that for years longer and continue to incite violence and murder other Americans.

  • I just ignored this, and now on the 15th I'm really seeing this.

  • The Army said, 'We don't know whose been doing these messages about Trump.' Someone said these are called negative ads by Biden that is why he is with Obama. It had looked like by the man that gives order to Biden, not Biden himself even. Biden said this is the best he could juggle. Is that your God, they asked. Biden said no but he wants to be. No, way! Would be the term if people dare to say it.

  • TRUMP 2020!!