The things my fans send to me.. - Boris fan mail

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Srp 2017.
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I make funny cheeki breeki slav videos of gaming and cooking.
Slav squatting is in my blood and semechki in my hand.
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  • What the fuck Sigrie

  • whenever he has anotoli or sergei in his video i wonder if they have any idea what the hell hes saying to the camera when he speaks english and if he sometimes just explains to them in russian but cuts it out of the video

  • Where is the part Boris opens hentai?

  • I subscribe

  • Boris: O Candy! :) Reality: He just took some Japanese birth control pills



  • where is a good source of this awesome russian music?

  • im from Bulgaria but watching Boris and listening to hardbass i realised i was born in the wrong country

  • I wish I could send you something too , Boris :(

  • 10:00 Magyar ezres🤣🤣

  • They should have got him vodka

  • Blyat Rip Boris

  • 9:25 lmaoooo

  • Tfujstarywiniary-inator

  • Someone needs to give MA boy Boris a iPhone 12

  • Krupnik got me wasted

  • Thats cool! I am Hungary to!

  • BOJLER ELADÓÓ !!!!!!!4444!!!!!!!!!!!! kettöezeöccá

  • Pls do face reaveal

  • why they send all the shits from japan tho i like it

  • "The fuck you do to your finger, man? You used hatchet for... for cutting onions-- okay, this happens" Cracks me up, lmao

  • How can U afford the funny swim thingy? Pls video about how to make monee

  • 0:04 Okay.... I was not expecting Boris to be built like that, now that, that is a Russian

  • Nigga you dead blyat?

  • is that hentai?

  • Whos thong is that??

  • no one gonna ask how he open the packages with the knive thingy-

  • The funniest unboxing videos ever 😂😂 keep rewatching

  • I was eyeballing your knife before ypu even mentioned it 😯

  • 1:08 ←not spoon.this is "OTAMA"

  • WTF?!

  • I’m sorry but if I saw a gopsta or whatever it is called I’d slap the stupid of him. Boris must try a Dominican drink called mama juana sorry said drink will not get through customs

  • makes me want to send him sunflower seeds... im eating tocobell seeds right now.

  • Blin ya hacu eta toga

  • Privyet boris True Slav Here Meh Comrade

  • Boris die Bohrmaschine

  • Where are you from in real life? Greeting from 🇨🇿

  • Здравствуйте здравствуйте здравствуйте здравствуйте здравствуйте здравствуйте здравствуйте здравствуйте здравствуйте здравствуйте здравствуйте здравствуйте

  • Boris be like adibass

  • For Russia comrade's

  • This made me laugh so hard

  • "A Boris appears" It confirms there's more than 1 Boris in the world

  • When japanese vodka is added

  • Mähdrescher? This is a German word! Yay I’m not alone! :D

  • Good

  • Челло Борис. И ам ыоур нумбер 1 фан анд ыоур отчер фан шантс то меет ыоу Естониа.

  • Damn...... this guy mustn't buy any kind of food...... he'll be receiving food non stop........

  • 0:53 here is ur replay button

  • Ahhhhhh uemaa I love hard bass maybe more than vadim

  • USA media: tsar, kalashnikov, KGB Russia: Boris

  • Blyat item.

  • Use SICKLE

  • Lol you just speak russion and eng

  • Looks like uamee and Boris live in same house

  • 5:43 sergi

  • Is anyone going to talk about the box with underwear Hey stop it

  • 12:14 replay for myself

  • Where is Sergey now? Did he left?

  • the balls

  • Austria 😂🇦🇹

  • 6:51 as a Czechian I love when when one of my favourite youtubers has something from our country like beer mugs from our best beer

  • My Grandma has two of those chairs

  • 0:03 Minecraft grass be like

  • Coming to Russia 🇷🇺, got to hang.

  • 12:13

  • is masha ex gf or wife?

  • Why does the thumbnail look very. Uh..... d i s t u r b i n g

  • The thong lol

  • 2:54 Boris' laugh is so good

  • *Hentai... "Fun Comic"...* Boris, The Fu-

    • I mean... if he likes it

  • How to find out location of forest he is in: 1.Find out what the plants are. That can limit some Nations from getting to the List. 2.try to find out the patterns of the trees, lake size and form. And some other things. 3. Uhh idk research other vids

  • when he comes to Austria the man just wrote Mähtrascher it means lawnmower

  • The falx was a Dacian weapon. The Dacians were the ancestors of the Romanians

  • Pop a fat ppsh with the ssh-41 might t-31 later

  • I don’t know why i am reading this? I’m not Japanese

  • Ura slavianam!

  • So who sent the panties?

  • *slav intensifies

  • вадим блайт где сосиг

  • That place, wherever it is... IS BLYATIFUL! the log cabin by a lake with a small float is an amazing idea!

  • I live in minnesota and have seen the spam museum defiantly worth seeing

  • If thats what not sharp looks what is sharp to the knifemaker


  • “AY BLYAT!” *kamikazes into lake*

  • 12:07 very distinct smell of babushka's basement -boris 2017-2018

  • My rat choose this vid

  • Sad to say he got nothing from the Middle East...

  • “Wait why am I even reading this, I don’t know Japanese “-Boris 2017

  • Hey Boris how can I send you fan mails?

  • whoever made the translation in Romanian, just so you know, i love you

  • Boris = bread boys son conspiracy theory????!!!!

  • 8:20 thumbnail

  • THE soviet revolution is over and the slavs are back to normal >:]

  • That Israeli litteraly has almost my name his name is eldar mine is yeldar lol and I'm Jordanian

  • He came out the shed like a gopnik shrek

  • Ooopaaaaa,look at our Boris!He a real Master Slav!

  • Here you see a wild Boris in its natural habitat

  • Türkçe çeviri yapanın anasını sikeyim niye her seferinde yarım yapıyon

  • Nice ushanka hat