The vodka cooled PC

Datum objavljivanja: 18. Kol 2018.
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This is my vodka cooled PC build.
Inspired by Cheeky Russian aka Cossack-HD. I thought about improving his method.
His video here:
DJ Blyatman - Sputnik 2018
0:00 Introduction
0:32 Three slav options of cooling
3:38 The build
7:54 First test with fan
9:49 Installing watercooling
11:57 How to cut watercooling tubes
15:37 Second test with watercooling
17:57 Installing vodka cooling
19:00 third test with vodka cooling
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Intro music:
Gopnik McBlyat - Snakes in Tracksuits
Outro music:
Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem


  • ahh russia my luv

  • for those of you wondering, his pc weighs 46.51754 lbs yw americans :)

  • People were talking about vodka cooled slav PC on JayzTwoCents beer cooled PC video... I had to check for myself. Glad I did. This video is pure gold... vodka!

  • this guy have saved mother Russia

  • me: i dont need it my brain: you need it

  • no entendi

  • After using vodka in your watercooling for 2 years, do you have any feedback on it ? Does it leak ?

  • Boris did a better job building the pc than The Verge.....

  • Does alcohol have a lower freezing tempature than water. If so that would be somewhat of an upgrade.

  • 21 grados? Donde yo vivo, eso es casi frio.

  • Normal Pc in Russian

  • Thermal mayonez, omg :D that one made my day.

  • now that is dreenki breeki

  • Its 40 where I'm at fricken aust

  • i hope you have a better card than a 980 now

  • Her : I bet he is thinking about other girls Him : vodka cooled pc

  • I'm curious if he actually kept the vodka in or if he went back to water/air cooler

  • A blistering 21 degrees I wish thats the hottest it got here Yesterday it was 47 degrees celcius

  • GamersNexus would not approve

  • this is the first video I saw of you and you still is good

  • Boris i wonder do u stil have vodka coolong inside youre pc and if so did u have any problems whit it or is it stil runing nicely

  • do russians (or more specifically "gopniks") really drink that much alcohol? or is it just a stereotype

  • me in italy:*loughs in 34°*

  • Am I the only Russian here?

  • Ussr

  • I find it feckin hilarious that he needs to add subtitles because he has such a deep russian accent

  • Ltt approved

  • lol. We have 40 degrees at summer.

  • This is the most russian video i watched.

  • 21 degrees hot? uh huh

  • Boris: “it is a hot 21 degrees.” Me an Australian who lives in that kind of heat during summer every day: *yea I guess it is pretty hot*

  • What is that case

  • 21 degrees Celsius is a cool day

  • Only twenty one Boris u haven’t seen qatar comrade

  • Вот это наш способ! Вперёд славяне!

  • Accent to light. Please deepen voice.

  • I love wath how this idiot have fun!


  • Boris you should invest in a lighter to lightly heat the tubed to it would ha e been easier to plug in instead of cutting yourself. I have question also...where are you going to turn if you run out of vodka? Your pc aye? But very nice work very Slav👍🇦🇺

  • Mine is cooled with Diesel

  • The slav way to cut tubing is put tubing in mouth of bear then slap bears face, then wrestle and pin down bear before returning to pc to continue build

  • 5:11

  • USA : cooling PC with water Meanwhile , RUSSIA : cooling PC with VODKA

  • I've been using my fridge wrong 👀

  • русский стандарт хуевая водка. Оренбургская пшеничка отличная

  • What is the music that's played through the video? The one played after the intro

    • background song/ music of this video is called: "What's the Hurry"-Alysha Sheldon

  • Next: Vodka powered PC

  • Me playing on a 100 degree CPU :/

  • Is this how slavs play ?

  • It my country that heat is considerd winter

  • understanding a little of slavic languages makes this so much better ;)

  • this is name laptop cyka :)))DDDDDDDDDD

  • vodka laptop gaming :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • 4:51 boris pours lighter fluid on the bottle and in the water, 5:27 boris eats the strawberries he poured lighter fluid on

  • i can just imagine all the russian accents in these comments

  • U could’ve just filled the reservoir with vodka lmao

  • Was that Intel processor? 10:24

  • ёйцукенгшщзхъфывапролджэячсмитьбю.

  • linus blyat tips

  • I didnt know Boris was a geek

  • you're my second favorite person in the world

  • Boris:vodka cooled pc Me an argentinian:FERNET COOLED PC

  • I think it's Russian

  • Gooooooooood

  • Everyone: Face Cam Boris: Custom Vodka Cooling Cam

  • what the blin is this?

  • sauce

  • 21 degrees? summer lol

  • 21 degrees Celsius? That’s cold as fuck

  • Guy at 1:49 looks like boris


  • 21 degrees you got me boris

  • Saw this already but rewatching it cause it's epic

  • Do you play Cs-go

  • Bruh u know we have around 19°C in freezing Dec-Jan here in Pakistan 😏

  • When you turn on the fan to blow your PC circuits but realise that there was a Fan built inside

  • Tried it at home and I now have a vodka cooled pc

  • In russia Apple explode In Austria trees Explode

  • Boris you should have used affiliate links for your specs because you get great money

  • i come here just To Say This Computer Is Russian But It Is Already Russian RIP LIKES ON MY COMMENT :(

  • 4:47 :D hahhahaha 12:42 2 Hansaplast looooool warning do not have Hansaplast do not do it :)))

  • Linus need to know your location.

  • Красавучег

  • that is the most russian pc ever

  • Whatttttt 21 C is only 70 F that's a normal spring day here in Massachusetts, granted it gets hotter else where in the US but it gets up to 85-90 F here during the summer. So HA im hotter than you? Idk where I was going with this.

  • Ur pc will increase FPS x10 !!

  • This is what true Soviet engineering looks like.

  • *We are reaching levels of SLAV that shouldn't be possible*

  • Russian pc be like

  • As an Irishman, my first thought upon seeing this was “but will it work with whiskey?”

    • It will, 'cause whiskey freezes at similar with vodka temperature

  • Next time try to vodka cool the GPU as well dear comrade

  • The way that he speaks russian accent hurts my ears

  • Ah yes the romanian subtitles are on


  • Hello! I am Russian, and I can say that Russians are not such bukhachi and gopniks. But the idea is original, as well as interesting! By the way, apparently the author is Russian, I understood this by the accent, I defined it because, as I said at the beginning, I was Russian. By the way, an interesting fact for the curious: In Russia there are such social services. networks like Facebook and Twitter, but usually Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki are used (These are probably one of the most popular social networks in Russia) and one more fact: Moscow is the capital of Russia! All the best!

  • this would put strohiems german engineering to shame

  • go home pc you're drunk

  • russian power !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A z series motherboard for a non k cpu

  • Is this a sustainable cooling method for long term though? :3