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this is a yuumi documentary and it's my favourite chapter what
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01 Made in Abyss
Black Skinhead (Instrumental Version)
Made in Abyss OST 13. Those Everyday Feels
Mirai Nikki - Sad Emotional OST
Death Note - Low of solipsism (epic music)
Sailor Moon OST - Moonlight Densetsu Instrumental)
Sailor Moon OST - Moon Prism Power Make Up!
Shokugeki No Soma - The Secret Ingredient Called Victory Extended (1)
Naruto Shippuden OST - Uchiha Madara Theme [HD]


  • Remember the time Pianta made a Death Note reference?

  • so it is true , ONLY THE SKILL MATTERS

  • Remember that time where pianta’s yummi runes were called river shen

  • Dang it pianta, you should've taken a chip and eaten it

  • Hey remember that time pianta lost to a yuumi even tho he was a yuumi?

  • Quoi, it worked?

  • What was the song at the end called

  • Remenber the Time Ehen you won with yuumi

  • okee ill try :D in rank

  • What is the song in the outro called?

  • Wait... he has a River Shen rune page... Pianta’s River Shen?

  • remember the time pianta lost to a yuumi

  • Remember the time Pianta lost to a Yuumi?

  • 8:03 is where the magic happens

  • I unconsciously followed your steps without watching this video... Only difference is i used tp instead of ignite... Until today :) thank you

  • What is the songs name when u killed him??

  • What yuumi pandemic?

  • *sad Yuumi main noises*

  • remember when pianta won as yuumi top lane?

  • Guys I am from the future and now Yuumi top is meta

  • I would never lose to a yuumi with sion

  • I love RTB but pianta is on another level....

  • Brian: how to kill yummy hmmmm *death note magically appeared Brian: :>

  • Wat the music at end

  • *panics in yuumi main*

  • remember the time pianta lost to yummi

  • I wished so much that u eat chips 😂

  • I remembered smosh damn good old days

  • Remember rtb lose The yuumi

  • 1:20 isnt that the ost from “The Abyss”

  • Im sorry but i fking love the sailor moon songs

  • Remember the time when Pianta was Yuumi main?

  • Yuumi mains are king. yuumi is best champ. all shall bow down to the cat. pls Riot, put the cat in Legends of Runeterra.

  • what is the song at 8:03

  • Remember the time Pianta lost to a Yuumi?

  • You should start a run along series with YuMni plyr along with tenmo plyr

  • Really nice on the music in this one

  • Me as a yumi main: .... NOICE some good fucking yumi content

  • unrelated but can i ask what is the outro song

  • there a youtube channel called yonna bonna and i saw top yuumi

  • as a zed main it pained me to watch that zed yuumi 1v1

  • Ahh yes my favorite champion Yu~~~~’

  • Ironically this is in the middle of a pandemic smh

  • Remember when pianta died to a yuumi?

  • The Sailor Moon music fits so well 👌


  • chaelsonnen

  • 1:36 goodbye to all the person who has yuumi in thier name .. especialy in japan

  • Best anime I have watched

  • What is 8:00 song called?

    • have you found it? i wannna know

  • stan pianta for turning the volume down on the scream

  • Yes let’s stand up to yummis Do you remember when painta lost to yummi

  • The Made In Abyss soundtrack in the background is sending me

  • remember when RTB losses to yuumi?

  • u dummy u just gave em an idea

  • I lost to a yuumi top

  • Does anyone know what the piano music is from at 8:02?

  • Infecred

  • Remember the time that pianta lost to yummi

  • Remember the time that pianta lost to yummi

  • Remember the time that pianta lost to yummi

  • Remember the time that pianta lost to yummi?

  • Remember the time that pianta lost to yummi?

  • Remember the time RTB lost to a yuumi

  • 8:00 does anyone know the song name?

  • I'm surprised at how long yuumi can stay alive on top lmao


  • As a Yuumi main, this pleases me xd

  • Such great content.

  • **Remember when pianta was killed by a yuumi?**

  • remember when rtb lost to a pianta yuumi?

  • Yooo the made in abyss music is dope

  • His river Shen rune page...

  • Now I have the urge to play yuumi top with omnistone

  • the sound of the sharpie against the paper sent shivers down my spine, not the deaths of the yuumis

  • 💔

  • The only real pandemic in this year XD

  • This whole video is just a big weebfest.

  • Kapp is spelled Kapp not cap

  • this has inspried me to become a yummi top main

  • remember when pianta lost to a yuumi?

  • remember the time Pianta died to a yuumi

  • remember the time pianta lost to a yuumi?

  • Remember when pianta lost to a yuumi?

  • Anyone knows the ost played at the end when pianta won? I seriously need to know, thanks!

  • Whats the outro song ?? Pls help

    • Same bruhh I want to know too.

  • Never seen your videos before, you died to a yummi as fizz? Jesus Christ wtf

  • rengar vs yuumi?

  • Yuumi is literally a legend made for lazy unskilled people change my mind.

  • Haha u have watched the Death Note too

  • I actually run prototype on lulu when I play mid to flex. If it’s a game of luck then I win every time.

  • Kill Player Champion* ja, ja, ja, ja

  • Is this in iron ?

  • Love your shit

  • Do you remember when pianta lost to a yuumi

  • Remember the time RTB lost to yummi

  • Late comment. But this fight was rigged. Rematch when?

  • Remember that time Pianta lost to a Yuumi?

  • subscribed for your noble deeds

  • #yuumipower