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pity you cant ff at 8 minutes
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Fairy Tail 2014 OST 2 - 43 - Nostalgia of the Landscape
Black Skinhead (Cover Instrumental)
Hataraku Maou-sama! OST - The Hero Stays at the Devil's Castle
Naruto Shippuden OST 1 - Track 08 - Shutsujin ( Departure To The Front Lines )
Fairy Tail Sad theme piano slow
No Game No Life Soundtrack Vol. 3All of You is All of Me
Club Penguin - Music - Coffee Shop [Extended]
My Hero Academia Season 2 OST - Kimi no Chikara [ Extended ]
Time to love - 악토버(OCTOBER)
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  • remember the time pianta got distroyed by a yuumi?

  • 5:09 set velocity to 0,25 and watch it.

  • U played kled ur just not good adn you don't have the right to call that a win man.

  • 2:19 best ornn build right there

  • I don't know why but I laughed for a solid 5 minutes at the "1 2 3 BRIAN!" part

  • I feel bad that on 3 we all say Brian and I only heard myself shout Brian

  • Is no one gonna react about his thumbnail?

  • Do more of this

  • is anyone ever gonna mention the background music was from club penguin?

  • 1:40 I did this too but with janna and i just... I just fuckin left. Nothing is worth playing janna

  • I liked the club penguin music

  • Pianta is actually reverse hashinshin

  • Laughing so hard "I knew that wouldn't work"

  • I love this teamname. TEAM BRIAN!!

  • Oh thats what is having friends is like.

  • What's the name of the fairy tail music song at the beginning? Also for anyone who wants good study music, the piano instrumental at the end was "Time to Love" -October

  • is that club penguin music in the background

  • I think I got this exact same blitz just 20 min ago... jk all blitz players are trashy salty robots

  • You picked Ornn by accident? I picked Jayce by accident. I don't even own Jayce. Yet I got a pentakill without knowing what half my abilities did...

  • 2:08 What kind of name is Brian? Brian is such a ugly name Brian in my class: *cries in depression*

  • Count kledula is better

  • I see you like fairy tail ost a lot xD

  • Play darius pianta plsss

  • For some reason I had a special connection to this video. I approve.

  • Tank teemo

  • Brian is an ugly name. It’s briantifically proven

  • Waifu :3


  • I wish my channel was as popular. :C

  • Brian goes Ultra Instinct

  • We need a sequel to the story of true love; Larissa

  • I love you Pianta ❤

  • title got updated i see, with the thumbnail too

  • how does this man not have more subs?

  • River Shen

  • Nightbloo3 said he hates tenmo players

  • 400k good Job Team Sion

  • I love the pointless And 0IQ videos I CAN'T STOP!

  • How have i missed you on the streams, i watch lots of people while playing. This is hilarious.

  • Can we have Clash back on EUW,please? ;(

  • Last time I was this fast I left my ex disappointed. Wait i'm actually really late so she never left. I make challenger gameplay click my picture and subscribe :D

  • River Shen?

  • Welp pianat I’m very proud of you for giving justice but one thing I’m not proud of is u didn’t say in all chat, “it’s a shame that you couldn’t carry the game despite having a lead in bot. Lmao”

  • 1:47 fairy tail sad theme

  • Brians Friends=What kind of name is Brian Brian is such an ugly name Brians Mom=Youre dead to me

  • This is like nothing on EUW this is like baby level flame


  • i heard that kanye music pianta

  • INVADE invade INVADE INVADE invade INVADE INVADE INVADE INVADE invade invade invade invade INVADE

  • I cant get gold

  • Love your videos keep up the quality content ur videos are really funny! :D

  • why he used "fairy tail soundtracks" in this video aq

  • Do ya perhaps have a discord server..? :')

  • Kap PieAnnTa Will you pleaseeee tell my fiance that it is crucial to the health of our relationship to watch your videos together......

  • i wanted to see the message she sent after the shaco ban

  • 2:18 I need an explanation, but i also dont want it.

  • 400.000 subs gj dude

  • I'm Brazilian and I watch your videos, you help me to learn English, in this video Im like: " What? "

  • Te amo pianta >_

  • It is said that the shack main picked amumu and cried so hard that the whole map was under its tears. Its enemies all died to its sadness. And its tears now flow in the river, remembering every one to ban shaco every single game...

  • Next Video: *The Yeet Team* . Pls :(


  • but hashinshin DONT YOU WANNA PLAY ORNN

  • Don't you just hate it when the least relevant playertalks trash?

  • Brian making pianta abuse the sss tier Kled.

  • :(

  • 2:19

  • i want to see videos 20 min +

  • Brian

  • Brian reminds me of my brother *brian*

  • 2:31 Where is Nemo "mine" parody ?

  • Finally a good video since the garen

  • F

  • Congratulations on 400k

  • OwO? Is this the ultimate dream team??

  • He was obviously saying ora ora ora ora not racecar

  • 2:40

  • Pianta why did you change the title of the video?

  • Where is the all chat "better bot wins"

  • ap yi


  • Bwian

  • Invade invade invade invade invade invade

  • 400k subs woohoo

  • Clans.... What are those again?

  • The thumbnail changed i just noticed

  • Piantaaaaa i love u , i need the zoe green code plssss 🍑💙

  • can someone pleasse tell me the name of the song wherre it is pappapap paa papa pa its with the drums pls


  • У меня от ваших криков голова разболелась. Это должно было быть смешно?

  • we need more videos you fucking shit 😡

  • River Shen


  • I thought this was a new video you tricked me

  • go play ahri

  • River Shen

  • I like to listen this video because anyone in my house know english 😂

  • My name is brian :( Jk its Bryan :)

  • I love the fairy tail sound track at 2 minutes

  • 3:18 Epic gragas play