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it's the goose
Desktop Goose by samperson
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  • I looked at 0:34 haha so funny

  • Ok gotta where was the 0/20 power spike disgusting

  • why didnt u just exit out of the pages that the goose draged onto ur screen when u had ¨limited vision¨. -_-

  • Ahh these videos... are addicting... I should be doing my fucking homework right now there's so much due today... FUCK IT MORE PIANTA

  • that why u should to play yasuo

  • its cuz u build static over pd

  • Where is the goose nowadays?

  • unsubscribed 😘 your to annoying with your voice

  • Idk why i found the honks meme so funny lmao 😂😂

  • Imagine Yasuo but every dead is one more goose

  • if you need someone to talk to, I'm here for you Brian.

  • True

  • Dont swer dude

  • XD

  • Now I understand why my top laner always goes 0/4 in the first 5:26 minutes of the game

  • holy shit you have nerves of steel

  • Honk

  • Gimme this application man xD

  • That log horizon background music tho

  • /all report yas int mid open ff 15


  • "Fuck you goose" Brian 2020

  • That all means yasou players do 2 much drugs

  • Sure, blame the goose

  • The X button: Am I a joke to you?

  • Who else tried closing the tabs

  • Ross did first but liked and subscribed because u had the balls to do this

  • I went 0 in 7 my first game yasuo in ranked

  • PUSH LIKE IM GIVING BIRTH honestly gold

  • just close the damn windows??? wtf

  • Does he know that Yas has a W?

  • look bonzi buddy

  • this actually explains why yas players are so fking oblivious and reset at bad times :p

  • he actually carried after feeding lmao

  • Goose

  • when he didnt close the goose popups he was giving me anxiety lmao

  • Just trying to get comments to 666

  • Fake news. The only reason yasuos below gold go 0-7 is because their jgler sucks!!!!

  • I tried to close those tabs :D

  • Is the music from log horizon?

  • I am from the future. All I'm going to say is Fuck you goose

  • 5:07 does anyone know the name of that theme?

  • Love the Debussy

  • Plays with desktop goose, still gets 3 honors

  • no wonder why my solo laners have a hard time

  • What the actual f? xD

  • Too painful to watch

  • 2k normal wins and 2 k normal loses.. 4 k games only normal . Add the rankeds.. other 500 games lol.. so much games u played


  • Hah I dont even need the goose for that

  • Ain't this bad for your computer? I thought that thing was malware

  • THAT FCKING GOOSE That bitch is like a freaking 24hour ads that u can't skip

  • I hate the hype song you use cuz at first I keep expecting kakayoins theme

  • singular: goose Pural: gooses

  • honestly this is the most creative league video i have seen in a while

  • This is amazing



  • isnt that a duck

  • What a shit video. You sucks at lol and at humor.

  • I love that application (the goose thing)


  • That comeback 👌👌

  • Y'all saw that clip of Faker farming with the bugsplat window in screen? That was for amateurs. This is the real shit.

  • Oh that is the reason my yasuo is so bad

  • Do a how to play urf

  • Soraka top pls. Bring me my old Pianta with Garen Ap, Blitz top,...


  • It's just death nothing serious

  • Just waiting for more videos and Tenmo player season 4

  • That fucker is interrupting my homework.

  • The goose carried you.

  • I’m only here for Tenmo, not this crap

  • plz post how you play new reworked garen

  • Wheres my fuckkin Tenmo player fuckking fuck nutes

  • lmao theres no way u won that

  • I require a Hecarim video

  • Wait thats possible?!?! Thats actually cute af. Now i have a reason to download this :D

  • Getting complemented by a Yi as 0/5? What have you done with my league of legends

  • River Shen!!

  • I hate yas, BUT, i love that Bird so ill keep watching

  • The goose low-key carried game

  • That is not so funny video

  • 10/10

  • River shen 3° movie

  • As a yasuo main, I can confirm

  • Wait did you seriously download this keylogger lmao

  • You played verry Well for real :o

  • yasuo.exe

  • Wow this is some really high quality content


  • 🇺🇸 : nice mechanic 🇵🇭 : Bobo

  • Goose is the new anti-toxicity stunt rito is pulling

  • dude make 10min to 12min of your videos , i can't get enough watching xD

  • Are we just gonna ignore the fact that Brian is actually good with yasuo

  • I came here looking for Tenmo. What is this?!

  • Make crit sona

  • It's Actually amazing how you can make this boring ass game funny and watchable Congrats man

  • This was a dumb video. I loved it.

  • Wow...the quality of this vid reminds me of "Is your game winnable?". Good shit, Pianta