This was not a vacation.

Datum objavljivanja: 22. Svi 2019.
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I have been away for some time. But not because I was on vacation. No, this was actually serious. And I did not want to make anyone worry with social media posts before it was all over. I am happy to be back.
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  • Why were u hospitalised

  • I mean no wonder you survived your literally slav king

  • 3.21milions of ruski subed i am one of the ruskis too

  • Spine injury?

  • did we ever find out what pput him in hospital?

  • Hey everyone that disliked this video fuck you

  • xD "are u not botherd by this guy?" No ,im Boris

  • Спасибо человеку который делает субтитры, вероятно именно они держат меня тут, на этом канале. Спасибо, товарищ Переводчик.

  • i know it happened like, a year ago, but you kept thinking of (now) 3.2 million slavs. you have my respect. you even think about your fans when you are in hospital with more pain than cats have in chernobyl.

  • you got sick from your meed didnt you

  • he protecc he atacc but most importatly, he makes animated videos, when he bacc

  • Covid? BLYAT CORONA?!

  • But what happened to you?

  • Almost 500 people have no hearts, and lack the cheeki breeki

  • Wtf happened to him?

  • 😭😭

  • Ok when did he tell why I just wanna know why I'm not being disrespectful

  • Can we all acknowledge how good he is at drawing hands?

  • "No. I am Boris." He didn't say anything else. Not Slav superstar, Shashlik king, Blin Machine, Hardbass star, nothing. Boris. That's it. The name itself is powerful. We all love him. And he's such a pure man. A toxic influencer would have done daily Instagram posts acting like they were dying. Not Boris. He just fights. He fought his injury or illness or whatever, and even animated an entire story for us. What a man.

  • Hey man, I've been drawing since High School, and your drawing is still FAR better than mine.

  • How does youtube know I have covid? Is that why this video was suggested to me? Or the fact that I am subscribed to you.

  • Im glad hes better but he didnt say what happend to him

  • Hey Boris, I don’t mean to be nosy or anything, but what happened that hospitalized you?

  • You're great Boris thanks for making amazing content sorry your birthday was ruined

  • But why was he rushed to the hospital can someone please tell me?

  • Start: few lines End: As many lines as soviet army had men

  • Boris is just like our mother , even. Thought he is sick and in pain .. he still Remember and cares about us , thanks Boris for being yourself :')

    • This actually give me some tears :')

  • Boris is one of the kindest persons

  • What exactly happened? Like boris did you get a broken bone something? It's fine if you dont want talk about it

  • I have a lot of respect for him

  • Boris I aint trying to make fun of you or anything, but probably the dignose was way to much chebureki and vodka

  • When he says undefined it shows vertical lines, Boris you genius

  • Boris was hospitalized because he accidentaly drank two whole factories of pure and strong vodka in one night

  • This absolute slav

  • I really like these

  • even boris can animate/ create art. i am totally fascinated by this man.

  • but how?

  • That is instant respect,comrade.

  • but, what happened?

  • this man is something else

  • I wonder what he had. Perhaps...heart attack, maybe stroke or kidney inflammation. Either that or he had killed his liver from all the vodka he drinks.

  • "Hospitalised"

  • The fact that you were still thinking of your fans while you were hospitalized and in so much pain shows how much you actually care about every one of us; I give you so much respect, you really are the best

  • True hero of the motherland

  • kurwa you the best animator

  • At least you get free healthcare. Us capitalist scum in the land 50 weird name places, we have to pay upwards of 500 dollars for a bandage that you can buy for 3 dollars at Walmart.

  • Boris is so kind

  • Надеюсь, ты останешься здоровым и безболезненным. Спасибо за такое прекрасное развлечение!

  • looking at the calendar at the start it shows the date of the Chernobyl accident but if you count the squares it lands on the 27th square and not the 26th

  • "educating the world of cheeki breeki" ❤️

  • Adventure of a fallen komrade we love

  • "I am not bothered I am Boris" LONG LIVE SLAV KING

  • Why does this man love us so much? We don't deserve this!

  • what happened?

  • Boris... did you drink all the mead?

  • Hey Boris i hope you are good the cheeki breeki world will be with you forever annnnnd your animations are acuallly good

  • Does anyone actually know what happened to him exactly? I'm kinda curious it's ok if he doesn't want to talk about it

  • You're a true Soviet citizen attitude wise 👍


  • Wow just wow that's why i love you vids and you

  • Your the world's biggest А$$hole if you dislike

  • You deserve the Gopnik Award

  • Boris, have you played R6S? You would 100% love to play as Tachanka-

  • Борис это заставило меня плакать второй раз, когда я смотрел это твои видео делают меня счастливым

    • Hello boris good friend

    • Great art

  • Get better Boris! :)

  • Almost Cried


  • Awww chibii Boris KAWAII (What a true slav I salute to you comrade)

  • 💪

  • A year later, this still actually makes me heart broken and sometimes cry, That boris didnt get to celebrate his birthday, and be happy, but he got the oppisite of what he wanted,

  • Was the Mead that dangerous

  • Cool

  • Only in Eastern Europe can you take IV vodka while in the hospital and no one asks any questions

  • As we say in Birmingham, my g

  • Boris: realmente me conmoviste mucho. Se nota que detrás de la comedia Sos un tipo sensible en varios aspectos. Mis respetos! Stay cheeky breeky. Saludos desde Uruguay.

  • What was the problem?

  • Friends what is Boris’s birthday? I know I’ve missed it for this year but I still care and I wanna wish him a happy birthday next year.

  • WE love you Boris

  • Boris: *sick* still thinks of us Respect man, respect. I legit teared up when I first saw the video. Which was ~5 minutes after it came out. Today the 23rd.9.2020 I still teared up

  • Cute animated Boris XD

  • Cute thumbnail

  • Me trying to explain how I draw/ animate: 3:43- 3:51

  • whats the diagnosis

  • Boris, make a animation channel

  • I love u boris this made me cry

  • When the animation comes out again we know what it means....... It's Boris

  • i just had birthday surgery today! Just continuing the gopnik tradition!

  • Bro just started drawing/animating and draws better hands than most people!

  • this not tears from my eyes iz vodka

  • Other "HRdownrs": i'm diing send halp Boris: I Am Boris

  • I am still very curious on what happened to our king.

  • Dam you Comrad Boris, you got me in the feels with this. This will take lots of vodka to numb the feels Stay cheeki breeki

  • *"and I said no"* *"I am boris"* **crying intensifies**

  • The day of birth how important it is,If you were never born on that day then we wouldn't have such A great King really This is a video full of Slavness

  • I think I'll pick up drawing again.......

  • IBlyat is best blyat

  • And the doctor said: are you not bothered by this guy And boris said : no! Im boris! , Then boris talks to the other patient saying that: never fear boris is here! 😂

  • Please stay im not yet complete saving money to buy weslav zip javket

  • The Indestructible Boris

  • Where Women Cried: Pop Concerts Where Kids Cried: Endgame Where SLAVS Cried: Boris Hospitalization