Top 19 reasons you should get a Lada

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Lis 2019.
So you want to buy a car. So many brands to choose from, but you not sure what to pick. I suggest the Lada 2105.
Here is 19 reasons you should buy a Lada.
Buying your first car is easy with small help of Boris. And Anatoli.
Here is list of the 19:
Classy design
Superior build quality
Keyless entry trunk
Parking sensor
Backseat comfort
Manuals only
No rev counter
Manual fuel-air mixture
Door locking system
Petrol powered
No power steering
Trunk space
No electric windows
Sound system
Cheap easy repairs
High tech horn
Backseat party
Backseat cooking
Safest car on road
Easily slav your car
Metal bumpers
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  • "Top 19 reasons you should get a Lada " #1 YES

  • If only I wasn't an American, oh boy would I have some fun

  • I will take 10 Lada and a few potatoes please

  • I don't know if this is supposed to be a joke, or if its for real.

  • As a Hrvat and a Slav I can choose between Rimac and Lada...naravno I choose Lada :)


  • Now I want to drive a Lada :))))

  • boom you crash in to other car you don't have head cause hood cut it out


  • Reason number 20 if it doesn’t t start just say Иаи Нахуй

  • Why not a Volvo that is a true slav car

  • Lada is rwd and u can drift rwd

  • Мне кажется автоваз спокойно может возобновить производство семёрки если будут использовать в качестве рекламы ваш ролик

  • 1:37 ngl, that looks comfortable.

  • If they produced one with an engine that would pass uk emissions it would still be going here.

  • Им Приору заниженную показать вобще афигеют!)))

  • Reverse beeper anatoli got higher when boris got closer to the concrete.

  • It’s got a choke. Amazing. I remember pulling the one in my dads car. He went fucking mental 🤣

  • What about the BLIN 1 did you sell it?

  • Now make the 19 reasons you should to get a Volga

  • BOOM

  • There were heaps of ladas in new Zealand. I didn't know much about them but now you can't find one anywhere

  • If I get a lada... OPS! If WE get a lada.....

  • gas is cheap, you could load salt water into it an itll run

  • 2:00 “...and not let the car drive you!” In Soviet Russia, you drive car. In America, car drive you!

  • 1:18 Я ждал, что он скажет: pip, blyat.

  • Thanks but no thanks. I'll stick with my western spy car.

  • western anti-theft stick ahahahahahah

  • That looks sick on those wheels

  • Ебать 5-рка пиздатая

  • Lada or Dacia bro

  • Потато емпщре = Беларис

  • прямо душа гордится за советский авто пром)

  • "Western anti-theft device", laughs in ZF S6-750 I'd drive a Lada Everywhere

  • Tank : is not bulletproof Military : how Lada : bulletproof Military and boris subscriber : i'll take your entire stock

  • We have OUR Lada

  • Нихуя себе лучший обзор на Жигули

  • Dam that car is a piece if shit.

  • I cannot find Lada in capitalist spy country of America blyat

  • Maan your channel is awesome! Blyatiful :-) keep on making stuff!

  • this video rly made me to buy one and im 24...

  • What if I can’t get a Lada because I live in ineffective United States?

  • Every time I watch Boris I feel a great Slavensky Ponos in my heart.

  • Mano ta escrito bilada na placa kkkkk

  • Hi from Greece! I have a Lada Samara 1300cc since 1992 and it is a tiger!

  • *Others: driving stupid lamborginis and other stuff like that* *Me, a intelectuall: buys lada 2107*

  • This vid actually convinced my parents to get me a Lada 1600


  • I had butterbrod for brekfast is it good to drive a lada?

  • in the UK we dont have those types of ladas. if any lada. correct me if im wrong but defo not in Sheffield

  • xd

  • Ladadidas

  • Should I get a lada or a Volga

  • Yeah Boris you are right! Fuck the Plastic, ride the Classic!

  • Because soviet ladas is everywhere

  • Aaaah hah haaa. Perfect driving machine right here !! :)

  • Great car

  • Pure Communism

  • I wish with your video Lada will take some notes and put this car again in production.I like it for the design

  • So funny but i like it 😁

  • This Lada looks pristine. I am impressed.

  • Is that Anatoli's car?

  • What rims are those? I really want them, it's hard to find dope 4-bolt rims.

  • Я угараю с тех, кто думает, что Борис нерусский

  • Туда кстати можно поставить тахометр, распиновка стоковая есть. И кстати борис машины автоваза до 2107 считаются «ваз», а следующие модели 2108, 2112... это лада.

  • Top Gear swapped Lada engine with a Lotus engine

  • Thanks boris I just bought a lada

  • This car is a Russian tank

  • Top 19 reasons to get a lada #1 BECAUSE BORIS OWNS ONE

  • In sweden we have old volvo, looks pretty same.

  • 1 year ago... Blyat time flies fast

  • Fun fact the lada is derivated by the Italian Fiat 124

  • Nice car man,can you give to me,😂😂,just kidding but it's nice car.I like it😊

  • I guess the Indian version of the lada would be the ambassador

  • 1 reason why not to get lada VADIM Блгть

    • I play life of boris slav superstar thats where i got that reference LOL

  • “Top 3 reasons you should get a Lada” “#1 TOTALLY NOT EXPENSIVE #2 YES #3 YOU DONT NEED DRIVER LICENSE”

  • Red light is on - means: the car is still alive! Love those cars; will buy a 4x4 next year

  • How mutsch is a lada?

  • Православненько)

  • How about pimping out a Lada? No offense, but an American tweak would sell overseas.

  • Basicly bricky Soviet Civic?

  • *shows up in a subaru* who here ordered 1,500 parts for a lada?

  • Blyat its the entire borilada

  • Egg potatoes are the best

  • JDD

  • Well Boris the thing is in Hungary there is a lot of clowns who sells it on high price

  • Davai :D

  • Want some vodka comrades

  • Lada was my first car, actualy i had 2. Later i bought Lada samara , damn was that an upgrade 😂

  • I want a Blyada, and i want it now. The Sales pitch that got the me was : Less electronic , less problems !

  • Ian Vwestorn scosaiety, yjou no drive cahr, cahr drive yjou

  • in the Netherlands the cheapest lada 2101 you can find is $3.500 and they go up to $10.000 fore a lada niva camper

  • i am now a proud owner of a lada 2108 hatchback

  • 4:35 . arent all the parts of the lada moving everytime u drive it.

  • 1:35 Being jobless and (probably) homesless in 2020 during Corona be like

  • If only can buy is US id totally get it

  • I can not edit the subtitles for Turkish, it's not completed yet + I don't know who added subtitles but he/she is a western spy for sure. Let me edit.

  • *when you name is lada* but actually my name is actually lada-

  • Miss my 2104.........

  • *epic hardbass* Barbie ad: allow me to introduce myself