Triple French Pork with Svetlana - Cooking with Boris

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Sij 2019.
Triple French Pork with Svetlana
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French style meat is a Russian dish. What is so French about it? Watch video and make a guess. There is cheese, mayonez, lot of meat and lot of onion. Enjoy!
Ingredients: (amount for single layer)
Pork 500g
Salt, pepper
Mayonez (Polish suggested) 1 small jar
Onion 1 medium size
Cheese - about 100g
Serve with mashed potato.
Good luck.
And stay cheeki breeki!

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  • I hate mayonnaise. This looks fucking amazing.

  • I've tried making this twice, and still I cannot get the shell that Papa Boris says is required. Every time it tastes great, but with the twinge of failure in every bite. Please, somebody tell me in better detail how to get the crust.

  • I know someone who is also russian he named his gun svetlana

  • And now a year later, behold. The soviet cheese has arrived to papa borris's newest video

  • My mouth is watering blyaaaaaaat

  • There is one small step tho 1. Don’t be a priest

  • Boris. I'm Polish and I love mayonnaise, but idk about this...

  • Привет, мой друг, спасибо за готовку. Моя бабушка тоже много чего готовила. Хотя твой стиль более интересный. Но еда вызывает воспоминания. Так держать !!

  • Ah yes France was a communist state

  • Winiary is the best mayonez in the world :D

  • I like how he made the cheese more than one year later.

  • This. This is the kind of meal that bursts out of you after digestion with great power and without consent.

  • Behold, the Russian lasagna... Am I wrong

  • last time I saw this much majonez was when my grandfather made me a sandwich and said he only used just enough to cover the holes in the bread.

  • Vadim:boris blyat

  • Ground pepper..........Ground like my innocence when noticing Boris cheated on Svetlana with a meat tenderizer.

  • Slav lasanga

  • 0:26 his words sync with the music

  • where is E34 M5 ?

  • Add smol amount of Mayonez😂😂

  • Anybody knows the music in the midst of the video?

  • In this episode, Boris teaches you how to properly beat your meat.


  • at first i like his accent cuz he have subtitles time goes on , now i watch him for recipes and i needa really watch him if i really want that recipe, i can't do my work and just listen to him cuz i can't understand its like hes saying "vladim" all the time. , that's the only downside for me XD and i also enjoy most of russian music he choose it's mostly relaxing

  • 5:46 Plot twist: he's actually talking about artyom

  • ok that looks fucking delisious ... but looks like a fucking pain to wash and cleanup

  • I often wonder how boris hasnt died of a heart attack

  • Instructions unclear, ended with Svetlana not beating my meat

  • Legend wait a year to watch start from the first time upload...cyka

  • Internyet

  • Ah yes. The recipe for instant heart attack suicide by chlosterol. I'm in America, and even I know this going to do hell on my health.

  • Boris: Uses different chopping board for meat and vegetables. Also Boris: Puts chopped vegetables directly onto raw meat.

  • 0:1

  • Salty

  • Больше славянского положи картошку

  • Seriously, though, who's Oksana?

  • "Artyom, come on ! This is one ambitious cat" So many emotions were felt in Boris' voice, in so many forms. Pride, surprise, anger, admiration, despair..

  • Plot twist he's in America

  • Boris can I ask you why on every single meal u cook u put mayonez.WHY?probably its mmm delicious

  • the iconic duo hammer and sickle

  • Mayonez is in everything with Boris!

  • thos markings on the meat dosnt look like svetlana made them this laziness is why america won

  • "What is similarity between this country ... And this one? I give you small hint." *Napoleon*

  • Comrade Cat, watch out Svetlana is working.

  • i can't tell whether this channel is clever satire or not.

  • Svetlana is the prettiest hammer I have ever seen 😄❤️👍🔨

  • 1.8 mil people got cheeseflexed.

  • Must smell like vadim's socks after a day of hardbass dance during hot summer...

  • Get an E36 instead. Much cheaper rn, but still that slav german effect

  • i need more indonesian subtitle

  • I have never seen mayo cook before

  • Cut down a whole forest if you want 😂😂😂😂cheeki breeki i v damke

  • Does anyone know the name of the background music?

  • "Once upon a long time ago" 😂😂

  • Glad you keep the animals in cage😂

  • "we are not trying to make meat cake!" *makes meat cake*

  • wow the knife looks expensive..

  • im french. Never heard of that :o

  • Internyet? I smell Inter no

  • What IS the cheese he's using? Any Russian speakers want to help my ignorant Western Spy ass out?

  • cooking temperature in kelvin. real class.

  • Boris caught cheating on svetlana 1:35

  • How do I always end up watching b these past midnight on a hungry stomach.

  • Sadly Artyom wouldn't eat the final product because cats don't like salted food like we do. And obviously, the onions are poisonous to him

  • Oh motherland

  • 1:37 the markings are there... Instructions unclear, ended up using baby hammer instead of Svetlana’s distant sister

  • Yesss there is indonesian subtitles

  • It looks like a Soviet pizza

  • And now its time for the most significant part in the whole recipe ᵗʰᵉ ᵐᵃʸᵒⁿᵉᶻ

  • Boris when im in the same room as my parents i cover my phones speaker when hardbass intro starts not because i dont like hardbass in fact its my favourite music style but because my parents cant handle the slavness. May the slav gods be on the side of the shashlikking

  • Really want to make this...looks so damn good

  • It looks like boris do a pizza but all meat and i want to taste it too. EEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Me are islam : ok pork is haram to us

  • I can feel my entire circulatory system imploding from cholesterol by merely looking at this beautiful slavic, lasagna-thingy.

    • It is called winter food for a reason

  • I cant believe how little grease came outta that thing....

  • Mayonaise yeah no bru....

  • oi cyka u did last layer cheese blyat

  • Boris, you use Hammer. But where is Sickle?

  • This looks like something that will never come off of your pan, but it also looks so good I have to try it at least once.

  • Hi what's the traditional background music? sounds so nice.

  • BORIS:we mate meat with svet lana Also Boris:caught tenderizing with child toy OY BLYAD

  • French enchiladas?

  • I live in California, my family was born in Czechoslovakia. The mayonnaise here is horrible, sloppy, and tastes like you lick the udders of a rotting cow carcass. I need to make ingredients for my ingredients. at least there is one good thing about California? (Can someone finish this question for me)

    • Russian food stores is what you need. With proper sour cream (smetana), tvorog and salted cucumbers (not pickled) to go with vodka

  • Polish mayoneese is the best

  • Is birthday of Artyom, have a glorious birthday komrade kat

  • i would die for boris

  • "this is not Mayonez, this is what i call the Spyonez" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • alternate title: beating meat with Svetlana

  • artyom has located cheese

  • Yes kielieci best

  • Actually made this last Christmas and forgot to post about it, it's delicious. Thanks for the recipe comrade.

  • Siapa yang nulis caption bahasa Indo 😑😂

  • How much cheese does he have?

  • Boris meet tf2 heavy's Sasha there really make a great team

  • Right before the intro started Vadim yelled at him.....

    • You can hear in background 'Boris blyat' if you listen very closely

  • Russian teacher to ADHD students: 0:00

  • The interno?

  • So much god damn mayonnaise holy shit.

  • This is the one channel on HRdown I will never skip an ad on. God bless you comrade Boris!

  • I can't eat pork but damn, that looks tasty af