Trisha & Ethan Do Oddly Satisfying Trends - Frenemies # 30

Datum objavljivanja: 6. Tra 2021.
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  • New trish unlocked Counting in a different language

  • I just wanna say, TATI WAS RIGHT

    • 😳 I hate to say it but you’re completely correct I wonder if she’s ever gonna come back

  • Wait, did they say the color salmon was banned? What does that mean?? lol

  • Trisha pls I work at a seafood restaurant please don’t cancel me

  • no trisha singing the fry song

  • Trisha should own 50% of this company.... oops

  • I love anxiety notebooks but I also prefer Spell casting and voodoo 😜

  • Had to come here to watch because you’re missing out on so much if you have the audio version only

  • Trisha talking about identity issues is REAL BPD mood

    • Ethan vigorously scraping the chalk going "relax!" reminds me of adhd mood

  • trish counting in korean and ethan thinking she spilled how black holes work 💀💀

  • Honestly, I think Trish may be on the spectrum. my sister is and she reminds me of her so much.

  • Trisha trying to make memes is hysterical

  • when trisha was talking fast she so fucking good

  • i feel so bad for trish for a few seconds because ethan kept cutting her off on the chalk part LOL

  • Trish I need a job for this summer can I be your assistant please lmao


  • Trish needs to pay attention that they dropped Shane and Jeffree faster than anything. They drug their feet on James.

  • trishas memes omfg

  • am i the only one who’s youtube comments r all cropped out

  • this is random but i swear trisha is the only one who actually looks good after getting lip injections

  • Ethan literally did exactly what Julien did in Jenna’s acrylic pour video 😂

  • shot at . held hostage. mugged 2 times , Assaulted multiple times .But the Candle stick was worse thing Trish had happen to her

  • I would buy the book

  • trisha: people watch our podcast with food me: *stuffing a whole moon cake in my mouth* 👁👄👁


  • Ethans slime looks like a dead animal tho

  • I would buy a frenemies anti-anxiety book

  • With peace and love, if you don't tell me what Trisha said in Korean I will explode

  • okay but trish actually really helped me eat dinner tn

  • Ethans slime looks like tv static 😹

  • Trisha not understanding memes when they've been a pillar of the Internet for 10 plus years is iconic

  • adopt me trisha [cry]

  • Trisha mentioning the eating disorders and how them eating might help others, so true. This and the latest podcast in which they ate pizza helped me so much to finally get to eat more and get on my feet. Love this podcast ))

  • anyone else here who can speak korean and have no idea what trisha said

  • them not knowing how to make slime is making my inner slime lover stressed out

  • i cannot watch the cake eating ethan looks so nasty eating it LMFAOO

  • Ethan: I can see Trisha's on Theodores level Also Ethan: 1:25:11

  • Judge my slime xD

  • Skinny icons. Also, the 15 secs of Alfredo on cam turned me into a puddle of goo for the rest of the show. He's all I could think about and I'm not ashamed

  • Trisha's hair is so gorgeous in this video

  • Holy shit. Imagine Trisha hosting SNL...

  • Do people really like the hack stupid things they do ? I hate it. I just skip to something else. I don’t give a shit about them doing stupid stunts every week. Once a month maybe but it’s constant.

    • I actually really enjoy watching them doing random stuff. It’s because of their personalities that make it super entertaining for me.. if it was any other duo , I’d probably skip too lol

  • 1:53:11 trish made a cool face painting and no one said anything the heck

  • Watching from Mars love this show

  • "Yer sh$t looks like a paralysis demon." Best line. :D

  • dan sounds like he’s talking to a 5 yr old when ethan was talking about the kinetic sand

  • I just noticed ethan’s side of the table is dark brown😭 I always thought it was black 😭

  • Korean trish sounds just like Jewish Hebrew trish LOL

  • Trishas meme stuff is just the honesty side that grown people are thinking. Memes fucking blow. Stupid shit for stupid people.

  • Colorado in da house

  • The whole thing about Rami Malek owing Trisha is absolutely HILARIOUS dear lord


  • love trisha but i don’t think having children is something she’d commit to lmao

  • omg they should do ASMR

  • Dumb

  • Stupid

  • 1:03:49

  • the way trish spoke korean LOL

  • Trish wanting to adopt an older child is actually really good, like so many people only ever want babies and it leads to older children being left in the system for years

  • “it didn’t make sense but i like that you’re trying” 😭

  • can’t watch frenemies around anyone without ethan going “daddy?😩” every five seconds LMAO

  • please make bootleg mickey frenemies merch with trishas painting

  • lmfao on google I typed "900th richest person" and autofill suggested "900th richest person gay finance"

  • Every episode I crack up out loud like an actual Lol

  • this podcast is why i'm behind 12 assignments

  • A book for really fucked up people

  • when ever I see a new podcast out it makes my day

  • Can Adopt me any day Trisha! Lmao

  • i really hope Trisha gets some children🥺

  • 난 당신이 싫어요 ^^! Both are very funny though

  • the show hosted BY TWO ✨ skinny people ✨

  • I didn’t like the sponsorship 😬

  • I had no idea how much I needed this in my life.

  • EEEEEWW 😭😅

  • Trisha is that kind of friend/person who loves making jokes about other people but gets offended if others make jokes about her. I love her tho🙈

  • I love the whole anti anxiety notebook! I want one

  • My favorite siblings duo. The glue fight was gold hahaha real siblings vibe.

  • 1:41:25 that was really uncomfortable to hear not really something u joke about......

  • I do need help with binge eating.

  • The way they both fucking automatically TASTED the glue

  • Ethan constantly saying daddy had me dead😭😭😭

  • Please Adopt from THE US. This goes for everyone who lives in the US. These kids needs home so badly and they are right here, our neighbors.

  • 1:22:06

  • when trisha said she got chicken parmesan i started singing “and heartbreak” 💀

  • Ok I am SO loving you two together!!!!! I am so going to buy the anxiety workbook!!!

  • This is my favorite episode

  • I would so buy a frenemies anti anxiety notebook 😩

  • Trisha talking about how this podcast helps people with ED feel comfortable Me eating a bag of dark chocolate chips meant for baking 🥺🥺🥺

  • Trisha has baby hands

  • Mhmdaddymmmmhhmmm

  • yes id love the idea of an anxiety book

  • I didn’t even know what Impulsive was... lol no joke.... I had to google it, just now.

  • joking about identyfiying jews? i live rear auschwitz, and keeping in mind the fact that trisha didnt know what hitler did til not so long ago it makes me so sick that she jokes about it. she needs to sort out her priorities, learn and shut up about things that she doesnt know shit about becauase its hurtful. i live near krakow and many of my ancestors had to go through ww2 and she didnt even know what hitler did. disgusting.

    • and still most of the people in the usa being concernerned about the wikifeet? bringing awareness to someoness feet status other than to history of whats happened in europe not so long ago just becouse it was not your country that was involved? what the f. sorry for chaotic grammar im from poland. people nowadays are just focusing on the wrong kind of abuse and no one is speaking about why my country is still fucked up today, when there is milions of people on the streets. fuck james charles trisha paytas and shit start talking about real issues.

  • I do watch this podcast with food🤣🤣

  • H3 big brother/survivor plz

  • 1:24:20 Dan being that supportive parent/teacher to Ethan’s sand! 😂

  • adopt from America.....I went through foster care and it was horrible. I was adopted at 7 and to a horrible family. Please adopt and be kind and loving.

  • Yessss fellow army where y’all atttttt!💜


  • "Send the Shavings to Africa" uhhhm Bad Joke, Camera man needs to stay behind the camera, Stop Speaking please..Africa doesn't need your soap shavings, Educate yourself.

    • @LaLa Lam definitely, and honestly, I would LOVE to seem them on location. :) this whole show seems about trishas growth but ethan can too like we all can. I grew up on the "there are starving children in Africa" saying. But then as we got older my whole family stopped saying that. Cause there are obviously starving children everywhere. The phrase is ridiculous and really dated. I was happy to see someone else note that!

    • @Mary Flores Just Ignorant! It's Pretty Embarrassing I actually would love to see Trish go to a Country in Africa and See her Jaw DROP at the Beauty, Luxury Living, Education Levels etc...Like, Enough with the poverty narrative already! Obviously there is struggle but there's SO much Beauty and WEALTH , they sound dumb as hell

    • Tbh I didn't even like the initial comment from Ethan but idk. Such an American problem more than Frenemies problem