Trisha Was Bullied & It's Not OK - Frenemies #17

Datum objavljivanja: 19. Sij 2021.
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  • its wholesome to see Trisha getting better and better every episode

  • His braids too tight he’s losing brain cells

  • 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣 Trisha pretending to be a domino's employee omg you have the black shirt i can't

  • just came from watching the 22nd one and they have such a healthier dynamic compared to this one and the previous ones

  • I been watching H3 podcast for a month now and the name for the fans isnt cute but i wanna become a foot soldier 🥺 i wish i was able to send clown emoji to Jay lol.


  • this podcast already made me start to fall in love with Trish but the fact that MCR had helped her though her toughest times and she admires Gerard Way this much... it's over i stan Trish ALL THE WAY now 🖤

  • Was she still friends with shane in this episode?

  • "I feel like i'm a full blown socialist." YAS ETHAN!!!!

  • When she was talking about going to the doctor and Ethan was being so genuine and being concerned 🥺 my heart...I’m so glad that she has found her true friends

  • i like trisha, i like a lot that she realises what she does and tries to change and also i love this friendship, i hope it becomes much more healthy

  • For me college was so expensive, my parents, grandparents, and scholarships paid for mine. I was lucky they saved for it ahead of time, or I couldn't have gone.

  • I never really liked either of them on their own. Not to say that I hated them I just didn’t really enjoy their content. I’m not really interested in Trishas content and ethan has definitely changed up his content to something I don’t enjoy as much, but for some reason the both of them together makes a weird dynamic that’s interesting to watch.

  • It’s great to see Trish grow and meet people who care for her. She has been through so much and they see and hear her. H3 is my new obsession. Love you guys!!!!

  • I'm watching this again and it still breaks my heart in two

  • No worries girl jeffree's videos are getting way less views than last year he is tanking and his palettes are not selling out anymore

  • My loans are literally about to go into default from college and Jeffrey Starr laughs at something that would literally change my future wtf I don’t even understand coming from nothing and acting the way he does after getting money. Frustrating

  • Poor Trisha

  • jeffrey star absolutely hunts people for sport

  • guys i’m so sorry, they are both full length films i did a thesis on them in college

  • “I can’t wait to see who dies first” I love them so much I’m addicted

  • @Trisha I need money lmao I got 2 dollars in my bank

  • The sound of him chewing around 1:54 - priceless lol

  • 1:25:00 "I brought all my money" That was the most adorable thing I've ever heard a human say

  • Me, watching this for the first time expecting a lot of Trisha breakdowns or fights: Trisha and Ethan: yelling at the producers for three solid minutes about Quentin Tarantino

  • Did the math for 1 wig it would've been 2,000. Too high if you ask me, but then he increased is price per wig to 2,500? What the fuck. she was not mean about it when she mentioned this online and Jay just bashes and attacks Trisha just because she didn't like the price.

  • Ugh when she said all she does in Vegas is see Donny Osmond 😭❤️

  • that tarantino argument got me so mad omfg death proof counts as it's own movie, it was just released theatrically as a double feature. death proof counts at an individual film like on streaming platforms and on dvd you'd find death proof and planet terror listed separately, i've seen them sold separately more than i've seen grindhouse being sold

  • this man makes me so uncomfortable.

  • hopefully she still is look at her

  • god whenever trish says “i don’t expect anyone to defend me.” my heart breaks :( very happy shes found some real friends

  • Ugh it bothers me how Trisha and Ethan are so right abt the Tarantino films! Quentin doesn’t consider grindhouse: death proof as one of his 9 movies.


  • The imported shirt presumably unpack because bank sicily pour afore a vague handball. nine, imaginary mountain

  • I want to hug her so badly 😩😭

  • I want to be friends with both of them omg

  • We’ve always loved you Trish, there’s just people who love to hate as well. Been a fan for years and always wishing you the best girl. ✨❤️

  • water

  • I don’t ever wanna see this again

  • i am very late to this podcast but as i am watching this (the whole jay drama and the videos) is making me emotional because you can literally see the negative energy in him and in all of them.

  • apparently a double feature includes two films that arent feature films because they are part of a double ~feature~, but definitely not feature films....? hmmmm

  • trish leaving shane is IMPROVEMENT

  • Dude all you do is talk shit about everyone.

  • Trisha definitely said 2021 James Charles LOL last episode, 4:25 😂

  • trisha-"hate when people sell themselves for money" also trisha- "onlyfans"

    • she’s not selling herself bozo

  • Ok, but I’ve never related more to Trisha then when she was talking about how much she loves My Chemical Romance and Gerard way

  • That music and the clip was everything, my 90s ass was so happy to see this

  • Homeboy definitely hits women. Lol

  • When Trisha said: "Hell yeah, let's Robin Hood these bitches" after Ethan bashed on wealthy people, I fucking screeeamed.

  • Is nobody going to acknowledge 1:50:12 😳😳

  • *About dominos clothes policy* Trisha: I hate that, I hate that people don't know that. Also Trisha: What is holocaust? What is global warming?

  • Youre right Ethan, people dont like you

  • Dan is literally wrong

  • DO NOT DONATE TO HABITAT FOR HUMANITY. worked for them for over a year. So much shady shit goes on in that company that you could never imagine. I said what I said👌

  • TRisha is proof that money doesnt buy happiness

  • lets just not comment on peoples weight at all, whether its in a positive way or negative

  • Ethan "won't donate 3,000$ to MLK charity, but is a full blown socialist" Kline

  • stasys mom type vibe

  • Literally all these popular HRdownrs act like children!!

  • JS is so conniving and evil and it’s scary

  • the end has "you're gonna look at me and you're gonna tell me I'm wrong?" energy

  • I want Trish and Ethan to show up to my house PLEASE

  • Personally, I’ve never given a dime to jefree star, and I never would. I kinda got this evil vibe from him, and now hearing trisha’s experience and how the people around him absorb his energy of malice....ugh he’s so scary. Pls stop making the evil rich.

  • looks like dan’s getting fired

  • When Ethan said "Mos-ton" I felt that

  • I mean wasn’t Trisha bullied by you? And weight shamed by you during your “Instagram vs real life” video? Don’t be a hypocrite if you’re gonna call someone else out at least call yourself out for what you’ve done to her as well.

    • they already addressed that and he apologised in an earlier podcast

  • I'm not a fan of Trisha, but she definitely didn't deserve to be treated that way. Jeffree and his sidekick are a disgusting and are a pathetic example of a human being. Makes me sick how childish and dumb they are.

  • When Ethan makes sure Trish made a doctors appointment 🥺

  • This podcast makes my life

  • Could Ethan chew those tatertots any louder lmaoo

  • Jay legit looks like a devil spawn. How does someone get SO angry at another person over absolutely NOTHING

    • It's like he was possessed And Trisha said he sent her a video of him beating up a woman at 6 flags Terrifying

  • Ethan & Trisha getting so triggered that they’re right about Tarantino 🤣🤣🤣

  • I fell asleep watching this and dreamed me and Trisha were best friends... I woke up disappointed!

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  • I love mcr so much, I kind of assumed nobody really listened to them anymore. this definately makes me more happy with my music taste

  • I just remembered that video shane did a day living as Trish and back then I got bad vibes, like he was exploiting her. It wasn't until all this came out that I found out that they had been friends for 12 years. His behavior imitating Jeffrey and Trisha in those videos we're completely different. It's almost like he made fun of Trisha like the internet was at the time and praise the ground that Jeffrey walked on. I feel for Trish, esp since these past couple of years she has started to working on mental health and understand how it affects others. I've been in some similar situation esp when your "friends" talk about you negatively behind your back. Shit oh, my family is like that. Its hard to get out now bc I feel worthless and trapped.😭 if you heard my story you would be captivated with how much I've been through. I wish I could afford good thearpy.🙏🏻

  • Grindhouse double feature was based on old grindhouse theatres. Dan is correct that each film is its own feature because they were intended be as such. As for Tarantino not counting Death Proof as one of his "10 movies" just further propagates my own theory that he won't retire after just 10 bitching movies

  • Trisha has a problematic past but I can see how much she’s changed recently and it makes me so happy

  • not trish thinking she's emo 💀

  • I hate that I love Trisha so much but fuck she’s just so entertaining ❤️ this is a different side of Trisha and it’s so refreshing

  • Even after all Shane has done to betray Trisha she still doesn’t wanna talk badly about him :( ugh my heart, she really is so sweet and thoughtful deep down

  • Shane and Jeffree are the fakest people ever, a match made in hell

  • Fuck Jeffree and Shane for being two faced bullies. We support you Trisha!!!

  • Woooow Trish deserves good friends!! I’m so happy she has this podcast with Ethan and is with Moses and happy, fuck everyone who betrayed her

  • Yesss Demon Slayer is so good lol

  • When Trisha said “this is all I got going for me” I lost it

  • I can't sit through this episode with all that loud chewing and lip smacking.

  • It's a podcast, stop smacking your lips and eating with your mouth full 🙈 so hard to listen to

  • Just to help, the n@ked reference was from their "What's My Age Again" music video not 'All The Small Things'.

  • we have in Poland education for free like from primary school to the university and free healthcare and there still is a BIG inequality between classes.

    • @Lloyd Spence yeah you can really become who you want to be when you grow up if you study enough and think about your future early. Even if you are from poor famlilly the school even lend them books if they can't afford them and they have free mils during the dinner time in school's cafeteria. .

    • Hey, greetings from Mexico sounds like you have it so much better. lol

  • For the record: Tarantino counts Death Proof in his 9 films, but doesn't count Kill Bill as 2 separate movies.

  • “My chemical romance means nothing to me” I shouldn’t be offended yet, I totally am

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  • I feel bad for dan LMAO BC THEY ARE SCREAMJNG AT HIM

  • trisha talking about her experience breaks my heart, i hope she knows that shes worth much more than the way they treated her

  • I think you misread the first david Stan tweet back



  • brooooo the chewing sounds ARE SO ANNOYING