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Cowboy Bebop OST 1 - Cat Blues
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이창민 (Changmin) [2AM] - Moment [The Heirs OST Part 3]

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  • It's more than a year now

  • 1 year later and they are together

  • i'm here from the Q & A who would have thought u can find love in soloQ x)

  • How do he hit challenger?

  • Now that’s your gf

  • Okay, so here am after watch QnA video

  • Who's rewatching this after the QnA video?

  • Oh, that's precious

  • ... is the background music around the 4 minute mark that "Tsundere" song?

  • damn.. i hope I'll find my own larisa

  • I wonder if he's still hard stuck?

  • 1:42 super dash

  • MEOW

  • Because of this, i watched The Heirs ....

  • Videogame Dunkey joke that used exactly the same words coincidence ?

  • This is so insane, first time you met larissa and now you will be married soon

  • Pianta is actually one of the best content creators in League

  • Still a better love story than Twilight

  • Oml

  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ BGM머냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 갑분상속자들

  • so this is how it all started..... i see now

  • i wonder how brian and larissa's relationship is now


  • Pay respect for our Queen larissa.

  • Love is the moment from the KDrama 😭😂😂

  • I get dunkey vibes ); i miss him

  • did brian just say siilas instead of sylas 5:17

  • that morgana q tho

  • S I M P

  • wait he challenger


  • Thats what we would call these days...a simp

  • Reported for gg ez.

  • 7:05 what film Is this scene from


  • This entire video all I can hear is welcome to the lucky channel it’s great if u get that anime


  • I can't believe he actually got pussy from a league game.......

  • Its rumored that the bois is the most powerfull entetie in all of LOL

  • Morganaaaaa

  • 7:06 from what Is this scene

  • Meow....

  • ROFL is that Korean drama?

  • Imagine if Larissa said no

  • simp


  • That was sad ;c

  • 7:20 I was crying :(

  • 1:36 that Naruto music is sick xd

  • Just heard Pianta call Sylas for Sillas... I can't unhear this

  • When he said boss music I immediately thought of swordland.

  • Wheres season 2?

  • why does he have a challanger border but his never showed any sign of him being diamond +

  • Bruh, I feel you when you went against a egirl. I had to kill one for LP too ;-;

  • 0:00 A fairy tail ost to make things epic... hmmmmmmmmmmm... A man of culture as well, i see...

  • 2:27 the boys and sexy Kai'Sa


  • Wait was that kled nexus thing a BrickyOrchid8 reference.

  • Still can't believe this is how they met guess league has some benefits

  • fairy tail sad music intensifies

  • larissa is a city of Greece

  • always with the golden videos

  • U really putted effort on this thumbnail Lol

  • meow meow meow :D:D:D

  • I'm here for some funny stuff to forget everything, and you just have to add the bit in the end and get me depressed again.

  • fairy tail music 😢

  • is this dunkeys son?

  • Bro classic across map shakira e

  • Pianta watches Kdramas confirmed

  • The moment I heard the korean song I knew this man was asian

  • I love this guy. Hes fuckin funny af while also being really good at tjis fked up game. Love em

  • 4:30 I like the masked dedede remix

  • ah this is the video when they met

  • guess i know what've to do now ... SPAM RANKED being good and maybe it 'll happenss! xDD

  • everyone's gonna add larissa now...

  • Bruh I cried at end I'M DONE WITH LIFE

  • SIMP

  • larisa turns out to be 30 year old guy in his mothers basement

    • @Mac B.T. larrissa exposed .turns out brian is gay and likes bbc and larrisa actually is 6'4 alpha draven main named ernesto and has sculpted chest and rippling abbs

    • Nah, they're dating irl, plus larissa and Brian play together in newer videos

  • omg, i literarily cried on the larisa part, it was so romantic..

  • So where did you guys meet ? -Yea um

  • Meow...

  • Funny fact Larissa is a city in Greece and now it is written with only one S instead of two-

  • I like it when brian said "0-8"

  • Charmed more than just her lux avatar

  • That The Heirs/Inheritors BG music tho HAHAHAHA

  • Tristana top lane... Go to hell

  • 6:45 and that kid is how i met your mother

  • Revisiting this because I literally just found out you 2 actually started dating. That's some crazy Romeo and Juliet, Garen and Katarina stuff

  • and now they are dating

  • Pianta will do anything to get Larissa, even if it means to kill her and win the game.

  • God 6:51

  • i love brian , i wonder what s his real name

  • simp

  • And that kids is how I met your mother

  • Pros of being Pianta You can have 2 Egirls with 2 Personalities

  • how did it went

  • I wish I had a friend. :(

  • When his main account is diamond 4 while tenmo player is diamond 1 :

  • so this is how u met larissa

  • 2:43 "FK-CN" wow