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  • Another day reminding pianta i liked every vid

  • lol zed name gay withe daD

  • 2:22 larisas mum screaming lol

  • pls say team diif uwu? nia* 0w0

  • tryndaqueer

  • Imagin playing trynd and moving from top

  • River Tenmo

  • Bonkdamere

  • I swear im not the only one who noticed olaf in the tower 1:34

  • I have that skin too :D

  • i miss tenmo player

  • River shen

  • Hello trasta

  • I bought a pc off ironside and got that sweet discount, thanks brian

  • 3:26 I didn't know you were a rapper Brian

  • River Shen


  • brian's thumbnails are fucking amazing

  • thumbnail is Black clover reference :)

  • River shen

  • I thought your name is pinata for like a year._.

  • River Shen

  • Hey guys, can someone send me a link with a Elmo dancing to crab rave and it was something like "better jungler wins" thx. I saw the vieon in one of theese but i lost it :(

  • Bro im so raged i Cant wait for so long for a new video it kills ME

  • Teach me teemo

  • was waiting on Pianta's Bonk and nothing >.>

  • Imissyouu

  • Gg for the black clover reference

  • Loved the Meliodas reference haha!

    • Sorry to disappoint it's asta in the thumbnail oi am I dumb

  • Can you play mobile legends or wild rift?

  • Modern day Keyori. I love you

  • Remember that time that Brian died to a minion?

  • New rivershen when

  • Bruh

  • Ok but what anime is the this thumbnail from so far we had jujutsu kaisen, one punch man, and demon slayer twice but wha is this one?

  • You remind me of videogamedunkey

  • ah, another one of them champions that's always trash on my team and god on the opposing team.

  • River Shen

  • The thumbnail is like Asta in demon form

  • 0:17 Are those bokuto’s hey hey hey?

  • Next up: LeBonk

  • 4:28 you can tell he's not a support main since he doesn't know how gold on ward kills work

  • It’s not the same without the uwu

  • “what’s his name?”

  • d o a s k a r n e r g u i d e

  • Pianta slowly devolving into the Dunkey fanboy he always was. Yes, join us....

  • Love the vids, rtb!

  • How was that my fault?

  • Is it just .e or is he actually trying on the thumbnails now?

  • i like the tryndamere black form

  • Top diff uwu

  • This should've been called bonkdamere

  • New video everyday. am i on heaven?

  • a tryndamere main (me): reads title: THIS IS GANNE BE THE BEST VIDEO MADE FROM PIANTA!'

  • 1:34 olaf is just chilling under the tower

  • t3nm0plyr climb pls

  • 2:21 why someone is screaming "larissa" in the background?

  • Hi Bri-*BONK*

  • Pls Play Lulu top so I can rub it into some guy's face

  • So here I am the sett main. Ya know sett's objective to kill opponents as quickly as possible...Its all fun and games for us until we're faced with Trynd

  • noob trinda

  • Should do a *gnar hit boomerang* Haha boomerang go bonk bonk

  • At 4:35 what is the name of the song? I would like to know thx

  • BONK

  • 5:11 Zilean laugh

  • Bonkmere

  • larissa is such a hero, handle brian every day is a serious work

  • I swear you could make videos on transgender kangaroo armpit hair and I’d still watch it every day.

  • This is the closest to Dunkey your content has ever been. And i love it :)

  • 3 uploads in a week what world are we living in

  • Have you ever considered being an editor?

  • Pls make Wild Rift content!

  • 4:32 - 5:31 just listened to that ost, clicked on this video and heard it again. Nice coincidence :)


  • Kled but he cant move without ska- wait, wrong channel.

  • Bro the thumnail is getting better Idk if it's good or bad, I want the bad thumbnail it's making me happy

  • Bonkamere

  • Pianta while i was watching black clover and asta transformed this came up in my notifications this must be fate

  • 1:07 even I ended up saying top diff

  • Still waiting for a new "league of voice-chat" video

  • Art is getting scarier and scarier guys

  • "yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, I did it!" - Brian, 2021

  • 5:05 ost name please ??

  • beat his ass eat his ass - brian

  • Notice me painta 🥺

  • Black clover reference?

  • I didn't watch the season 2021 premier just to watch this vid

  • nah dude dw no such thing as too greedy

  • you always thank the top patreons but what about the mid, bot and jg patreons?

  • The thumbnail is absurd. Its disgusting. It really is, like how come tryndamere use both hands just to swing his sword?

  • Tryndamere in thumbnail when he ults:"not yet"

  • bonkity bonk bonk

  • Super epic video

  • And it was butifull to watch.

  • reemm

  • Art too good. Please fix

  • Me and some girl became friends by just saying 'pianta tenmo bonk' in chat

  • Bonk me the way they bonk their keyboard when playing Tryndamere

  • fogged would be proud of you brother

  • Is the thumbnail a reference to the demon clan from the seven deadly sins? Looks like so