TSAR'S BLINS WITH CAVIAR - Cooking with Boris

Datum objavljivanja: 7. Lis 2020.
Boris cooking small blins for serving with caviar, sour cream and smoked salmon. I call them the Tsar's blins.
250ml all purpose wheat flour
250ml milk aka cow juice
2 chicken produce (eggs)
half teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon of sugar
oil for cooking
caviar and sour cream for topping
mix milk, eggs, flour, salt, sugar in a bowl
lubricate pan with oil and heat up
cook blins on both sides until light brown
serve with caviar and sour cream
half tablespoon dry yeast
250ml all purpose wheat flour
250ml milk aka cow juice
2 chicken produce (eggs)
half teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon of sugar
oil for cooking
caviar and sour cream for topping
warm up the milk in a pot until warm enough to still touch with finger
add in the yeast and let it sit for 10min
then add in flour, sugar, salt and eggs. mix well.
let the mix sit about 30min in "warm place" whatever that is..
if you dont have warm place, put in oven on lowest heat
dough should rise about to twice the size
lubricate pan with oil and heat up
cook blins on both sides until light brown
serve with caviar and sour cream
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  • You sounded so American to me when you said sugar the first time lol Ps. I love your videos🖤

  • me when my money is deducted: oh god my money! Boris: yes my wallet is screaming at me...

  • 5:16 Mad Boris is best Boris "Fucking Vladim Designs Incorporated"

  • 5:58, if you melt butter and separate the milk solids out of it you can get it super hot without burning it.

    • Nope, you'll only add about 20-30°C to smokepoint + come on, he's Boris, the Slav Superstar, He don't have time for some ghee bs. And I don't think his Babushka would be proud if he done that. You know, you Are losing nutriens, And that's never good fór slav

  • “Vadim designs incorporated” LMFAO

  • At 4:17 I got a fucking ad 😂 watch 5 seconds before

  • Boris showing his mouth is the equivalent of Dr. Disrespect showing his eyes

  • Finally I get to eat

  • boris' red plate looks like one of those old ceramic plates, you know.... the radioactive ones?

  • American: "FBI open up!" Russian: "KGB open up!" Indonesia: "Kijang satu masuk"


  • Seeing boris's mouth is unusual...

  • I fear no man. but that thing... _boris’ mouth_ *it scares me.*

  • I don't think I could ever handle a Boris face reveal. Just seeing his mouth is way to intimate for me (yes, I'm weird, I know). Good news for Boris a least! (I hope...) Forever thankful for the syrnik recipe, it's my favorite blin/pancake. Will probably make these ones sometime in the near future too though! Thanks for everything Boris, you're amazing! (Give Artyom an extra pat from me if you want!)

  • "Yes my wallet is screaming at me." Likewise as a Gacha man. Even though I am now moving to go F2P.

  • His mouth always makes me a little uncomfortable, like he is naked, but I did like seeing him actually say "Stay cheeki breeki"

  • I miss blini breakfast. As soon as this COVID shit is handled, I'm going to Russian House Nazdorovye and eating until I explode.

  • Only thing the world needs to get through 2020. Boris eating exclusive tsar blins cyka!

  • Boris got enough money to waste flour

  • Boris, each day you show more and more of your face to us


  • Can we get a nose reveal?

  • 7:17 boris's mouth opening like that is cursed but blessed at the same time

  • WARNING: Extreme explicit content with some mouth action.

  • Pancakes with caviar - delicious!

  • I love sour cream (smetana)!

  • First time seeing his fucking mouth. Not disappointed

  • Boris had a girlfriend Proof: Why saying thicc lol

  • Tsar's blyats with caviar, yummy yummy

  • This mini pancakes in Russia called "oladiki"

  • Cow juice 😂😂

  • When boris uses the mouth ski mask, it brings me comfort



  • 4:51 Ah yes a true insult to my backwards West Virginia heritage

  • 1:46 His real voice shown itself.

  • Under the mask he probably looks like an average slav

  • 2:18 *VADIM SPOTTED*

  • What's funny is caviar and lobster used to be cheap commoner food, and rhe bolsheviks commonly ate bread rolls with caviar. But then capitalism came and made it into fancy, nonsensically expensive stuff for the elites

  • Boris Said Warm place is fridge in siberia meaning Boris is in Siberia

  • The best cooking channel ever,that isn't even a cooking channel

  • mouth reveal

  • Make cooked blyat next

  • Wow we saw you eat it and your mouth

  • 3:24 *scared*

  • I like it how when the KGB arrived, he came back for the damn caviar before running off XD

  • d-did he just snapped the whisk????

  • I want drink some beer with you or Vodka kurwa mać

  • Boris: cooking Fire alarm: oi you gotta stop that

  • Is blinches plural for blin

  • you cant spell tsar without the star!

  • Just today we had Mamas Blins Was gread Tomorow we will have Babuschkas Blins

  • 1:50 Is that really a spoon made of Au?

  • This is literally called small blins by my family. And no i am not lying even babushka calls it that in russian.

  • Он че рилли русский или прост прикалывается?

  • I followed this and made very big thicc blin it cost is 3200zł


  • Why did the fire alarm sounds like artyom??

  • Potato caviar??


  • I have this theory, that Boris is actually FPSRussia pulling another fast one on us. That this is all just an act. I have zero proof of this. I just know it to be true.

  • For some reason boris without mouth showing feels like a different character than boris with mouth showing

  • Where im from caviar is like really cheap like youll find it in grocery store cheap

  • Isnt it Just the oladya lol

  • Grow a beard so u only have to use half a mask

  • 1:48 he said sugar perfectly...

  • To be fair, caviar with mayo and some lemon/lime juice **is** really good. Edit: pls respect the flour more. >:|

  • Lets make a ,,KGB OPEN UP" meme

  • At all times, through this cook-off, i was expecting eggs to fly ...

  • Coci dick pendos

  • Mixing tool:*mixes wrong* Boris:*smashes tool to pieces* VADIM

  • When he said "of sugar", he released an accent that is forbidden in his country

    • Why do you think the KGB knocked 5 minutes later?

  • fun fact: The Tsar of Russia, the Romanov's, family favorite dish was reindeer tongue (this was Nicolas the 2nds family)

  • Hmm, aren't you basically making *oladushki* if they're smol blins? They are mostly thicker though, but I've tried thin oladushki as well

  • Hey, was my pan supposed to explode when i put cold blin mixture into it?

  • *And we just leave it to rest, for 30 minutes in one of those mythical locations called "the warm place" which if u live in Siberia is....* REFRIGERATOR

  • is that the real anomaly

  • Boris, zdorova thank you for the recipe)

  • i just find it fascinating that "blin" is to "blyat" as "fudge" is to "fuck" never really thought of a similar concept being in other languages

    • We too in philippines say putek so its not as offensive as puta

    • Yeah it is quite interesting how they have that. I knew that Spanish and German have that but both of those languages are very simpler to English, but I would have never expected Russian to have that

    • We Vietnamese also go like Đậu xanh rau má/Mung bean centella (vulgar: đ... má - fuck).

    • in german Scheibenkleister is a less vulgar way of saying Scheiße

    • Anytime I explain that it means pancake to someone, I just use that.

  • Борис а ю фром Раша?)

  • вери найс

  • Boris,i just love all your cooking videos.They are funny as f*ck AND awesomely good tasting...So pls,do more........NOW!!!!......Oh yeah and stay cheeki breeki comrade and say "hi" to Artyom!

  • *Life Is Good*. Ok

  • For the mother land and ak-47

  • Idk but boris saying sugar is S a t i s f y i n g 1:48

  • seeing just his mouth and seeing it move when he talks kinda freaks me out XD

  • Ты русский?

  • Try make a black blin from Rye flour use in black bread

  • I hope my clicks to your banner advertisement helps, because once the new site loads I immediately close. I am working to dismantle the capitalist system from the inside.

  • we also say smetana

  • Do KGB ask for you to open the door? Arent they just INVADE?

  • Do you have any suggestions where can I caviar?

  • I never knew blin was a blyat as well

  • My dad bought the whole set of gold utensils in germany

  • When are we getting cooking with Kalashnikov?

  • Boris consumed the milk chalice. We have it bois

  • For a more slavic expierience. Use Пастрмка (Trout) from Serbia or Macedonia for the true slavic expierience. Trust me I am Slav.

  • Where is your beard,this is not the real boris but a western spy🤔

  • Now boris's 50euro cooking tutorial will go into action

  • I can't actually tell if it's Artyum or an actual firealarm 2:18

  • His lalalala always makese smile