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  • If beautiful is a 10 , then TWICE are a 20 : ) : )

  • Welcome 148million views:)))

  • So biu ti phun hơn nỳ

  • *i can't stop me 149m* ~~ *go go fighting*

  • ‘ICSM' ENGLISH VER.: TWICE on Stephen Colbert: “Eyes Wide Open” Album (spotify):


  • how many views today?


  • Road to 150 million

  • don’t react to hate comments, just report them ^^ Let’s enjoy this song together and appreciate twice!

  • Continue st34ming let's maintain millions of vi3ws per day until January 2021 or better until Feb/March 2021

  • The way it's rising again The second like ooh ahh is coming

  • 148,475,936

  • My shining light Dahyun.

  • Chou Tzuyu

  • Son Chaeyoung

  • Kim Dahyun

  • Myoui Mina

  • Park Jihyo

  • Minatozaki Sana

  • Hirai Momo

  • Yoo Jeongyeon

  • Im Nayeon


  • Once after streaming icsm stream more and more

  • The song hit me because of it's 80's vibe in the chorus part..nice song..

  • I hope the v!ews are 175M in my birthday n 200M before 2021 *my birthday in this month, hbd to me>

  • twice i love you but i hate you jyp

  • mina's voice uwaowwww. omg

  • park jihyo, jongyeon ,mina, momo, chae, sana, nayeon, dahyun, tzuyu best girls

  • From Like OOH AAH to I CANT STOP ME.

  • tzuyu best visual

  • chae and dahyun rap queen

  • bts twice forever

  • twice the best girl group

  • Stream once .. Fighting

  • i live u once

  • Str34m tt japan ver.

  • Hi! co once stream also more and more after we stream ICSM then after we stream more and more lets stream back ICSM And then repeat and repeat atleast we stream more and more

  • 550k more to reach 149m

  • Omoo Dahyunssi I love you let's get merried

  • Don’t let the views drop in 1.5M

  • 150m tomorrow


  • 10M seller and 10M subscribers....

  • Guys, please keep str3aming. It counts for the MAMA voting. Also for the categories "best female group" and "female dance group" there are two videos that you need to str3am as well because they also count. It may be nothing but I did a playlist that you can find here : , that you could play while doing something else, with obviously the MV, the 2 videos for the 2 MAMA categories and the lasted video we need to str3am like the Eng ver, the Stephen Colbert performance and all the songs of the album that didn't reach 1M vi3ws. It may be nothing but if it can help the girls and people to str3am...

  • 770.000 left to 10M subscribers

  • 10 million seller TWICE

  • Omg Twice sing I can’t stop me in live

  • Twice icsm DESERVES to be on billboard idc we need to get our girls on there keep streaming

  • HELL IN HEAVEN has surpassed 5 MILLION streams on Spotify. @JYPETWICE #MAMAVOTE #twice

  • Wowwwws

  • TWICE I CAN'T STOP ME (English Ver.) Audio achieved 1,023,392 views, 209K likes & 15K comments. It is their most viewed Audio in the 1st 24 hours!


  • I hope we see rapper momo more in future

  • Twice is very week in English ☹️☹️☹️

    • yes they are , like , everyone once knows that . btw weak* not “ week “ . ur english are weak too

    • We’re not denying that.

    • Um.... Weak*

  • 왜 댓글은 죄다 영어인거야? 뭐 읽을수가 있어야 공감을 하지ㅜㅜ 뭐 이런 내용이겠지? 외국인:와우 정말 대단한 곡입니다!

  • Kpop Groups that sold out more than 10 million album sales (korean + japan) : #BTS - 26.3M #TVXQ - 12.2M #EXO - 12.1M #TWICE - 10.029M #MAMAVOTE #twice

  • VOTE FOR TWICE ON MAMA 2020 USE 10 OR MORE ACCOUNT 4 days left Onces we dont have time 🚨

  • Congrats to @JYPETWICE for officially becoming the first and only girl group to sell over 10 million albums in kpop history.. #TWICE #트와이스 #MAMAVOTE

  • Day 35: 1.53M Day 36: 1.56M We need more, ONCEs. Stream harder

  • هاي ونسز كيفكم؟ إجيت من أغنية لايف قوز اون يلا فايتينغ

  • .@JYPETWICE English Version Audios 24-Hour Views Count MORE & MORE - 517K I CAN'T STOP ME - 1M (new) #TWICEYTAudio #TWICE

    • onces we are improving a lot

  • onceu as of now is blackpink more popular in korea than twice ???? I've seen a Korean neitzen saying this in blackpink MV that twice was only popular back in 2016 and now bp is more popular than them !!!!! But among men I think twice is more popular in korea.. ahhhh I'm so confused

    • @beouee periodt

    • We don’t need judgemental Knetz, we only need K-onces

  • This is the first time I'm seeing Twice and I'm still amazed there's nine members

    • more members means more visuals talents chaos energy ......


  • 10million sellers Twice!!

  • I can't stop มิ can't stop จิ

  • riiingg riiinggg a liiinngg

  • 148M


  • hello! here are some new achievements of TWICE for y'all to be inspired to stream harder. - TWICE has surpassed 10M+ sales (only in korea and japan, excluding other countries) becoming the FIRST and ONLY korean gg to reach that milestone. - the ONLY IDOL GROUP (both male and female) with most songs on Melon's top 100 songs of THIS DECADE in korea (2010-2019). - with ICSM, TWICE ranked #1 on Billboard's 'World Digital Song Sales' and on the Global Music Platform Spotify's 'Global Top 10 Debut Chart. go and call them flop bcs queens won't stop achieving more and more.💅

  • Once don't forget to stræm more&more for MAMA award part of criteria

    • Fighting!

  • Twice is literally the BEST OUT OF THE BES!

  • FIGHTING!!!!

  • I’m done doing school many views did we gained for this day?

    • 1,56M yt freezed the views in the last 15 minutes

  • Idk i feel nostalgic with this song thankss twice lov u girl

  • " I can't stop me " D - v1iew D36: 148,3m D35: 146,8m D34: 145,2m D33: 143,6m D32: 141,9m D31: 140,2m D30: 138,3m

  • Risky risky wiggi wig---- risky risky why you test me

  • I love you twice

  • Nice😁☺️

  • Nice

  • Lets reach 150M as fast as we can :) Happy 10M album sales!!!

  • حبيييتتت

  • Lets gooo, road to 150M FIGHTING ONCES!!

  • 150M soon!!!

  • 2M views and we will reach the 150M!! Stream is must. Happy 10 Million sales TWICE!!

  • I cant stop me

  • Use the filter too on Twicetagram ONCE

  • 150M soon😱😱

  • they deserve better

  • Were Almost There 150m views

  • Congratulations to Twice for achieving 10 millions album sales. They are the first and only Kpop girlgroup to achieve it!

  • Yei

  • Once, please str3eam More and More it's really important for MAMA.

  • Letsgoooooo

  • ONCE we still need 1,619,193m to achieve 150m, so please continue Str3aming and Vote Everyday!!.

    • Str3am "Feel Special" too they are so close to hit 300M

    • yes, also don't forget to str3am more & more

  • Twicee

  • Very very very very nice very very good I love you