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udyr in league of legends
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  • what is that song at the very end of the video with the patreons?

  • Uga uga

  • That teemo was kinda braindead toxic.

  • I love the part where he said scratch

  • 7:50

  • wait why is Caitlyn floating?

  • your videos always make me laugh.

  • Yo whats the name of the outro song

  • Anyone else wish this video happened in season 11 because of prowlers

  • Was that game winnable?

  • Tenmo river

  • Don't forget to go like this so we can get another river shen movie. hrdown.info/block/video/vGlpkNprocZofM0

  • River shen

  • "Scrash scrash scrash" - Superman 2020.

  • 7:54 why chat blurried here

  • hey pianta do you know your name means plant in Italian :^

  • What in the world that azir

  • udy.

  • that is a thick bush

  • Hm 😤

  • 1:30 anyone see that naut tho

  • Ap udyr got buffed and brian actually made an ad udyr video. This should be illegal

  • ok

  • hey pianta play among us with your detective skills

  • I lowkey want to see you play riven, would that be possible? Brian..

  • how to join Discord channel? :< i want to be part of the Pianta Army

  • 5:01 is that the actor that played the Joker?

  • I am waiting for a river teemo

  • Can anyone tell me why in the world would youtube tell mw you just uploaded this? I already liked it :/ But i dont complain seeing it again tough

  • Pianta can u send out ur discord server link again?

  • 3:31 cait is flying lol ...

  • 2:15 Superman everything's great but why you're 2/10? xD

  • Where is littlebluemoon

  • meanwhile in my head: every corner of mario card

  • Now I remember why I hate Udyr...

  • While udyr is scratch scratch scratch I itch itch itch

  • Volibear ultimate has 125% scaling, you know what to do Oops wrong channel.

  • Weird thing happend after watching this video. Saw an AP udyr in rank go mid and scratch the shit in that game coincidence?

  • I dissapprove. No trick2g reference was made.

  • 8:01 You don't have to thank me

  • Remember the senzawa days 😭

  • Á đù ông là người Việt à

  • I miss ur vids

  • Sorry Brian. I will have to unsubscribe. League Of Legends is ruining my studies. I really hope that I will come back. Good luck my friend.

  • The fact he didn’t upgrade his R triggered me

  • I like how when pianta is sponesored he swear a lot more

  • Pianta giving off major Dunkey vibes

  • Are you trying to sound like videogamedunkey in this video? Cuz you do lool

  • As an udyr main I saw so many misplays in the first minute its so cringe xd

  • Go 5 river shens on ofa

  • Is this game even in fucking english?

  • But, did he win the game?..

  • Trick3g

  • so... my name in League is soulzeREEEEE; when i saw the fizz's name i immediately lost it thinking it was me, then i realised his name was just EEEEE.

  • I heard udyr used to be viable like Lee sin back in the day now he's like ass

  • More Udyr gameplays pls Pianta

  • Lemme show you how to scratch it...

  • What to say when temmo nub biće snigga

  • Gragas

  • Why did you never level your r

  • censored chat at the end


  • I was thinking "hey lord of heroes looks kinda fire" until he mentioned turn based pvp system....

  • u the worst udyr i have ever seen

  • I thought I was watching a dunkey video there for a moment :D

  • it's like a family friendly trick

  • This video left a taste of Dunkey in my mouth

  • Im already playing lord pf heroes kekw

  • New main? Unyr Player?

  • Remember the time RTB lost against a yuumi

  • Is larisa your gf or what?

  • Discord?

  • 6:24 Is that Gangnam style?


  • Pls next time make 30 minutes of ads

  • Never disappoint me with those mechanically plays!

  • good video than ku

  • Idk why aphiloes didnt use sniper to proc the root from the voide rpg and just aitoed you from far away

  • Its again sleep paralysis demon on thumbnail

  • Videogamedunkey vibess???? 4:03

  • Finally new pianta vid

  • doesnt feel like a scratch

  • Djsjsjsjda

  • 4:38 what the hell is caitlyn chatting about

  • anime sux

  • Tenmo river

  • Hello Pianta, I want to join your discord server and i try your discord invite link but it does not work.Why I'ts happening can you explain pls!!

  • as an aphelios main i am ashamed of this aphelios

  • i couldnt tell if that teemo was being serious when he shit talking

  • That last game hahahaha

  • 1:07 One shall stand and one shall fall.

  • Poffin cooking time awww good times

  • Proguides: 10 worst champs : udyr- Pianta: SCRATCH SCRATCH


  • god this was forced so hard it hurts

  • you know i was about to not like the video until i saw the message at the end thought "why not? i was entertained. it deserves a like." Then liked the video.

  • Lilia One For All.. Bedtime for everyone 💭

  • I actually watched the whole ad intro love you Pianta

  • Now you have to make "UDYR GO CAW CAW"

  • Nice music you picked in the entire video xd