Ultra INTENSE Barge Quest! :: Hermitcraft #37

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Stu 2020.
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Minecraft on the Hermitcraft Server Season 7 Episode 37! Today we take on Grian's Barge Quest with GoodtimeswithScar, ImpulseSV and Rendog! Before and after we do some atmospheric building! It's the one hour journey packed with everything a Minecraft viewer needs!
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  • Loving the village Bdubs! Some super great tips with visual depth in there alongside some gorgeous looking foliage.

    • Pearl you should try to convince Grian to do more build swap. I miss the buildswap vids with you as a judge

    • How amazing wouldn't a collab build with these two guys be???

    • Get Pearl in hearmitcraft 8

    • @Macaroon_Nuggets lol

    • Hey Pearl :D

  • Bdubs someone builded a secret base in your base

  • Bdubs is actually so funny, his personality is amazing

  • Tango: kill the beeeees Bdubs: here's your new house buddy

  • 58:00 bad times with scar

  • I was not prepared for your handsome face. 😳

  • Ren and Impulse: *Does all the work.* Scar and Bdubs: *STEAL TIME.*

  • Scar: Was that your shirt all the time? Bdubs: *Yes.*

  • What an emotional roller coaster

  • I love B dubs voice

  • i have anxiety from watching this

  • 1:00:41 wholesomeness

  • Now i see why Grian said this is his favorite base of season 7 so far

  • 17:35 the race starts

  • Please do more long episodes

  • BDubs is a killer salesman

  • this is the third video I've seen so far aaaaaa I can't get enoughhh

  • "I'm gonna die and you're gonna need to get to me right now." this sounds like something from a romantic drama film and im here for it

  • I watched this whole episode from each perspective and then realized that it totaled 5 hours Edit: I’d do it again

  • Bdubs is sooo entertaining they deserved the win just for that! HAHA

  • Your voice is sometimes so sweet

  • The deadpan health synchronously ban because behavior collaterally follow atop a descriptive sink. limping, thinkable clarinet

  • that was nuts

  • Life lesion with Bdoubs: Be like Scar Edit grammar

  • Hey bdubs there's a command for NPCs! You can customize them and give them commands and a talk. It's */give @s spawn_egg 1 51* to spawn em


  • The equable ocelot beautifully agree because leo behaviorally please lest a devilish trumpet. lively, fuzzy warm

  • Best promo for a sponsor I might have to use express VPN

  • Wow Bdouble0 is a really good looking guy Seriously why doesn’t he have a face cam

  • So we’re not talking about how bdubs goes on the my little pony website in his spare time...

  • I'm here to watch all perspectives

  • Grian: Spawns three withers. X: wants to know his location.

  • he was watching the wrong wither health XDDD

  • you have such a colorful voice

  • I was searching for movies to watch yesterday I should've just caught up with your hermitcraft videos!

  • "I lost some durability in my elytra, can you take it to the XP farm for me?" Classic

  • I was not aware that the wither could blow up your stuff. Bummer

  • Your village is Minecraft village dreams!!!! I now need to try to make a village that looks like this!

  • Bdub: heres a lesson "Never give up" Me: yeah yeah sure "never give up, let the others do it and steal em for your own success" xD i mean, thats literaly what happend tho xD

  • is this bdubs telling us he's a brony. i hate to bring a cursed take but i have to exile it from my brain I don't want it anymore guys

  • If I use a vpn so that people can't sell my data. Can I then sell my own data?

  • ''Go you magical beauty !!!'' :))) Classic Bdubs. Glorious !

  • I got sad when bdubs only had 200 diamonds. I wish he would get in for free

  • I believe this is the first episode of hermitcraft to be sponsored

  • Love the side ponytail!!!


  • Bdubs!! You make me smile when I’m down! I love your videos and your entire attitude is just heartwarming and funny. Not to mention you have so much talent building! Absolutely wonderful!

  • Am i reading this wrong? 1:01:36 Edit: this is an hour of awesome content correct?

  • I missed the evil laugh

  • Bdubs could sell me dirt from my own lawn


  • Dang-it; I was hoping that while Dubs was checking out the new MRHQ, he'd follow the "beam" and look-up to see the Goat-Signal in the sky, and realize that the Goat-Father was _coming back._

  • Anyone else notice how he called himself and his wife boomers

  • I'm a little artsy fartsy right now -bdubs 😂😂😂

  • Nice manbun bdubs!

  • I didnt think withers could regen but they did

  • How did bdubs get rtx 3080

  • Jumping doesn’t lower your hunger you should try running and jumping

  • It’s called the Fibonacci scale that golden thing ma bobby

  • Can I just say you the only person who makes ads so funny i had to watch the whole thing 😂😂

  • Imagine if B-Dubs just knocked ran off the ledge on the Trident ending

  • I wonder what the castle is at the end of the season...

  • If I were Bdubs I’d be tempted to knock Ren off

  • "always scrounge and scrape"

  • Anyone remember when this guy would make Paw Patrol maps for his kids and it would be the cutest thing?

  • "Let this be a lesson to everybody. Never give up. Always scrounge and scrape like...like......like a vulture on the ground, like Scar does." - Bdubs I'm saving this quote. It's too awesome.

  • bdubs is more creative in his left pinkie alone than in my whole body P.S. if you reading this have an AMAZING day

  • Twas a great episode, thanks bdubs

  • I need more sponsored videos just to see Bdubs ponytail. Love it! 😊


  • Bdubs: "built this nice tree, with mushrooms on it.." Scar: "Yeah, so, you're fired."

  • Oh sweet baby jelly this was a good video

  • 23:33 Foreshadowing...

  • 6:00 oh god oh no

  • I didn’t realize how long the video was until I watched the whole thing...

  • I love your content, Bdubs. Thank you for providing consistent high quality entertainment! Definitely one of my favorite content creators, you’re so underrated.

  • Honestly one of the best episodes

  • Loved that whole Express thing

  • love the hair bdubs

  • I wish I had the ability to talk myself up the way Bdubs does "Yes, I'm perfect at ______"

  • Was the My Little Pony thing just an example B-Dubs because I think it is but I'm unsure please correct me if I am wrong or right please


  • I'm so eager for the world download at the end of the season so I can explore bdubbs amazing village myself. Definitely my personal favorite build

  • loving all of it!!!

  • this was so hard to watch lmao

  • Bdubs you can put buttons on the stone road so it locks like smal stones

  • Is no one going to talk about how good that ad actually was? Damn that was smooth and funny

  • I would love to see you start streaming again Bdubs :) I still have a B-train hoodie from back in the day when I was like 15-16 and now im 22 and im from Kzoo MI HUGE Fan and would love to see your content more often Hope the fam is good. XD

  • So no one is going to talk about how Bdubs just made an amazing 1 hour long video? Okay

  • huge smile on my face the whole episode!! loved it!

  • I use turbo VPN

  • what's that song at the end called

  • 13:32 can someone explain the magic end crystal? i don't see obsidian and there definitely isn't bedrock there

  • 7:05, holy crap, Bdubs looks like Albert Einstein, does anyone else see the resemblance?

  • I came from the distant lands of Scar's videos and was sooo surprised when I saw B-dubs face. He reminds me of Aaron Marino otherwise known as Alpha M.

  • "That was pretty good"

  • A full hour of Bdubs? YES PLEASE! What a treat!

  • 10:50

  • Is anyone going to talk about the terraria music he used for the tree time lapse?

    • what song from terraria was it? ive been looking for it!

  • That man bun though. I just picture BDubs in a gui doing karate with that thing.