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teemo go fast
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  • (Pianta getting exploded) Bruh stop sh*ting yourself

  • 1000 ms? pitiful. i got 4000 as quinn

  • Do this with heca or lillia plz

  • Urf is back give us vido

  • Dont know what hurts more, him pronouncing Shurelya's wrong or calling their fountian, nexus

  • Looks so funny Green ball Rolling around

  • xdd

  • imagine having less then 1000 ms

  • When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was just him playing teemo with lag

  • Ahem tenmo

  • gotta love BNHA ost

  • 1:51 germany mode activated

  • need old taric lol

  • 3:57 wait.....you can go to dept in URF?!

  • His voice and mic quality reminds me of sr pelo

  • Who is this twitch egirl for hire ur always playing with

  • River Shen

  • When I saw the word “1000+ MS” I thought he was referring to my average ping.

  • is that larissa??


  • was that his gf?

  • I still look at him. Wondering if I’ll ever get close to my first high. But no spellbound Teemo can ever match the feeling of.. THE FAST..

  • "pick me up" "cominggg"


  • why are they so cute

  • I wonder how long it took you to get Yuuki on urf

  • Can you pl;ease do a warwick full ms vid ?

  • brian playing with larissa is so cute i cant

  • pleas do it in a rank game to Quinn. PLEAS!!!!!!!!!! for all the teemo lovers out ther.. GO FOR IT

  • t33nm0 p1ay3r s3npai p13as3 p05t m0r3 i wi11 10v3 y0u 4 3v3r ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ❤️

  • YES SENPAI PLEASE!!!! Post more!!!

  • Everyone already know that you Are the gay friend but playing with a slave yuumi egirl dude damn ur going far

  • Jhin: My title is being challenged?

  • are there any pianta discord servers? uwu


  • your thumbnails are getting better

  • The lack of predator is disturbing

  • apex predator blitz with sorcery

  • i dog it

  • Now this is fucking content

  • idk who the girl is, but she sounds really cute

  • i didn't know the rift did a dance when it wins

  • I tried it and it was so fucking cool

  • i remember 6 zephyr teemo like it was yesterday

  • dislike bc of egirl

  • Not even doing a lap through the enemy fountain to flex? Pffft, pussy!

  • So Basically I dodgis?

  • Lol this Larissa was Lux

  • Nah its not the same :((

  • Try Quinn, 2.8K ms has never felt so good


  • Shiveries

  • singed with yuumi in urf is unstoppable

  • am i the only one who remember....HentaiFlapper420?

  • Dude I just found you're channel and your videos are the best videos of lol that I have ever seen, they really make me laugh. Thanks you, I was normal mood but know I'm happy :)

  • River shen

  • Jhin: finally a worthy opponent

  • have yall ever seen herald dance? well look now you witnessed it 6:27

  • Does Yummi order an "UBEE" ?

  • Tenmo river

  • My teemo also has 1000 ms.... I'm talking abt my ping

  • 4:37 but they could just use the champion catapult...

  • Wtf fastmo is broken

  • Where’s the predator?

  • Who is his duo?

  • Pianta made video..he no pineapple, go! zoom! win!!!


  • t3nm0plyr update: Silver2 94LP

  • At the start I just see this green ball running around

  • 5:50 , that Lee Sin knows what's going on.

  • Shivery - Pianta 2020


  • Hey pianta i got gold two on my teemo account hopefully I can get to gold one this day wish me luck.

  • My computer broke and theres no way to get it fixed And Urf is here without me Im triggered as f

  • Fast rat

  • Teemo urf broken

  • dad, runes?

  • When Bryan plays with larissa his voice is hella much soft than usually. It seem like he really likes her and he respect her and her ears(cuz his fucking sterero ultra scream machine).

  • bet you never heard of Hecayuumi

  • OMG this looks so annoying lol

  • No no square

  • I saw this 6 months ago you can’t fool me

  • teemos still in ur base

  • How the frick did you get Yuumi? I've played like 50 URFs already and she's been banned in 49 of them

  • Wtf did I just witness-

  • how did you get a yuumi game... she's almost always banned ;-;

  • Ohhh happy feet

  • Who is the girl

  • wait a minute... LARISSA!?

  • imagine, you're known for playing teemo let that sink in

  • The speedrunners OST tho yesss

  • He do be zooming and buzzing ngl

  • Gnar Jungle.

  • I tried spellbinder teemo and I had 4 and I was able to kite Vel'koz spamming his skills

  • 3:55 - "oh can you get Shuveriez" - "how tf did u call it ? shurelia's ?" - "SHUVERIZ ?"

  • Brings back the five zephyr teemo memories

  • cant watch this vid, sorry pianta, got to focus all of my internet connection into downloading league to play urf now

  • Simp

  • Pick Qinn and yuumi -> have 4k movement speed -> enjoy

  • U need to try jhin with zeal items