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Vadim blyat! What the blin is he doing there every day. Sometimes he drilling holes. Other times I am not even sure what sounds those are. Here is a video describing what I imagine the neighbour is doing.
Annoying neighbours are the number one cause for broken walls.
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  • Boris: *VADIM BLYAT* Vadim: *BORIS BLYAT*

  • Vadim: trust me i am enginer

  • I like how he never actually shuts off his alarm clock until the end :))))))

  • Wots the name of the song playing when Vadim is being a cyka

  • Hello, Boris, i have one Vadim below my apartment, could u help me get rid of him?

  • Boris: **takes of sunglasses with a heli hat on** Also Boris: *There is another.*

  • Typical Russian neighbors


  • забавный факт: вы это не искали, оно само нашло вас.

  • Wall.....It's really like my days

  • I have watched this video about 10 times now

  • Vadim destroying wood asmr

  • Vadim is weird i watched this over and over again to try and understand what he is trying to do but i don't get it at all

  • 1:42 when your mom confiscated your console but she didn't confiscate your controller

  • Что за хуйня?

  • Love how he kept the alarm on

  • I am confused whether Vadim’s Real name is Vadim Blyat or....... Vadim Thief........ Definitely Vadim Noisemaker Thief.......


  • Vadim's that neighbour that has parties on Sunday night untill 4:00am

  • Now a days everyone wears a mask 😷 boris is a genius 👌


  • 1:51 Vadim testing if gravity is still working

  • Почти без акцента

  • Boris is slav

  • Vadim (his neighbour) when he actually finds the HRdown channel: 😳

  • I had no idea that Boris and Vadim were twins!

  • Eye reveal

  • why is boris the only neighbour annoyed by vadim

  • Joke Theory: Is Boris Vadim? or is Vadim Boris? cause they are like the same person.

  • Imagine getting pinned by the slav king himself @Valevor320 I'm looking at you


  • I like imagining Vadim has his own channel and they both get angry at each other when videos are being made

  • I want to be able to Eat l like Boris or Vadim

  • me an Indonesian: I just love the Indonesia subtitle is just too Indonesian *laughs in wkwk*

  • Donald Trump on Joe Biden : "Biden Blyat!!!"

  • Wait so Vadim is an ASMR HRdownr?

  • Life of Vadim

  • Boris:*VADIM BLYAT* vadim:*BORIS BLYAT*

  • I used to laugh at these videos and later, I moved to a house in the suburbs, and guess what? Neighbour Vadim stole my sosig

  • Me: *looks at his glasses to see what he's playing* Also me: oh he's playing with his camera?

  • Your upstairs neighbour starter pack

  • Was that jirka kral hat

  • What is thing on face called

  • What is the name of song of the last seconds???


  • I live in Korea and somehow I have vadim living in the apartment above me. I finally know what hes always doing up there.

  • Some say Boris’s first words were Vadim Blyat

  • Life of vadim

  • 3:02 incendiary grenades straight from the metro

  • What the blyat

  • What if Vadim blyat was Western Spy all long?!

  • Man, do a Boris blyat video

  • Не смешно

  • boris needs his beauty sleep

  • 0:58 главная фраза

  • If i was vadim i'll kill myself

  • Beautiful комрот

  • 1:45 i’m just staring at his glasses

  • 2.41 we can see your eyes (Meanwhille kgb agents car rammed on my door)


  • What this sound ?

  • Vadim is what we finns call "urakkaukko"

  • Was vadim making ASMR video?

  • Should call this "being my landlord that lives upstairs for a day"

  • 3:50 lol

  • vadim blyat!

  • I clearly have Vadim as neighbour too.

  • Slavic ASMR.

  • Why was Boris in Vadim's bed?

  • Vadim is the equivalent of breaking ur monitor from idiocy while ur friend is over

  • 3:04 beste way to read roadside picnic ;) Loved that detail

  • vadim must have an extra cromosome


  • 3:19 artyom be like uwu

  • 1:46 Your not even playing i can see the reflection

  • Boris 6:20 AM : *sleeps* 6:20 AM : *Vadim go brrrrrrr*

  • So they sell Makita in Russia

  • Artyom: vadim is here MUST PROTECT MOTHERLAND

  • Boris: sosiggg

  • My name is Dimitri and all I have to say is one thing Vadim blyat

  • all the dislikes on this video are just Vadim and his alternate accounts

  • you thought this one out..good job comrade!

  • *HRdown notifications blyat*

  • 3:00 Taking immersion in Roadside Picknick to the next level

  • How is vadim able to access boris fridge if they live in different apartments?

  • Why cant vadim be a karpenter

  • 😂 Vadim is Soviet pioneer, I see his childhood on Soviet pioneer channel 😂

  • жиза

  • at 145 in the vid lookk in his sun galsses

  • Boris; Trying to relax Vadim: oy blin Boris no relaxing for you me: let the man relax

  • There once was a vadim right? But Boris has moved a couple times so he just brought the idea of vadim with him or what?

  • vadim blyat

  • damn now i know how annoying vadim is

  • my name is vadim

  • Oh fuck I think I have a Vadim living upstairs too

  • This box with old nails and screws ... Probably every family in post-soviet countries have ONE such at least! Most of nails have already been used at least once and therefore they are curves. Then you are trying to find a new one or the most straight, haha!

  • Bah 6 in the morning now for normal person who doesn’t also wake up at 6 and go to sleep at 2 This may sound early but to me rookie numbers record is 3 with normal bedtime

  • 2:52 *What I do when I am bored*

  • wherte is boris' ushanka ?

  • 3:54 Imagine having BORIS THE SLAV as neighbour, this is what you would be hearing all day long.