Very good lee sin

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im the lee sin
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  • Imagine being that lee sin being sent in against your own will

  • pianta screaming is sweet music to my ears

  • 2:08 just look at game timer

  • Pianta really put Beyblade in here😂😂😂😂

  • he caught u again but it was just a replay lmao

  • Enemy jungler: I think you are blind Lee: Blind??? Im not blind! Enemy jungler: Yes you are, you cant see! Lee: Sea? See what!? **dragon steal** diss bitch!

  • Ahahahahahahahaah that teemo tho

  • Remember the time pianta lost to the minions


  • Super


  • Best Lee sin splash art so far

  • Hah i got it, because he is blind.

  • pianta reused the same clip

  • 0:49 shiro,eres tu?

  • Oh yeah! Li Seen video :3

  • Same dragon clip a few times. Why?

  • C R I N G E (just an opinion, but i like yall)


  • M

  • are you related to brofresco?


  • Liking the video just for Dr. Stone music.

  • 5:37 tf is that champ

  • 3:00 When you forget what team Senna is on (happens to me more than I care to remember)

  • Wait, larissa?

  • Tenmo river

  • 5:11 lol 2/12

  • 4:05

  • Plot twist: garen is of the players who voted yes

  • Does The girl Also have a yt channel ?

  • 2:09 and 2:19 ur weak.... Im u

  • Love u

  • 0:42 holy shit, I just finished watching Dr. Stone and when the music started playing my whole body just froze in awe

  • Where is lee :>?

  • 2:25 everyone noticed he play the video again so it looks like the jhin saw him do the drake 2 times😂😂

  • Love ya Videos

  • Like, may i ask, is larissa his gf?

  • River Shen


  • River Shen

  • Can you do more face cam lmao

  • Pianta=SUPER TROLL

  • Screams at the end

  • Why did he stop the podcast?

  • R u no longer using discord?

  • Where is tenmo?

  • so I'm a Dota player, and after watching heaps of league videos, I have arrived at the conclusion that 90% of league players are precious princesses and I could probably pick up League and get to at least Diamond just by shit talking the enemy into feeding

  • #Fan1HereBro #UrTBestoAsianamericanHispanicBoyOfHistory #ThilAnotherRiseU

  • Should I dogde?

  • Larissa it s playing agaain uhuu

  • The fact that your using Dr. Stones soundtrack makes me happy

  • wait are u playing with your gf?

  • Report Redje123

  • I love these dr stone’s ost

  • 5:55 Homer when marge punches his balloon knot.

  • hmm ur content still cringe as i left it


  • Lee Sin blind joke haha classic comedy like and subscribe.

  • brian you’re such a fuckisndjsjjqiwkqjajajsjsss asshole

  • What's with all the Dr stone music

  • Lmaooo hahahah

  • The new RememberTheBeat.

  • Pianta, don't make up content just for your videos please. 2:09 you replayed the same exact clip with a different voice over. I'm not tryin to be a stickler. I just enjoy your videos too much to see you become a content chaser. Keep it goin bro🤙

  • The Scream was so real acting:100

  • Haha classic comedy like and subscribe! - Whydra

  • lee in the thumbnail lowkey egg

  • Hm... how u jost got the same time and stats by the 2 times that you wanted to do the drake at 2:21 LOL (he just used 2 times the same source)

  • Ah yes, Larissa ❤️

  • I like this Dr. Stone music in background :D

  • Dr.Stone background music xd

  • Dr stone music though :)

  • ad trynd is ewie

  • I am girl Add me Jahqwelin 🙌🏽😂

  • Loved dr stone music here

  • Is there any chance that you could play again with 4thhokageminato?

  • So many people getting baited by the dragon joke xd

  • you are the kind of person that laughs at peoples suffering


  • At 2:14 he replays the last clip and says he got caught again🤦‍♂️

  • cool funny video man, thumbnails are very unique

  • *"I'm literally on your ass"* -interesting

  • 1:25 Iz Diz Game winnable 🤨

  • Ryze top = gay

  • 0:43 queue doctor stone music

  • So u.... u... want us to think u have an egirl.... but really the egirl has u... wait what if you wanted us to think she has you, so we get less content since you will b too busy with her to upload.... so then u can put out a ton of episodes so surprise us.

  • This has to be iron

  • 0:12 did he just say tangina ?

  • U sound a little bit like Pewdiepie XD

  • Dr. Stone music plays Me: Mhhhhhh guess Imma be a survivial scientist again


  • The ending was epic.

  • Im guessing ur favorite anime is dr.stone?

  • the morgana's e tho

  • your vídeos are too good to you post just 1 per week POST ALL YOUR GAMES PLEASE

  • We need food review

  • River riven

  • Excelent music choices Brain

  • Yeeehaw

  • see sin