VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 41

Datum objavljivanja: 27. Ožu 2021.
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Sam, Niko, and Wren are back on the couch to break down some of the best (and worst) VFX in Hollywood!
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  • That made me so happy when u guys didn’t beg for people to subscribe for once :)

  • can you please react to jalex rosa

  • They should teach science classes through interesting things like film CGi etc

  • Every time I see the 2017 Power Rangers I get sad that it never got a sequel like it deserved

  • react to julien bam pls

  • Can you react to cereal commercials through the decades? (Animated cereal mascots to now CGI mascots: Tony the Tiger, Tucan Sam and that Bee). Thanks.

  • If you guys don’t do the live action Scooby-Doo movie I’ll be sad.

  • KING ATHUR vs KING VORTIGERN | King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)

  • Were they all high as a kite for this one?

  • The sabans power ranger movie had good effects a mediocre story and terrible one unimpressive megazord

  • Yall should review the scene in the movie The Core where it is the Rome lightning attack

  • Yo this one was a really good video

  • Can u guys look at iron man 2 because there is one really bad cgi scene but a couple more really good scenes

  • 0:16 what movie it is ?

  • Should do Thor: Ragnarok, the fight scene when hela arrives in asguard and fight basically an army. I dunno just seems...all rubbery to me

  • You guys should review the scene from Death Becomes her when Meryl Streep falls down the stairs

  • Leera the soulmate is a shitty Indian movie that claimed to be India's first 99% VFX movie you should check that out...

  • Remember, it's just a bad day, not a bad life. Keep smiling everyone :)

  • React to Son of the Mask!

  • PLZ do a reaction to the Batman's batarang on Tim Burton's Batman Returns

  • Please do Lil Nas X - MONTERO, I dare you

  • Plzzz tell me how they did "Christine" (1983) "show me" Scene!!!!

  • You gotta do Jiu jutsu its so bad in so many levels

  • Do it for Godzilla vs Kong

  • Shout out to the lighting and animal animation in Jungle Book 2016.

  • Y'all should review the league of extraordinary gentlemen

  • Sooooo.... 1:20:30 of Scott pilgrim vs the world (katanayagi twins scene) NEEDS a breakdown.

  • nice.

  • I'd like to see you guys review "The Last Starfighter" for it's VFX.

  • Snowpiercer season 2 episode 10 aquarium car breach scene.

  • If I had a nickel for every time wren said your right, I would have like a dollar

  • Can you react to the effects in saving private Ryan?

  • Do Wrath of the Titans. Lava monster heating and cooling, soo cool

  • The new King Kong Vs. Godzilla movie when Kong goes to his world and fights the flying creature.... when he rips off the head and it plops down on the bottom right of the screen the blood mechanic was atrocious

  • You guys need to react to MONSTERS, the low budget movie by Gareth Edwards from 2010

  • How about reacting to some commercials? Pocari Sweat just dropped this one and it's pretty mind blowing. "ポカリスエットCM|「でも君が見えた」篇 60秒 " hrdown.info/block/video/zpaSqJeph69thK8

  • Jason and the Argonauts 1963 skeletons

  • OK, I know it might be iffy for reasons but... hrdown.info/block/video/2Kptr8WLgd2DbJI If you liked Dredd...

  • Hey my dudes! I watch your content all the time. Thanks for the awesome! You guys ever do anything with sound effects and design? I'd watch that episode all day!

  • Guy Ritchie' King Arthur. At 1 hr and 42 minute mark. When Arthur takes the Black Legs head on.

  • Please do Underworld! It was building on An American Werewolf in London and has some great transformations but also some 'running on the wall' shots that... well... But it's like the matrix... still a great film. For that matter perhaps An American Werewolf in London? Also still great... Actualy you could do a whole werewolf episode... then a vampire one... the monsters through history as seen in a few classic films, like how far we have come

  • Corridor Crew! You guys should talk about "What Dreams May Come." They used some crazy innovative technology like the Optical flow system and would be super interesting to talk about.

  • You guys should break down the fighting in Avatar The Last Airbender cartoons.

  • Spider-man 3 - Sandman's transformation after falling in the pit

  • React to tornado Valley aka storm in the Hartland, it's interesting CGI for 2009

  • Do Kevin James's "Sound Guy" Series

  • Hi, love your videos 😄 You need to react to Sherlock Holmes - Game of Shadows, the scene where they are running in the woods!!!

  • You folks should react to the ending of Pirate's of the Caribbean: At World's End. There's a slow-mo cannon fire/shrapnel scene that's insane.

  • Please do waking with dinosaurs the BBC 1999 one

  • Will you guys react to Stephen Chow's Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle and CJ7? Will be fun to compare earlier 2000's HK cgi with Hollywood

  • I feel like you guys might’ve watched it already but you should watch Tin Toy by Pixar in 1988 it’s incredibly well made!

  • React to the Monsterverse especially Godzilla vs Kong

  • please do spiderman 3, the sandman

  • Lazer Dance Scene from Ocean's 12

  • Please explain the editing techniques used in movies like sedmikrasky (daisies) and hausu...

  • Not sure if you've covered it yet but I'm watching the Dora the explorer live action film (don't judge, it's surprisingly self-aware), and there is an animated monkey and a fox that I'd love to hear your take on. The monkey is not great but it also... works for the film?

  • IMMORTALS: Gods V Titans! I was like "wow they manage to do a scene where the background and environmental VFX are 100% but the character VFX are like, 15-years dated"

  • Here's a TV commercial from Japan. See if you can guess how they did it: hrdown.info/block/video/zpaSqJeph69thK8 And if you're really really sure, check out the making of video here: hrdown.info/block/video/1q2LgMl9npuinbs

    • Damn, I was about to share this too! 🤣🤣🤣

  • React to the plane crash at the end of Air Force One 🙏

  • can we do vfx from classic movies like West Side Story and movies from that era?

  • Pirates of the Carribean! Always been curious about that one I believe they still look amazing today!

  • In season 1 episode 9 of Shooter the series with Ryan Phillippe around the 35-36 minute, there's a great shoot of a bullet backfiring and blowing a guys face apart

  • 15:45 if you look at the bottom of the vape cloud you can see Niko’s legs in the clouds

  • React to the horse scene from jarhead with Jake Gyllenhaal

  • Goemon (2009) Japanise movie. Just saw it on TV. It cost 9 millions to make it. But VFX looks like some highschool boy was making them :D You must see it and break down some of the VFX.

  • Dredd 3D slow motion scenes please

  • Check out The Arrival with Charlie Sheen. Some epically bad 90s CGI. The transformation scene about half way through is interesting. hrdown.info/block/video/uGWGj6pmmreLqM0

  • You guys should take a look at the fight scene's in Godzilla Vs Kong. I honestly thought they looked really bad. It all just looked so off. Weird camera placement. Buildings look fake. The movement of the two monsters is weird and they both constantly emit smoke. I just really don't like the fight scenes here. They could have looked so much better comparing it to similar movies.

  • Check out underworld:awakening from 2012. Specially the end fight at the parking carage. There is some good cgi and practical efects in the end. And i really like your show and channell

  • you should take a look at the old lady easter egg from mw2 it looks really good for when it came out

  • please react to Zack Snyder's Justice League vfx

  • Cover starship troopers!

  • Guys, do Soviet Lord of the Rings, I am begging you. Its like a bunch of Russians who read the book put on a play with a nickel as the budget. It is absolutely fabulous, and the green screen is positively awful.

  • You should do one on the live action ben 10 movie from 2007

  • Ever try super sentai like Toqger on vfx Reacts

  • Power rangers my franchise

  • Corridor Crew You asked me to subscribe. I subscribed probably on episode 3 of VFX Artists react! I hope Clint sticks around for some of these episodes, if only so he's enticed to watch more movies. Seriously, dude, you need to expand your viewing queue. I've recommended some of these films before, but they've been lost in the myriad of thousands of comments! Please PLEASE PLEASE review some of these movies. I need to see what you guys think, and hopefully you'll be introduced to a whole generation of films you've probably been unaware of. OKJA ALONG WITH THE GODS: THE TWO WORLDS THE ADMIRAL: ROARING CURRENTS FABRICATED CITY I'll leave it there for now, try to make some recommendations later on. Some of those even work w/ stunts, but I think the VFX will astound you, especially if you check out some of the budgets those movies had. HAVE FUN! Keep the episodes coming! Love your show!!

  • Please react to "Genes" "Singam 3" "Kaithi" "24" "Indru Netru Naalai" all are Tamil cinemas

  • Please, make a video with Hardcore Henry!! I think there's a lot to talk about this movie! By the way, I love your videos!

  • Do some stuntmen or more box artist reacts to Indiana Jones!!

  • you guys should review toy story. Maybe even compare it to toy story 1 to toy story 4

  • Hii guys, I'd like to see your reaction to this VFX artist: @visualdon on instagram hehe :3 Keep up the good work !!

  • Game of Thrones - Blackwater (season 2 ep 9) wildfire explosion it's about 27 minutes in

  • Can you guys PLEASE discuss the vfx for Ghost in Ant Man and the Wasp?? Such a cool effect and I'd love to know how it's done.

  • Please review the VFX in Trollhunter/Trolljegeren It's a Norwegian found footage movie with surprisingly good effects

  • I remember being scared watching the part when the guy turns into a skeleton in indiana jones

  • John wick 3, the motorcycle scene :D

  • Y’all should check out kangaroo jack was watching it recently and for 2003 it’s holds up super well

  • How about 2001 'Evolution'?

  • 2010 The American, river scene where they test a rifle, there is a butterfly towards the end that is some interesting cgi

  • For a disgusting VFX shot, the scene in Annihilation when they cut open the soldier’s stomach

  • Star Trek: Generations (1994) - a fully CGI U.S.S. Enterprise-B being stuck in, and eventually hit by, a fully CGI nexus ribbon.

  • It's not the best movie but Immortals has alot of great visuals

  • I just watched an episode of Lucifer and immediately had to think about you, reacting to that very scene: Season 5, Episode 8: SPOILER ALERT!!! Almost at the end of the episode there is a scene with breaking glass. You will know what I mean, as soon as you watch it!

  • wonder woman 1984

  • Check out the movie 'Life' from 2017, it has some of the best CGI I've seen. First non-fake looking alien I've seen in a long while.

  • React to scenes from Godzilla VS Kong please, they had amazing fur, water, and physics sims that i think it would be awesome to see a reaction to

  • Please react to Raid:Shadow legends commercials.

  • React to "The artist and the kid" by CGMeetup

  • Love and Monsters 2020, 1.07.55