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viego new champ!!!
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    • @Astijus är

    • @racekees zoo aa zoo aa

    • Yo you literally gives smiles to people and im one who's always happy when a new vid comes out

    • How i missed you

  • Another day reminding pianta i liked every vid

  • "My bot lane surely fatten you up cena." -HRdown Subtitles

  • The whole video was satisfying.

  • uninstalled gx just for you

  • Only recently found this channel while looking for additional Teemo tricks, and I was not disappointed. Now I'm just binge watching all of his videos.

  • I ♥ ya Bonk's

  • Don't worry Brian. We love your bonks no matter how many times you use them. Don't mind the haters.

  • I know this is a lol video, but does anyone know the name of the piano song?

  • D I S C O M B O B U L A T E

  • First I have to say no homo Now I can say love you cuz ur original and funy 😁

  • Omg sherlock holmes

  • 6:25 lee sin forgot how to play the game


  • Davie504 is proud of you

  • its anthony now xd

  • a vdd é que o pianta é o yudi

  • This is a quality Pianta vid.

  • River Tenmo

  • Pianta basically plays against AFKs now.

  • the enemy Viego's name in Vietnamese means: a$$hole the D|Ck

  • (Olaf crying noises)

  • Your river shen video missed something, you needed a blue smite for those scuttlecrabs aka river friends, stealing dragons and barons from the river invaders and slow them all

  • Thanks for killing a player with a frustrated name in Vietnamese :)) 5:52 btw

  • pls bring ur discord back!!

  • 0:31 Emotions.....Memories.....Gon and Killua....

  • oh god no chrome is killing my ram used memory %15

  • i like how league recycles abilites Viego is a walking old morde ult

  • oooh again champion whit my set skills for a fan art champion thief from Riot Games, NICE

  • I didn't know that he actually uses the enemies items also.

  • When Viego becomes Viego. He’s still Viego.

  • Tenko dog vs viego possessed teemo when

  • 64gb ram ok!

  • i'm watching this with Opera GX

  • Brian out here making Davie504 proud

  • 5:20 Ah, I see you use your own copyrighted music, so you can copyright strike yourself, in order to get your videos monitized. HRdown *is* perfectly balanced, is it not? *sips coffee, and not tea*

  • What happend with tenmoplayer and his fan t3nm0plyr Did... Did he vaneshed too?

  • 5:01 i'd be a shame if a lot of people, you know, *mass reported Rachel Vo for account sharing*

  • 4:14 "hey yone it's me b****"

  • think tenmo is back in the basement tbh

  • Bonk

  • liked for heal barrier joke

  • The annoying commission disconcertingly rob because shears noticeably soak afore a jittery asparagus. hushed, obsequious deposit

  • Hey pianta I really miss river shen

  • *slap....... slap.... *

  • Bong > Slap change my mind

  • It doesn't let me go to quarter back site, is it close or something? Could someone ask me? I would really like it

    • Answer me*

  • There are some dude in Vietnam try to copy your style and i'm feel really sad for him

  • ngl pianta bonk really turned cringe

  • I main mid but u got me into teemo thx for giving me a second role

  • remmMm

  • As a fellow ivern enthusiast, have you ever considered to get coaching from Nick to get the critical information on how to ivern mid

  • 3:56 that mirai nikki felt so deep

  • u can sell the enemy item u got with the possession

  • discombobulate

  • is the thresh have 700g bounty?

  • asd

  • 4:47 gave me some memories ❤️🥺

  • I hate the bonk meme anyway

  • The way he says ivern sounds like Ivan and when he says he likes me....🥺

  • The teemo thumbnails ok we see you

  • @Ivan Pavlov did you learn your taimo ways from tenmo player?

  • but i really like the bonk

  • I hate morganas, so when I play viego... I can 1v3 easy if there's a morgana. I just flash to dodge her q at all costs, then go in kill her first, take her body, q and w someone, e on myself, then r on top of them and they're dead, then move on to the next. You can only do this if you win laning phase...and it's insanely easy to win laning phase with viego...most broken champ I've ever played. My WR has shot up insanely high with him

  • Yeah I have Opera GX and I like it soo much

  • why does bonk have to end? :(

  • Well the plan on the end was perfectly calculates must admit it

  • B O N K

  • i went to watch the youtube video u searched on opera gx lol HELLO HRdown ITS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY

  • Ah yes, 8 minutes of the same running "Haha now I am you" joke.


  • bonk


  • Slaps suck Brian. Just use Bonks they are alot better

  • How many of yall actually went n typed brian music on yt😂

  • Love the Sherlock Holmes Reference

  • d i s c o m b o b u l a t e

  • I miss the bonks :(

  • :)

  • I think the bonk is cute Pianta :(

  • whats the sad music when Patric star shows up

  • "I'll be cum" -Pianta haha that's literally too funny!!!44!!444! I can't breath xdxdxdadahshdasdlaksckasd

  • have you ever hated a meme because someone said it to much in a cringy way? yeah, that happened to me with piantas very iconic "Slap"...

  • its anthony now

  • I love your bonks

  • My life be so fine Then boom Pianta bonk lik if you agre

  • This sas music gives me Mirai Nikki Flashbacks

  • What’s the song you used for the sad Patrick?

  • fk it man. we need the bonk.

  • I dont know why.. but when i watch till the end i hear "sheng sheng sheng sheng sheng.."

  • Even when you english sucks, you can understand everything when its Pianta talking.


  • DON'T WORRY ABOUT HER he says 1:49

  • tenmo player

  • *BONK*

  • Dunkey?

  • so where is your music channel?

  • bring back the bonk

  • Bring bonk back

  • I saw that sneaky 64 GB ram flex when you showed the ram limiter on the browser