Wall carpets and pink sausage - true Russian realism

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Kol 2019.
Wall carpets and pink sausage - true Russian realism
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The game is called It's Winter. And it truly is winter in there. And you can make buterbrod. But the knives are dull. Other than that very realistic.
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  • That saw really does spread the butter well

  • BORIS!! Are the shape of snowflakes in Siberia the same way they are in the west ?

  • 0:00 at least u got a bath to sleep in sleep i on floor imagine squatting to sleep

  • Go ahead and just grab your sausage.

  • You western spy

  • 0:20 That entrance tho

  • @life of boris PL: Doctor Sasuage najlepiej smakuje z Majoniezem lub Musztardą

  • Strangely warm for july :D

  • 5:38 is that poster in italian? It's "tomorrow will be a better day" in italian!

  • For those wondering what's the song at 1:12, its called 'Outside St. Petersburg' by Trabant 33.

  • He did not just throw a 15-year-old pc and monitor 1:20

  • This sausage handling will have to wait. 😏😉

  • Me eating mayonnaise while watching life of boris

  • Чисто Россия

  • друг мы братья сербия поддержите нас и присоединяйтесь.Cпасибо

  • Is it me or is Boris looking hotter than Babushkas kitchen on jam canning day when he gets out of the bathtub at the beginning? 😍

  • 7:29 I like to think Vadim owns ever apartment other then Boris', so he does everything he can to make him move.

  • 4:05 Plot twist: Boris put all of his neighbors paychecks in Vadim's mailbox

  • Those sausages cut by saw are surprisingly satisfying to look at

  • For 50 MB, that game is amazingly detailed, not even joking.

  • Я пытался использовать свой ролик для приготовления еды, но он сломался, и теперь мне нужно платить за новый, черт возьми,

  • From all the Russian I learnt on Melrose the only bit I could get from the phone call at the start was no and goodbye

  • Fun fact: My name's Also Denis XD

  • 0:20

  • 0:21

  • 'Friendly Russian Greeting' Me: Hears 'blyat' *Press X to Doubt*

  • .

  • Why do Siberians store their food in the fridge? To keep it warm, Blyat!

  • Would anyone else like to see a Boris full play through of horror games

  • Watched full video. Very happy

  • can someone tell me what is name of this russian song that was in 1st part of video not hardbass


  • Western spy... no квас...

  • This is the most realistic shit i have ever seen

  • Is the boot the same as a western tie 😏

  • **Creepy noises come from the bathroom** Every other youtuber: **screams** Boris: "A yes, the potatoes must be ready"

  • Boris: oh a vodka bottle also boris: well what place i left u last night *BOTTLE BREAKS* boris: ....oy (edit): uhh the game outside looks like minecraft

  • 7:05 looks like minecraft bedrock but y'all ain't ready for that shit yet

  • oy blya, i've seen this game at olesha's channel. Also there is summer edition

  • Part 2 plss

  • 6:49 Story of my life

  • I just bought this game today and I love it

  • @0:23 Doctor sausage? More like meat sausage. :) @0:24 Nothing lewd there. :D

  • Я здесь один русский?

  • Wait, does a boot outside an apartment door really mean that in Russia?

  • 아니 한국어자막러 미쳤나ㅋㅋㅋㅋ소세지를 왜 육봉이라고 번역하는데ㅋㅋㅋ괜히 소세지 자를 때 움찔했네

  • Start of month: Big Slices of sausage End of month: blyat!

  • Of course nothing happened when he fell from the 5th floor. He landed on his feet. A true slav would never die from a piddly little 5 story squat.

  • Aloonahui

  • 2:59

  • I see you are playing anthem of glorious Vostroyan Firstborn. You have earned delicious bottle of urban potato bear piss. Glory to the Omnissiah!

  • 3.09 million subs this is beautiful

  • Fresh from gulag boris

  • I'm too high to understand :(


  • La la la la laa

  • This looks exactly like my Wife's uncle's apartment complex in Kemerovo, Siberia. Even with the little grocery store and beauty salon.

  • Russian spy

  • Boris is capitalist confirmed

  • Lol I like the intro song

  • I keep trying to think of what this guy's face could actually look like...but I'm not getting anywhere...same thing happens with Swagger Souls

  • Where's mayonnaise

  • Boris: i eanted a weslav poster here. Nit a guy with face Me: do you prefer a guy without a face on a weslav poster?

  • I just realized that I have the same keyboard as Boris

  • This game has _really_ good physics and details for a cheap game with bad reviews

  • 2:58

  • This sausage handling will have to wait… HMMMMMM

  • The poster in the apartment is french its says its only monday morning

  • Just realized, the apartment is very similar to my Grandparents' Apartment here in Tbilisi.

  • 0:20 5 minutes into kompot and chill

  • Vestern spy

  • The Bath has a odd Tap

  • "What is going to happen? Breath getting too fresh?" This is such a gem!!

  • Where is the beast the Slavic vodka computer

  • Западный шпион!

  • Kringle cut sausage

  • Bros kasih subtitle indonesian

  • Gavo

  • 6:01

  • We all know tht sleeping in bath tub is like sleeping in a war boat

  • This episode makes me hungry :(

  • I'm convinced that Boris is actually an American making everything look like he's Eastern European

  • No! Boris forgot to put Maynnaise on his Butterbrod

  • Why is there a poster in Italian in the apartments

  • Pt.2 please!

  • I want to see how much Boris spends on Dr sausage a year

  • Anybody know what the "*friendly russian greeting*" is-

  • The sausage is ribbed for her pleasure.

  • HAIL!

  • "I rock a Gazmask!" *_Distant Vostroyan Partying_*

  • flowers in vase, everything else on floor: "Now it feels like home" ...same honestly

  • 0:20 Dat Meat Slap Doeeeee ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Boris , 3:21 is «Мусорка» .


  • Бля я один думаю что он русский?)

  • piss off 2.5 million people or piss off 5 people you choose

  • Boris.. You forgot the mayonez..

  • ssuka blyat sapad shpion! But wait! пизят блин! Запад шпион!