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Call of Duty: Warzone is the best free COD game ever, but even after a ton of cool updates, there's a lot that makes no sense! So I went on twitter and asked you what made no sense, and here are your best answers! Enjoy!
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  • campers don’t follow me on twitter don’t be a camper, you know what to do @theMacroShow

    • Next video: fortnite make sense

    • @Bruno Khari i will try it out now. Looks great so far :)

    • I dont know if anyone gives a shit but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google :D

    • Phoenix for nubs(valorant)

    • Congrats on 1 million brotherrr

  • Warzone is before mw2

  • the exact distance to which you can't take fall damage is 13 meters. or 42(43 if you round up) for you Americans and Chinese

  • Yes they do jump from the same plane I told my brother that 🎮😀

  • I think the real anser to the perk is that it is actualy a hacking devise

  • Make a part 3 and my questen is why deos your skin have a gas mask but you put on another gas nask

  • You look like flash in Spider-Man homecoming

  • I took 50 hp when I fell from 46m so its not always no hp or all

  • New mic?

  • Thanks for featuring my comment!

  • Hey it's the grubhub guy

  • Why does he look like the GrubHub guy

  • How is Ghost still Alive Obviously Cuz He's Ghost

  • Your metaphor is shit

  • everyone on this video: repeats GB Me: okay they probably ---- the devil who's eats stockages

  • Ghost is alive he won the Gulag

  • I want to move faster when i dont wear shields...

  • wait if we put the armor in our front, then how come the armor get damage from behind, left, or right?

  • You’re able to fall 2 stories without taking fall damage

  • I want destructive buildings, gas cans for cars, and night time mode.

  • Hahaha

  • Also how does your gas mask breaks in the gas is it fragiel

  • “I’ve been practicing 360 no-scopes” *proceeds to scope in*

  • I named the train Timmy the teabagging train

  • 2:48 at least the screens of the people in those buildings shake and there is slight cement falling of the ceiling

  • How is ghost not dead You shouldn't have asked that question: every single people who loved ghost

  • It literally took me a week to get the warzonefire joke

  • If you didnt play Cod Ghosts you wouldnt know theres more Ghosts than just MW2 Ghost they also have actual names too BTW And MW2019 is a reboot meaning its a alt universe Also it makes sense you would drown in warzone IRL the gear aka the vest abd helmets weigh alot Simply jumping down a short height can result in broken feet due to the gear Geforce and pressure If you fell into the water IRL with thw gear you got in in warzone 100% you would be sunk to the bottom and drowned

  • That intro though 😂😂

  • Mr. Micro p what about hyper scape is it dead should we care plz let us know your micro thoughts

  • Why when you shoot the body of a vehicle the engine gets on fire

  • Congrats on 1 million subs man

  • Im gonna commit a felony... LOWES IS BETTER THAN HOME DEPOT

  • Macro: makes a warzone joke in intro Literally every human being that watches: *wheezing intensifies*

  • Im gonna answer some questions Why ghost is still alive:there is a reason why he is called "ghost" How come you are alone in the plane but there is 149 people jumping of it:your in the back layer of the plane where no one (except your buddies) wants to sit there How cant you swim:guns,backpacks,vest,that will slow you down and then you will get drowned How cant you not destroy a building with a detonator but in the trailer the building is destroyed:if you look closer,in the trailer she put a lot of detonator,thats why How when you called an airstrike or a cluster strike,the building isnt destroyed:because the explosion is not that big

  • Fonts for Android and iPhone - www.fontskeyboard.com

  • Are we gonna talk about the time traveling ship from the 80s that carry s a virus made in a nova 6 factory on ALCATRAZ ISLAND?

  • Bro I got the tho 😂😂

  • gg macro 1 mil

  • I got a question ok so you see you know that mgl grenade laucher thing well here it 1 shots a car or truck but the grenade that you throw whit you hand dos not 1 shot a car or a truck but why like it dos not make any sens

  • 5:30 Ghost didn't die cause 1.yes he was shot but it probably didn't hit his lungs or heart or anything 2.When you (the guy you're playing) you were the only one getting covered in gasoline so if you think about playing that mission again you'll know why Edit: ghost didn't die cause he is a ghost BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHhaahahaahahahHhahahahahahHHhgahahHHgagsghahHHGsghsh,jxjdi

  • Are is another thing that also don’t make sense and that is “ The train doesn’t stop or derail when a vehicle is there “

  • 5:28 It’s a different Modern Warfare universe


  • No the plane is just a plane leave it alone

  • Nice 1mil

  • AK-47 A gun that was pushed out of active service in 1960s somehow present in huge quantities in a game taking place in 2019.

  • do you know how to fix the cod cold war conecttingglitch

  • 8:29 Lol "No Scope" You quick scoped.

  • I am confused is this home depot ad or not?

  • Congrats on 1 mil

  • I subscribed when he said you get the seat because your a special boy. :/

  • gud content

  • Bro season 2 came out last week and its just now u made a vid about season 1

  • An. AC-130 does not have a cargo bay

  • Whatever we can't play games with thinking about the wrong thing So they try to make best but pepole trying to look for a little bit mistakes people will not like if this warzone looks real life cz most of the fat guys can't run so if we make the game real that heavy skins can't run. And if u wet by rain if game reall, you will be sick and die before you go Also ur character will effects by covid 19 when talking with friends useing chat party. So don't compare games with real life and also with another game. Compare same games remastered or thier Same own different time line games like codMW1 vs 2019 game. Thanks for reading.

  • Phoenix for noobs

  • how is ghost still alive???? me:hes a ghost dah

  • In wz makes no sense one the gas mask breaks because the people would camp in the gas

  • I know he made a joke about the GoFundMe but I like how he talks about every single call of duty and call of duty mobile just not even talked about

  • HI

  • Haha Home Depot!

  • In the clip where you died because you thought you can swim I think I won that game because from no reason we won and just to make sure did one of the user names that won say pachilote69 that was me

  • I think I have a better reason for why you are the only one the plane as you can see in one of the trailers ghost says he need s a squad to trust then they jump off so that means that every person that’s playing has the same reason so they get confused and kill each other

  • How isn't Ghost dead? Simple: it's not him, he doesn't have the sun glasses, duuh!

  • When u reload the gallo u never chamber a bullet, but with the hauwer u always do that like what???

  • Macro can you make a makes sense series?

  • You cant swim because your allergic to water

  • congrats on mil ya noob

  • do a minecraft makes no sense again

  • Cmon we need morw subs more content

  • Happy one mil I’ve been here since 378k luv ya

  • It’s funny how all these questions can be answered with “it’s a video game it ain’t that deep 😐”

  • 1 mill yay🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • 1M!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The question about how ghost is still alive is simple. This game is a reboot. It is not connected to the old mw universe at all. Because if u play campaign and finish it. There is a cutscene with price just starting the 141 task force. The ending of this game is the beginning of the old mw universe.

  • If you reload your kar98k whitout a sniper scope equiped and you have 1 bullet left in total where do the other bullets come from in the reload animation?

  • The armour takes damage in the eye because it was made at Home depot

  • Apex is the most unique and confusing game in a way because its a very futuristic br game that we haven't seen before. To my eyes, Warzone is a lot better and more popular because it's a cod br game and cod is very popular. At least Apex isn't as bad as Fall Guys.

  • congrats on 1 mil macro

  • any 1 else wondering how we can slide uphills and how we cant even slide down the whole hill while going down????

  • Wait why did they make it seasone 2 it makes no sense

  • About 1 hundred partroopers can jump from a plane

  • Yo the dog takedown was from this vid hrdown.info/block/video/ro2lq9t4nbtvd7M at 5:48

  • No way, the dog execution clip is from @Gibbles and I'm the one being executed 😭

  • And you doesn’t even make sense

  • When did battle royales make any sense?

  • Its a Video game

  • eww lowes

  • Good job on 1 mill.

  • Pellow


  • WARZONE=CAMP simple mathematics

  • I liked as soon as you said the CAMPfire joke

  • Aha god hahahaha

  • Could someone pls give me the name of the intro?

  • You probably can't swim in warzone because of weight of gear. Well he said it anyways and I said it too early.

  • Bro stop this is very offensive

  • Actually ghost is still alive because warzone takes place before the sad events of MW 2