Welcome Luka "Perkz" Perković | Cloud9 LCS Mid Laner Announcement

Datum objavljivanja: 20. Stu 2020.
You already know who he is. He's playing mid lane, his handle is Perkz, and he's coming to NA on Cloud9. Watch him.
Read more: c9.gg/welcome-perkz
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Welcome Luka "Perkz" Perković | Cloud9 LCS Mid Laner Announcement
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  • He's coming to NA. Watch him. Read more: c9.gg/welcome-perkz

    • open.spotify.com/playlist/4JogInFAAXVKJCAddHK0Ca?si=KCcgfF3-TL6Q-dw8QOOp_g rap for OGs

    • We'll see how well this ages.

    • That's a lot of money to spend to wallow in group stage.

    • We will

    • @Dominic Saenen ohhh i see, thank you for the explanation.

  • get him on adc

  • perkz looks like a soccer player damn

  • Perkz is the only guy who can "Make America Great Again"

  • New C9 fan lets go Imagine if this single EU Goat actually changes all of NA. Let's go Perkz, ready to smash some NA Noobs?

  • Can't beat them, buy them.

  • Perkz gon smurf in NA

  • As a TL fan I was shook

  • 11.75M for Perkz? Bad england sry

    • poor perkz ending career so early

  • this is like when the 73-9 warriors acquired Kevin Durant wtf is this

  • 11.75m meme inc

  • Please take care of him, he is a treasure

  • That's one motivated lad

  • Finally a non cocky midlaner for c9..

  • I kind of like this Jack guy.


  • Subtitle spanish please

    • Goddammit i never thought I'd see the day where I'd be cheering for this cocky little bastard. Let's go Perkz we're excited to see big things from you

  • That was the most alpha welcome video I've ever seen. Not a C9 fan, but will be watching closely now, because of Perkz.

  • Great. Another victim for the LCK/LPL

  • NA is screwed. Expect this guy to change all by himself the whole NA server. Can't wait for Worlds 2021 (btw i fucking hate, new shop)

  • Guess he wants to be remembered as a midlaner not a ADC.

  • Is this C9's rise or Perkz' downfall?

  • Good luck Perkz! I can't wait for you dominating the LCS!

  • This is C9’s Golden Era

  • poor perkz ending career so early

  • Eso si es contratar a un campeón Perkz el mejor

  • He is coming to NA to make NA great but not again 🤣🤣

  • PerkZeee

  • Instead of investing in talents they buy Europeans again.. EU > NA

  • Perkz: Joining C9 Also Perkz: still using G2 chair...

  • lmfao what are these expectations

    • @bilishu aliss not again xd 4:37

    • make NA great again POG!

  • Goddammit i never thought I'd see the day where I'd be cheering for this cocky little bastard. Let's go Perkz we're excited to see big things from you

  • Retired

  • Moving to NA is always a step back in anybody's career, also for Perkz.

  • I'd give up on all my competetive aspirations aswell if I got that many millions for it

  • Perkz, that guy is probably thinking of retiring, there is no other way someone is leaving paradise like Europe for a shithole of a country and absolute garbage of lol region like NA.

  • Perkz was a really good player... then he went to NA. 😂

  • As he said Don’t Suck Fudge

  • I'm a G2 fanboy, but if Perkz takes C9 to worlds and wins, I would NOT be mad for a second. Perkz is G2 family so if he wins worlds 2021 I'll be happy he fulfilled his dream. But G2 is still my #1. So bring it Perkz that trophy is ours :)

  • "The EU plan is progressing, roger. The 'Perkz' unit has managed to infiltrate the NA area. Full control of the area estimated in 365 days. Over"

  • It's time for Perkz to carry 1v5 from NA. Good luck buddy. You're up for the challenge?

  • C9 welcome to PERKZ


  • So now there is atleast one reason to watch LCS ;)

  • EZ MSI for NA

  • make NA great again POG!

  • Welcome to end of carreer😀

  • DL so scared of being no longer the king of thrashtalk. He even retired.

  • rip

  • stfu perkz G2 better

  • LPL = LCK >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> na

  • c9 return to his glory

  • Eagerly wating for Allstar

  • How to end your Career. Join *NA*

  • I want to make NA great...not again...just great. It has never been great before honestly AHAHAHAHAH

  • i want to see perkz taking na to another level, and rocking world with his new team, lets go perkz!!!!!!! WOOOOOO

  • Mi baby Perkz


  • Good luck! #G2ARMY

  • Lol subbed 👋🤙

  • Looks like I’m c9 fan now! Wherever perkz go ill support from far away👉🏻👈🏻💙 show those haters !

  • why the fuck would he join a dead region on a dead team this is a fuck up

  • Perkz/Zven/Vulcan is absolutely disgusting, my only question is can the top side of the map be dominant enough? Guess we'll see. I have faith in them, and IF they can.. watch the F*CK out.

  • i got money in my f pocket

  • Europe will miss him. Farewell and ofc we will be C9 fans now.

  • Perkz: **Listens to LEC Mediocre Rap Battles** - NA pension plan? Hmmm. Interesting.

  • RemindMe! 1 year

  • Noooo Perkz stay in EU, team swap with Caps in Fnatic! NA is so bad...

  • FFS, now I'll have to watch LCS as well

  • Man LCS is going to be hype this year. HUGE roster changes. Someone finally lit a fire under the LCS and I cannot wait to see it take off. Perkz is definitely going to make all of NA midlane step their game way up.

  • NA is that bad that they have to buy europe players

    • Powerofevil for tsm ,Perkz for Cloud9 to funny right :D shit region but players goes to Na for retiring even if he tryhard he wont win much in this shitty region is all about the money ^^

  • Well I have high hopes for him now

  • el video este parece que lo ha grabado mi abuela con el movil

  • I never liked C9..... until now

  • "Everytime I see that smug midlaner's face...."

  • Thanks for everythink what you did for G2 ang GL in new club !

    • he is not just a player he is a leader as well

  • @Cloud9 Just released Perkz Salary isn’t that confidential

  • NA: we will make our own American teams, with all European players.

  • WHOO!

  • Let’s go!

  • Why TSM couldn't buy him. REGI BOUGHT WORSE MIDLANE

  • The story in this video was so bad.

  • That means Fnatic vs G2 is out, in 2021 it will be G2 vs. C9, respect NA, respect.

    • nope it will be c9 and Fnc not exist cuz perkz take the money from Na and chill / and we swap Perkz for Rekkles so G2 is still a op team


  • Hmm coming to play mid, I wonder who he's going to do since he hasn't played mid competitively in a hot minute.

    • He was playing it competitively in Spring 2020.

  • I think a lot of people have forgotten that Perkz is an incredibly good mid laner, because he has played adc in recent years, because he is flexible. You will all be amazed.

  • Tbh if they ever lose a game I'm literally calling this dude a clown

  • Perdera su nivel en NA :v

  • im c9 fan form beta

  • Watching lcs only because of perkz

  • Lane Kingdom is coming 5:15 Poor Jack spent all that money on Perkz he cant afford a decent jacket..

  • he is not just a player he is a leader as well

  • domination.

  • C9 Perkz!!

  • i hope he doesn´t retire, when he´s not making it out of the playin´s at worlds 2021 :(

  • Best CEO dude.

  • one of two things happens: he threw away his career by playing NA or c9 can finally do something once again

  • I believe in his words, we gotta watch him. This guys is crazy af. Good luck Luka!

  • Just give us sneaky back

  • imagin perkz roleswaps to top now