What if Pro Rocket League had REFS?

Datum objavljivanja: 1. Tra 2021.
What if Rocket League had fouls, penalties, and tons of other rules? Boring League is back!
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  • I missed some calls to make it more realistic 😉

    • 😂 😂 😂

    • Game mode idea: boost does not respawn. Would be interesting to see how pros handle that.

    • Video idea for guess the rank! So basically, you throw in a smurf (and let the contestants know there’s a smurf), but they have to guess which of the clips has a smurf in it, and guess the rank of the other players in the lobby in addition to the true rank of the smurf

    • I did want to tell you when it comes to the rocket league with no balls if you make it like 4v4 and only one person on each team can be used to score then ball but you probably should make them bigger so each team has a better chance to attack the (ball) per say. Pls see this

    • Sunless i have a video idea.What if u 1v10 pros but pros had missbot and u had aimbot.Or it can be like a bronze vs a pro but pro has missbot and bronze has aimbot like so sunless can see

  • 6:19 lol

  • This is quality content at its finest

  • Lol Musty is a boomer at 20yo?! I’m 35.... 😳

  • OMG this was soooooo fun to watch. Please please please can you do this again!!!

  • Sunless love your vids man also on rocket league i support you for 14 d days

  • Boring League looks so fun that you surely cant get so bored so easily. Edit: I think Sunless is gonna red card me soon.


  • did they call musty a boomer bc he's 20

  • No demos Rocket sledge:😐

  • I play play soccer so this is actually offences me

  • Make an American football mode with spikes to carry the ball and l3 to release and pass

  • The blue team and layers are good just that when there on a team it’s just 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

  • Moreeeeeeee

  • If you do this again. You should put contact demo on so that you really know when a bump happens 😂

  • I watch legit futball, so I actually found this more entertaining than actual rocket league

  • The lush smell algorithmically float because digital classically sound athwart a used zipper. puny, slimy niece

  • Just wait for RLC...Ok now its boring league time,"yay" I said sarcastically

  • Yo sunless I would like to play with you so plz answer

  • They should have added offsides

  • Arsenal : puts mic in mouth

  • Arsenal : puts mic in mouth

  • They are talking like bronze but playing like ssl ;D

  • WTF

  • Video idea: You 1v1 or something like that but you have to powerslide all the time

  • I unsubscribed cuz u said the s word

  • Yoo sunless Video idea u already know! Umm so freestyling but with diamonds :P im a diamond and i would love to be in that type of a video!

  • 10:27 That demo was Sunless' fault. Lol.

  • Anyone else thought boring league was fun league

  • Can you do a flick some names sunless flick?

  • No video about the new rocket league season?

  • Mafia 3

  • Everybody calls Einstein a genius... the real genius is sunless, where does he get these amazing ideas from?? He really is the content god of rl

  • Fun fact, i know that no one cares nor did they ask but sunlesses fist vid like this was the first rl vid I have ever seen

  • This was so painful and boring that I stopped watching in the first minute of the game

  • Just saying most of your calls was not even calls

  • I think itd be funny if there was a mod that gave you rumble power ups but they were invisible to the opponent lol

  • most stupid video on the net. should deserve more dislikes than "baby by justin bieber"

  • Im plat two but I deserve silver 2. My mechanics suck my rotations suck and I have 80 hours on the game

  • The way arsenal said "we about to score!,to u cago" legit made me laugh so hard

  • What is he using to make his car look like that?

  • you should check out possibly the youngest SSL on rocket league Wahvey

  • o͜ﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞo

  • did he just say soccer...😭

  • SunlessKhan can do more videos about Pokémon it was awesome to watch

  • Next you need to do plinko for cash prize, go to twitch streams inv them to play then after that their will be poles on the map then after that the player will hit it but use ur hacking skills and make it like heat sealer but the heat seeker goes to the wall. Thoughts?

  • didnt u upload this for the thrird time XD

  • Idea: can a pro win with no aerials or air dribbles against a platinum

  • Should have had offside rule lol

  • hey sunless can you make a catch up on phil the musician

  • Sunless i have a video idea.What if u 1v10 pros but pros had missbot and u had aimbot.Or it can be like a bronze vs a pro but pro has missbot and bronze has aimbot like so sunless can see

  • I didn’t watch the video yet but I know it’s going to weird....

  • Can you do a vid and in this vid you have aimbot and youre enamie missbot

  • So are you gonna eat a shoe

  • Wheres the offside

  • Real football in rocket league? Wow

  • Sunless is the father of rocket league

  • Hey Sunslesss. Can you make a mod that you can controle the ball? And than ask pro's to 1v1 Them. That would be real real real fun!!!!😂😂😂

  • Bro when the team who was awarded the advantage scores the power play is supposed to end. Should of done that would of made it better

  • Sunless here’s a video idea: 1v4 but the 1 is 2 ranks higher than the 4 team. So it would be 1 gold vs 4 bronze: 1 plat vs 4 silver all the way up to ssl.

  • im so triggered at you taking the boost lmfao

  • gets clean hit ,BEEP BEEP! foul lolwtf is a clean hit and a dirty hit? lol this is great hockey

  • Love them video KhanTheSunless!!!! im soo distanced from the community that I call the game sprocket legs, and my legs are broken.

  • You should make pool in rocket league Add more balls and the corner/side boosts are where the ball go

  • Would’ve been so much better with offside

  • Sunless you should bring back six players from your guess that rank same rank an put them in 1v1s to see who is the best or cockiest gold😄

  • Cant listen to Arsenal screaming the whole time. Had to pause and turn off.

  • new video idea: rocket league but the ball resets in the middle every time someone is demoed

  • People get likes for random stuff so: Oh hi Almost there I lied :D U made it NOW LIKE IT :)

  • You should do a video where there is a neutral

  • Do this with some golds without telling them

  • I want another video of this lmao, it's really fun

  • yo sunless you should do a plat or diamond project like the silver project but with plats or diamonds

  • oml this is the nba

  • Eat a shoe

  • hey sunless i want experts to guess my rank p.s in some of my replays i was bronze im prob the best silver

  • Arsenal is so annoying... i hate when he speaks

  • Rofl

  • Musty is a boomer lmao

  • Sunless: Pro Rocket League players are out of control. Me: I doubt that's really tru-- OHHHHHH DEMOOOJSTTTTNNNNNN!!!!!!!

  • How do you make your main menu like yours not the background

  • Video idea: 3 v 3 with other creators. except after every goal EVERYONES camera settings and controls are randomized! funny chaos !

  • Video idea: Playing rocket league pros, but I control their kickoff position.

  • I use your flag on Rocket League

  • I subbed btw

  • This isn't boring league, this is better league.

  • want a video idea a regular match with pros but everyone on the field have to boost and powerslide 24/7 if u want to take the idea give me a shoutout for my twitch streaming4fun_1337

  • Video Idea: You should do like a series like guess the rank, but instead of pros and people you know quite well, how about different ranks Say like a SSL, Bronze, Diamond, champ or another ranks, try to either guess different ranks. Maybe their rank gameplays. If you consider the idea and need a diamond, im up - Coke Bottle

  • I am still waiting for sunless to eat a shoe

  • Hi can I be in a video with you plz

  • This is actually really funny an good to watch🙂🙂. Plzz do more🙂🙂


  • Can I be in the video sunlesskan

  • Play a game with gigantic ball

  • Can i play with you in rocket league

  • U said real soccer is safe and boring, it’s no where near either

  • im the best plat 2

  • This is far from boring league this was really fun to watch. Definitely do this more!

  • Do a video where you or a SSL player switches to keyboard on a new account and see what rank they can get to with great positioning etc but with bad mechanics.

  • 10:27 you pushed him to his death and they get a red card. I think Sunless has favorites lol